The Nordic Baking Book by Magnus Nilsson and Richard Tellström

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Notes about this book

  • RaySadler on October 09, 2018

    Difficult to understand the target for this book. Comprehensive, yes, but who exactly wants multiple recipes for flatbread, cinnamon buns etc? Too many for domestic cooks, I feel. Perhaps aimed at Scandinavian bakers?

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Chocolate oatmeal balls (Havregrynskugler / Chokladbollar)

    • milgwimper on December 18, 2019

      Delicious, sweet, easy for little hands to make, and eat. We made the balls much smaller so we got more than twenty. Goes good with coffee. Crunchy. Some like to blitz the oats but we like the texture.

  • Thin pancakes (Pannukakur / Pannekaker / Lettuja/räiskäleitä / Pandekage /Tunnpannkaka / Plättar)

    • anya_sf on December 22, 2019

      These are pretty close to what my mother used to make, but the batter is slightly thinner and eggier. She always made small pancakes in a special cast iron frying pan with 7 indentations, which is the version I made as well. We enjoyed them with lingonberry jam.

  • Rice porridge (Jólagrautu / Risengrynsgrøt / Riisipuuro / Risengrød / Julgröt / Risgrynsgröt / Tomtegröt)

    • anya_sf on December 24, 2019

      The volume quantity of rice is incorrect; it should be half the stated amount, or 3/4 cup + 1 Tbsp. The weights are correct. Otherwise, this is a good, basic rice porridge recipe - nice and creamy. Calrose rice and lowfat milk worked well. I did use the cinnamon stick and sprinkled cinnamon-sugar on top of my serving.

  • Sweet wheat bun dough 2, Tove's recipe

    • anya_sf on December 22, 2019

      Easy to make if you have a stand mixer. The dough is very stiff, so you might hold back a bit of flour. Using 2 tsp SAF gold instant yeast instead of fresh yeast, this dough rises a lot. Baked buns are nice and buttery, although they don't keep well, so freeze any extras.

  • Cardamom buns (Kardemummabullar)

    • anya_sf on December 22, 2019

      I made dough # 2 (Tove's) and it was rather stiff, so next time I'd hold back 50 g flour and test the dough before adding the rest. I didn't have fresh yeast, so substituted the recommended equivalent (2 tsp) of instant yeast (SAF gold); after an hour, the dough rose a lot! Rolling and shaping instructions were very confusing (roll 1 cm wide?); I used the shaping instructions on p. 261, although I couldn't tell if those were for the full amount of dough or half. I ended up rolling each half into 16" x 14", folding over to 8" x 14", cutting into 14 1"-wide strips, yielding 28 total buns. I refrigerated the shaped buns overnight, then let rise in the morning before baking. They were rather crowded on the baking sheets, so they baked unevenly and needed 16 minutes in the oven. Double the syrup so there's enough for brushing. I skipped the sugar topping as they were sweet enough already. These buns have loads of cardamom; you could cut back, although my Swedish MIL wanted more.

  • Saint Lucy's Day saffron buns (Lussebulle / Saffransbröd / Lussekatt / Luciapullat /Lussekatter)

    • anya_sf on December 22, 2019

      I had saffron threads and only soaked them 1 hour; the buns still had nice color and flavor, but powdered saffron would work better. I used dough # 2 (Tove's) with 2 tsp instant yeast and the dough rose a lot. Due to bad timing, I had to let it rise, refrigerated, a 2nd time before shaping and refrigerating overnight. The buns rose a final time in the morning before baking. Stupidly, I attempted to bake both sheets at once on convection, but they did not brown evenly, and since they only took about 10 minutes to bake, next time I'll bake one pan at a time. They were very good, but don't keep well, so freeze any extras.

    • anya_sf on December 22, 2019

      There is an error in the instructions - the dough page numbers are 258-9, not 458-9.

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  • ISBN 10 0714876844
  • ISBN 13 9780714876849
  • Published Oct 15 2018
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 576
  • Language English
  • Countries Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada
  • Publisher Phaidon Press

Publishers Text

The acclaimed chef featured in the Emmy-Award winning US PBS series The Mind of a Chef and the Netflix docuseries Chef's Table explores the rich baking tradition of the Nordic region, with 450 tempting recipes for home bakers

Nordic culture is renowned for its love of baking and baked goods: hot coffee is paired with cinnamon buns spiced with cardamom, and cold winter nights are made cozier with the warmth of the oven. No one is better equipped to explore this subject than acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson. In The Nordic Baking Book, Nilsson delves into all aspects of Nordic home baking - modern and traditional, sweet and savory - with recipes for everything from breads and pastries to cakes, cookies, and holiday treats.

No other book on Nordic baking is as comprehensive and informative. Nilsson travelled extensively throughout the Nordic region - Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden - collecting recipes and documenting the landscape. The 100 photographs in the book have been shot by Nilsson - now an established photographer, following his successful exhibitions in the US.

From the pubisher of Nilsson's influential and internationally bestselling Fäviken and The Nordic Cookbook.

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