Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start: How to Cook Amazing Food at Home by Tom Kerridge

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    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; pumpkin seeds; sunflower seeds; sesame seeds; hazelnuts; pecans; pistachio nuts; flaked almonds; coconut oil; maple syrup; honey; vanilla extract; ground cardamom; ground ginger; ground cinnamon; coconut flakes; mixed dried fruits
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch; Cooking for 1 or 2; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; milk; raspberries; coconut sugar; pistachio nuts
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch; Cooking for 1 or 2; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; milk; mixed spice (UK); pears; dates; almonds
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking for 1 or 2; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: rolled oats; milk; bacon lardons; maple syrup; eggs
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: self-raising wholemeal flour; ground cinnamon; mixed spice (UK); eggs; milk; nut butter; vanilla extract; bananas; pecans; toasted unsalted peanuts
    • Categories: Sauces for desserts; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: tart apples; mixed spice (UK); frozen mixed berries; eggs; milk; ground cinnamon; vanilla extract; brioche bread
    • Categories: Pancakes, waffles & crêpes; Breakfast / brunch; Mexican; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red onions; ground cumin; sweet smoked paprika; canned tomatoes; tinned kidney beans; tinned sweetcorn; spring onions; mature cheddar cheese; eggs; avocados; limes; coriander sprigs
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch
    • Ingredients: breadcrumbs; smoked haddock fillets; baby spinach; eggs; crème fraîche; nutmeg; cheddar cheese; sweet smoked paprika; parsley; rye bread
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Breakfast / brunch; Lunch; Main course; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: smoked streaky bacon; red onions; bacon lardons; beef tomatoes; avocados; limes; coriander sprigs; Sriracha sauce; eggs; capers; wholemeal baps; mayonnaise; little gem lettuce
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Lunch; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: potatoes; red onions; green peppers; smoked ham; thyme sprigs; German mustard; ground cayenne pepper; Parmesan cheese; eggs; parsley; avocados; cherry tomatoes
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Indian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: yellow mustard seeds; cumin seeds; onions; fresh ginger; green peppers; green beans; curry leaves; Madras curry powder; eggs; single cream; coriander sprigs
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking for 1 or 2
    • Ingredients: duck eggs; chives; crème fraîche; smoked salmon; asparagus; English muffins
    • Categories: Breakfast / brunch; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red onions; red peppers; yellow peppers; courgettes; mushrooms; turmeric; smoked tofu; baby spinach; liquid aminos; multigrain bread
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Sandwiches & burgers; Lunch; Main course; Low fat
    • Ingredients: smoked streaky bacon; sourdough bread; asparagus; avocados; radishes; brown crab meat; crème fraîche; mayonnaise; white crab meat
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Quick / easy; Stir-fries; Main course; Asian; Gluten-free; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: flat rice noodles; fish sauce; soy sauce; tamarind paste; Sriracha sauce; groundnut oil; tiger prawns; garlic; shallots; broccoli; sesame oil; eggs; spring onions; beansprouts; roasted unsalted peanuts; red chillies; limes
    • Categories: Curry; Quick / easy; Main course; Thai; Gluten-free; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: live mussels; red shallots; fresh ginger; Thai red curry paste; coconut milk; fish sauce; oyster sauce; lime leaves; courgettes; Thai basil; coriander sprigs; long red chillies; spring onions; limes
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Quick / easy; Main course
    • Ingredients: capers; red onions; fennel; garlic; green peppercorns in brine; pink peppercorns; vodka; canned tomatoes; whipping cream; casarecci pasta; smoked salmon; parsley; dill; lemons
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Sandwiches & burgers; Lunch; Main course; Italian; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: jarred tuna in olive oil; baby capers; red onions; pitted black olives; basil; mayonnaise; fennel; white cabbage; lemons; tortillas; cherry tomatoes; avocados
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Quick / easy; Main course; Suppers; Italian
    • Ingredients: red onions; garlic; dried chilli flakes; jarred anchovies in oil; baby capers; pitted black olives; cherry tomatoes; spaghetti pasta; parsley; Parmesan cheese; ready-to-bake ciabatta bread
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Sandwiches & burgers; Main course; Mexican; Low fat
    • Ingredients: cooked chicken meat; coriander seeds; cumin seeds; tinned kidney beans; spring onions; tinned sweetcorn; chipotle paste; flour tortillas; mozzarella cheese; cheddar cheese; little gem lettuce; rocket; cherry tomatoes; limes; sour cream; coriander leaves
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Pasta, doughs & sauces; Stir-fries; Main course; Asian; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: udon noodles; chicken breasts; Szechuan peppercorns; carrots; mangetout; sesame oil; spring onions; crunchy peanut butter; tahini; soy sauce; garlic; fresh ginger; honey; Sriracha sauce; rice wine vinegar; caster sugar; chilli oil; mint; roasted unsalted peanuts; cucumbers
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Main course; Suppers; Asian; Gluten-free
    • Ingredients: chicken thighs; soy sauce; rice wine vinegar; honey; sesame oil; garlic; fresh ginger; dried chilli flakes; Chinese five-spice powder; cucumbers; golden caster sugar; cooked wild rice; spring onions; toasted sesame seeds; tenderstem broccoli
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Salads; Main course
    • Ingredients: turkey breast escalopes; eggs; brown breadcrumbs; Parmesan cheese; sesame seeds; parsley; white cabbage; kale; spinach; mayonnaise; sour cream; lemons
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Quick / easy; Main course; Asian; Gluten-free; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: Chinese five-spice powder; duck breasts; watercress; little gem lettuce; cucumbers; radishes; long red chillies; beansprouts; plums; hoisin sauce; soy sauce; liquid honey; rice wine vinegar; sesame oil; limes; mint; coriander leaves
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Stir-fries; Dressings & marinades; Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Asian; Dairy-free
    • Ingredients: beef topside; Szechuan peppercorns; radishes; golden caster sugar; rice wine vinegar; fresh ginger; garlic; spring onions; long red chillies; pak choi; cooked egg noodles; Shaoxing rice wine; dark soy sauce; light soy sauce; sesame oil; edamame beans; beansprouts; black sesame seeds

