Herbal Kitchen: Cooking With Fragrance and Flavor by Jerry Traunfeld

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  • Zucchini basil gratin

    • Laura on July 27, 2014

      Pg. 183. Jerry Traunfeld never disappoints and this dish is a winner. I don't really like zucchini but this preparation is delicious. It contains cheese and breadcrumbs, but not a lot of either one, so the carb and fat factor was not too high. The flavor, however, was very high! We both loved it and will be making it again soon.

  • Roasted cauliflower with apple and dill

    • Laura on December 26, 2014

      Pg. 192. This was a lovely dish. I roasted for a total of 40 minutes and substituted dried cranberries for the currants, which I think was a nice addition. The roasted apples added a nice, sweet accent. I'd definitely make this again.

  • Braised pork shoulder with pears and thyme

    • Laura on February 01, 2021

      Pg. 147. Made this for dinner yesterday and we liked it a lot. It’s simple and easy to prepare, but does take a lot of time, much of which is hands-off. I used a 3 lb pork shoulder and Bosc pears. Followed the recipe exactly except that I didn’t have a vanilla bean, so left that out. Remarkably, the pears retained their shape. Served it over brown rice, but I think potatoes would have been a better accompaniment.

    • ellabee on March 26, 2013

      p.147. A near-perfect late-winter dish: simple and delicious. Diced Bosc pears hold up beautifully to long braise followed by cooking down braising liquid to spoon-coating stage. Two layers of thyme flavor, from sprigs during braise and from chopped fresh leaves as sauce cooks down. First recipe used in newly arrived HK, and it's a keeper.

    • bching on January 06, 2015

      This dish improves greatly with an overnight rest. The lemon juice is an important addition, and I would add it after reheating.

  • Halibut in carrot-cilantro broth

    • Laura on August 31, 2012

      Pg. 159. Wow! I was a bit uncertain about this at first, but as the broth started to cook and the fish was added and then the cilantro and butter, this came together as a fabulous dish. The flavors were delicious and delicate and it was a light dish that still packed a wallop. Will be making this again and again!

    • kjwright on July 07, 2011

      Used Odwalla carrot juice. Beautiful flavors in final result.

  • Winter greens with sage-poached cherries

    • Laura on January 14, 2015

      Pg. 84. I made this with some lovely butter lettuce that was red and green and a bit of watercress and it made a pretty salad. The sage-poached cherries were tasty, but not sensational -- I couldn't really detect any sage flavor. The sherry-mustard vinaigrette was a bit too tart for my taste, but was a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the cherries. Overall, it was a simple salad to prepare, but I probably won't make it again as there are many other winter salads that I prefer.

  • Popcorn chickpeas

    • ellabee on March 11, 2014

      p.12. With almost summery weather today, and a batch of pressure-cooked chickpeas in the fridge, I was in a position to duplicate the lovely pic that accompanies the recipe: tall, cool drinks on a table outdoors, with a bowl of the seasoned, fried chickpeas to snack on. Heaven! Easy as can be, and will be making again soon.

  • Tarragon chicken breasts with buttered leeks

    • ellabee on June 09, 2014

      p.113. Delicious and holds fairly well if made in hour before guests arrive. Made this from an Epicurious recipe before I had the cookbook, for Robbie on a visit in March 2009. Per reviewer comments, topped with thin strips of roasted red pepper for color contrast.

    • TrishaCP on July 31, 2017

      With my garden tarragon still going strong, this was on the menu. It's a good version of the classic chicken and tarragon pairing, though my enormous chicken breasts needed more time to cook. The leeks were delicious.

  • Orecchiette with kale, pancetta, and oregano

    • mcvl on February 08, 2021

      Wouldn't this be better, I thought, with mounds of garlic and freshly ground black pepper? But I have faith in Jerry Traunfeld, and I'm glad because this was fresher, brighter, and more interesting his way than it would have been with mine.

  • Dilled celery, Asian pear, and hazelnut salad

    • kjwright on July 07, 2011

      Wonderful fall/winter salad. Refreshing and delicate.

  • Lavender-rubbed duck breast with apricots and sweet onions

    • kjwright on July 07, 2011

      Delicious, elegant, and impressive. The lavendar and apricot are lovely with the richness of the duck.

