The Step-by-Step Instant Pot Cookbook: 100 Simple Recipes for Spectacular Results--with Photographs of Every Step by Jeffrey Eisner

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    • Categories: How to...; Stocks
    • Ingredients: chicken bones; celery; onions; carrots; garlic; apple cider vinegar; thyme; rosemary; bay leaves; black peppercorns
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken broth; Parmesan cheese; cellentani pasta; packaged shredded cheddar cheese
    • Accompaniments: Barbecue ribs
    • Categories: How to...; Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course
    • Ingredients: garlic; canned tomatoes; canned crushed tomatoes; vegetable broth; Italian seasoning; dried oregano; dried parsley; basil; tomato paste; Spanish onions
    • Categories: Salads; Main course; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: quinoa; vegetable broth; canned chickpeas; parsley; cucumbers; red bell peppers; red onions; lemons
    • Categories: Soups; Jewish
    • Ingredients: whole chicken; chicken base; Italian seasoning; lemon pepper seasoning; bay leaves; egg noodles; carrots; celery; dill; parsley; sherry; Spanish onions
    • Categories: Chili; Main course; American
    • Ingredients: ground beef; canned tomatoes; taco sauce; hoisin sauce; Worcestershire sauce; ground cumin; Italian seasoning; dried cilantro; celery salt; chili powder; canned red kidney beans; shredded cheese of your choice; sour cream; poblano chiles; tomato sauce; beer; oyster crackers
    • Categories: Soups; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: star anise; whole cloves; cinnamon sticks; fish sauce; sesame oil; fresh ginger; chicken broth; beef broth; hoisin sauce; cilantro; jalapeño peppers; limes; canned bean sprouts; chicken tenderloins; banh pho noodles
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: shallots; Italian sausages; sherry; Italian seasoning; dried oregano; Boursin cheese; heavy cream; garlic powder; garlic stock; baby red potatoes; baby spinach
    • Accompaniments: Chicken feta Florentine
    • Categories: Soups; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: baby bella mushrooms; sherry; mushroom broth; dried thyme; heavy cream
    • Categories: Soups; Chinese; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: vegetable broth; soy sauce; rice vinegar; ground ginger; white pepper; sesame oil; baby bella mushrooms; canned bamboo shoots; scallions; baby spinach; chile garlic sauce
    • Categories: Soups; American
    • Ingredients: celery; canned clams; bay leaves; potatoes; heavy cream; Old Bay seasoning; chicken broth; oyster crackers; sourdough bread bowls
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: shallots; carrots; red bell peppers; garlic; chicken broth; beer; liquid smoke; heavy cream; cheddar cheese; Boursin cheese; dried thyme; Worcestershire sauce; Old Bay seasoning; nutmeg; pretzels
    • Categories: Soups; Italian; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: carrots; celery; courgettes; vegetable broth; canned crushed Italian-style tomatoes; canned diced tomatoes; canned kidney beans; canned cannellini beans; dried oregano; dried basil; dried thyme; pipette pasta; frozen green beans; baby spinach; Spanish onions
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: scallions; carrots; sherry; canned tomatoes; Worcestershire sauce; dried basil; Old Bay seasoning; dried thyme; tomato paste; heavy cream; Boursin cheese; American cheese; sandwich bread
    • Categories: Soups; Mexican
    • Ingredients: jalapeño chiles; chicken broth; canned diced tomatoes; hot sauce; salsa verde; dried cilantro; ground cumin; sour cream; cilantro; avocados; Mexican cheese; tortilla strips; limes; chicken breasts
    • Categories: Soups; Vegetarian; Vegan
    • Ingredients: carrots; celery; vegetable broth; dried thyme; ground cumin; dried basil; lentils
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: cooked smoked kielbasa sausages; ham broth; tomato sauce; bay leaves; packaged shredded cheddar cheese; maple syrup; liquid smoke; canned tomatoes; Vidalia onions; canned cannellini beans
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Main course
    • Ingredients: ground beef; tomato juice; lemons; jasmine rice; Worcestershire sauce; bay leaves; cabbage; vegetable broth; Spanish onions; carrots
    • Categories: Soups
    • Ingredients: beef broth; Worcestershire sauce; bay leaves; cabbage; carrots; celery; beef chuck; pearl barley; dried thyme; potatoes; garlic
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: carrots; celery; ground meat of your choice; canned crushed tomatoes; beef broth; Italian seasoning; nutmeg; Spanish onions; ziti rigate pasta
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Italian
    • Ingredients: pancetta; spaghetti pasta; eggs; Parmesan cheese; heavy cream; nutmeg; pecorino Romano cheese; garlic stock

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Beef & barley soup

    • southerncooker on January 26, 2022

      This was good but after suggested time, beef was a little tough and barley chewy so I pressure cooked 8 more minutes.

  • Grandma Lil's unstuffed cabbage stew

    • gptoth on January 03, 2022

      I have cooked this on a number of occasions.

  • Quick quinoa salad

    • hbakke on November 29, 2021

      I used this recipe as a template for cooking quinoa in the pressure cooker and it turned out great. The resulting quinoa was fluffy and perfectly cooked. No more gloopy, wet quinoa from the stovetop. Edit: I finally made the actual recipe and it was pretty good as written. The only change I made was to reduce the quinoa by half because 2 cups uncooked quinoa is too much for 4 servings in my opinion.

  • Beef Stroganoff

    • Sparkles75 on September 25, 2021

      Delicious! Was surprised by how good this was and will be repeated. Only addition I made was a 1 tsp smoked paprika.

    • GretchenHicks on April 26, 2022

      This was amazing. Beef stroganoff is a family favorite and this is better and easier. Whole family LOVED it.

  • Chicken & dumplings

    • GretchenHicks on April 26, 2022

      This was good but not good enough for me to repeat. The dumplings aren’t fluffy and what I was looking for. Making them from scratch was kind of fun though.

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  • ISBN 10 0316460834
  • ISBN 13 9780316460835
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  • Published Apr 14 2020
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 272
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Voracious

Publishers Text

The easiest-to-follow Instant Pot cookbook ever: 100 delicious recipes with more than 750 photographs guiding you every step of the way

Jeffrey Eisner's popular Pressure Luck Cooking website and YouTube channel have shown millions of home cooks how to make magic in their Instant Pots. Now Eisner takes the patient, fun, step-by-step approach that made him an online phenomenon and delivers a cookbook of 100 essential dishes that will demystify pressure cooking for Instant Pot users of all abilities--and put an astounding dinner on the table in a flash.

Every flavor-filled recipe in this book is illustrated with clear photographs showing exactly what to do in each step. There are no surprises: no hard-to-find ingredients, no fussy extra techniques, and nothing even the most reluctant cooks can't master in moments. What you see is truly what you get, in delicious and simple dishes such as:
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Quick Quinoa Salad
  • French Onion Chicken
  • Eisner's popular Best-Ever Pot Roast
  • Ratatouille Stew
  • And even desserts such as Bananas Foster and Crème Brulée.

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