Notes about this book

  • Leo on August 26, 2020

    I am cooking from this book for a whole fortnight. A couple of us are trying to eat more healthily but we also need to feed bigger groups over the English Bank Holidays. What I am finding is that there are a few cheffy touches which can be ignored but otherwise the recipes are tasty and reliable also easy to shop for and cook. This book is definitely worth a look.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Beef biriyani

    • Sue21 on March 09, 2019

      I wasn’t keen on the texture of the oven-cooked mince - I would fry it in the usual way in future.

  • Rib-eye with broccoli and salsa verde

    • Leo on August 26, 2020

      Barely a recipe but a lovely meal. We enjoyed the salsa verde as a change and the broccoli cooked in the steak juices was really good.

  • Pork chops with peperonata

    • Leo on August 16, 2020

      Extremely tasty with beautiful local pork chops. If I make this again I will make sure that the peppers are cooked until very soft.

  • Gremolata fish with posh tartare sauce

    • Leo on August 26, 2020

      Brilliant recipe. We did this with halibut as the storms meant no plaice to be had. I guess the recipe would work with any flat fish. A lovely way of feeding the family a bit more healthily.

  • Spanish hake bake

    • Leo on September 03, 2020

      Delicious one pot dish. However for next time I may try a firmer potato. We used Maris Piper which does tend to break up. The other point to note is that the flavours are so delicate that my standard marigold veg stock was too strong and made it slightly unbalanced. Will try a weaker stock next time. A really straight forward dish, appetising to look at but just needs a bit of tweaking to make it perfect.

  • Chicken and coleslaw tray bake

    • Leo on August 26, 2020

      Why has nobody cooked this? We pan fried the chicken briefly before grilling and rather than chicken skin we added some toasted pumpkin seeds for crunch. With some bread for the men this was an extremely tasty, easy and satisfying dinner. Thanks Tom!!

  • Homemade granola

    • MichelleWoods on September 27, 2019

      I made this without the dried fruit to reduce the sugar a bit. It smelt amazing while it was cooking and crisped up beautifully after cooling. Will definitely make again.

  • Chocolate beetroot cake

    • peterward on November 18, 2020

      Deliciously moist chocolate cake... already a firm family favourite, with a request for it to be our daughters 4th birthday cake. We leave out the cardamom and it is not detrimental to the overall flavour.

  • Asian-style glazed chicken thighs

    • etcjm on April 05, 2020

      Slightly adapted. Marinated for a few hours with skin on. Cooked in a tin on the BBQ until nearly done then finished off on the grill. Served with egg fried rice. Really very good indeed and very easy with store cupboard ingredients.

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  • ISBN 10 147296280X
  • ISBN 13 9781472962805
  • Published Dec 26 2018
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 272
  • Language English
  • Countries United Kingdom
  • Publisher Featherstone

Publishers Text

Tom Kerridge shows you how to be the boss in the kitchen and eat well every day, thanks to more than 100 brilliant recipes to give you and your family a fresh start.

What's for dinner tonight? Chuck that takeaway menu in the recycling bin and discover how easy it is to cook amazing meals at home from scratch: Crispy beef and pak choi noodles, Butternut squash and chickpea curry or even a lush Chicken and bacon ranch burger.

It's very easy to fall into the busy-life trap, especially when ready meals are so convenient. But Tom Kerridge has learnt from experience how important it is to take control over what you eat for the sake of your health and happiness. Now he wants to show you just how quick and easy it is to cook meals that are so flavourful and nutritious you'll never go back!

Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start has more than 100 delicious recipes for breakfast, quick and easy meals, lighter dishes, veggie suppers, batch cooking, weekend feasts and sweet treats - so you know exactly where to turn if you're cooking for yourself or the whole family.

From Italian turkey meatballs to Veggie shepherd's pie, and from Beef and stout stew to North African-style nut roast, Tom's recipes taste fantastic and, most importantly, they'll get you having fun in the kitchen!

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