  • Lamb chops with parsley, mint, and olive sauté

    • TrishaCP on June 05, 2016

      Delicious, even without the olives.

  • Blueberries and watermelon in cinnamon basil syrup

    • TrishaCP on July 19, 2017

      This is really refreshing. The cinnamon and basil (I used regular basil) are subtle but definitely present.

  • Strawberry rose geranium ice cream

    • TrishaCP on June 13, 2016

      I agree with purpleshiny's assessment that the rose geranium here makes the strawberries "glow." Really can't describe it better than that! I subbed 3/4 whole milk and 1/4 cream for the half and half, which we don't use and never have on hand. Truly an amazing strawberry ice cream recipe.

    • purpleshiny on May 28, 2013

      I grow scented geraniums specifically for this recipe. Somehow, it makes the strawberries just glow without any sort of overt floral quality (not that I mind floral, but this recipe is all about the strawberries). I've made many strawberry ice cream recipes - this is by far the best.

    • bching on July 19, 2016

      This will be a family favorite from now on--one of the best desserts I've made in a long time--and it will make next June's strawberry crop all the more welcome.

  • Berry rose sangría

    • TrishaCP on May 09, 2016

      This was a light and refreshing brunch cocktail. I used strawberries as the berry and the leftover boozy strawberries were my favorite part. Everyone enjoyed and had seconds. The rose geranium was a mysterious but not overpowering background note.

  • Herb garden lasagna

    • NJChicaa on January 24, 2018

      This is an excellent, light, vegetarian lasagna.

  • Chervil avgolemono

    • MissKoo on September 26, 2020

      Fast, easy, and delicious. Unlike many avgolemono recipes, this one does not call for shredded chicken although one could certainly add it. I added the optional fresh tarragon and found the flavor improved when kept overnight in the fridge. Will try with dill next time, another option.

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  • ISBN 10 0060599766
  • ISBN 13 9780060599768
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  • Published Nov 01 2005
  • Format Hardcover
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Inc
  • Imprint William Morrow

Publishers Text

The secret to transforming easy dishes into extraordinary meals Fresh herbs.In The Herbal Kitchen, IACP award-winning cookbook author and acclaimed Herbfarm Restaurant chef Jerry Traunfeld presents simple dishes using herbs straight from the market, windowsill, or garden.

Until recently, the fresh herbs available in supermarkets were limited to parsley and maybe dill. Today, thyme, rosemary, basil, cilantro, mint, and sage are among the many fresh herbs as close as the produce section or the farmer's market. Not to mention marjoram, lovage, tarragon, lavender, shiso, and so many others.

Jerry shows you how to incorporate these fresh herbs into your everyday home meals. So whether preparing a workday supper for the family, a special dinner for two or four, or a feast for a table of guests, using fresh herbs in your cooking will result in fresh and vibrant food.

The Herbal Kitchen includes some recipes that are home variations of the innovative dishes Jerry prepares at the Herbfarm, while others are fresh takes on familiar classics such as Herb Garden Lasagna or Shrimp in Garlic-Sage Butter. All are uncomplicated and prep time is minimal -- with the emphasis on spontaneity and the unmistakable flavors of fresh herbs.

Start off with Asparagus and Lemon Thyme Soup, Spicy Verbena Meatballs, or Rye-Thyme Cheese Straws before moving on to Cinnamon Basil Chicken, Side of Salmon Slow-Roasted in Dill, and Root Ribbons with Sage. Delectable desserts include Warm Lavender Almond Cakes, Rhubarb Mint Cobbler, and a sinful Chocolate Peppermint Tart.

Once you're hooked on cooking with fresh herbs, you'll want to grow them yourself. The Herbal Kitchen is filled with important tips for growing, harvesting, and handling each of the herbs used in the recipes. Valuable information on the varieties of each herb is also highlighted, such as how to tell the difference between Greek oregano and Italian oregano, why you always want to choose bay laurel over California bay, and what type of lavender is best for cooking.

Filled with stunning photos of the herbs, the techniques for handling them, and the finished dishes, Jerry's definitive guide is sure to be a classic, reached for again and again.

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