My Pizza: The Easy No-Knead Way to Make Spectacular Pizza at Home by Jim Lahey and Rick Flaste

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  • bching on April 05, 2015

    My new go to pizza dough. I may never make any other. I agree with the previous reviewer that the dough is easier to handle if you let it rest for awhile after shaping it into balls.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Garlic scape and lovage pesto toasts

    • TrishaCP on June 01, 2017

      We only made the pesto and not the toast-we served the pesto with linguine. The lovage's sometimes too strong for me celery flavor worked really well with the garlic scapes, somehow lightening them. Not sure this replaces a perfect basil pesto in my heart, but this was an interesting change of pace.

  • Pizza dough

    • debkellie on May 15, 2015

      Really easy, really light, pizza crust. I was even tempted to try throwing into shape! I was dubious at first that just a 1/4 tsp yeast would deliver.. but 14 hours later (benched in an 18 - 20 C kitchen) truly doubled in size and a lovely dough to work with.

    • Astrid5555 on November 10, 2015

      Ideal for those days when you can plan ahead and need something that requires no effort. Produces a nice pizza dough with a great crust.

    • jenmacgregor18 on February 13, 2022

      This is very easy to put together and the dough fairly easy to work with. I found it easiest to stretch one ball out bit at a time and place it over an upside down bowl to allow gravity to help me along. My only problem is that I don't have a peel or an oven stone. I had to use just a baking sheet. It took about 7 minutes to cook and there were still some spots not quite done, particularly under the toppings. It just wasn't the right texture, but it tasted great. The crusts without topping was great. So, next time, to avoid having to buy more equipment, I'm going to try a 12" cast iron skillet next, preheated in the oven. But if that fails, I'll break down & buy the stuff and go with this again, as directed. This was the closest I've come to good pizza at home.

    • Zosia on February 03, 2021

      Makes an excellent thin pizza crust.

    • Rutabaga on April 01, 2015

      This recipe produced the best pizza crust I have ever made - and I've made quit a few. It's really true that no kneading is required, and it only takes five minutes to stir the ingredients together the night before you make your pizzas, making great pizza possible even on a busy weeknight - chewy yet tender, and plump with beautiful air pockets, just like the photos in the book. I liked it so much, I made it three times in one week! One time I used bread flour, and noticed no real difference. One comment I read on Amazon stated that there is a missing step in the book, and you should allow the balls of dough to rest for another hour after shaping them. I didn't find it problematic to start stretching the dough right away, although I did find that the balls that had sat the longest were easier to stretch, so if you have the time it's probably worth waiting.

  • Corn gelato

    • wcassity on August 11, 2019

      Very tasty. Long cooking time.

  • Giardiniera pie

    • wcassity on September 18, 2019

      Great use of summer corn, arugula, tomatoes. Very tasty. I’ve twice added fresh mozzarella and a few cherry tomatoes.

  • Cauliflower pie

    • wcassity on July 26, 2015

      I've cooked most of the pizzas in this book, and this was one of our favorites. The cauliflower, green olives and bread crumbs taste delicious together and unlike any other dish I've had before.

    • hirsheys on April 29, 2018

      This was my first time making Lahey's pizza dough and it worked really well for me, over all. The dough is pretty sticky, but just use gentle floured hands on the outsides of the balls. Stretch ball directly on a piece of parchment on top of pizza peel. Make sure to position pizza stone close enough to broiler. This combo is super delicious. A few notes: 1) It took much longer to roast the cauliflower to the point of "charred and translucent in spots". 2) Rather than sprinkling raw garlic on top of the pizza as one of the toppings I'd stir it directly into the bechamel so that the taste is a little less raw. 3) I wasn't clear about whether the mozzarella that was called for was fresh or not and the weight called for in the recipe seemed way off. I used about half of the block of mozzarella pulled into chunks, which worked great. 4) Bread crumbs were yummy, but not sure they were necessary. This was a definite keeper!

  • Pork sausage

    • Raches on January 31, 2020

      This pork sausage recipe was SO good! I used 3 star pork mince (Cole’s Supermarket) and used 3/4 of the batch as meatballs in a simple tomato and bacon based pasta sauce and the remainder as topping on pizza. Definitely a keeper. Being in Australia, I loved that the ingredients were easy to find and there was little or no recipe conversions needed - I did use jar minced garlic and jar minced ginger though.

  • Basic tomato sauce

    • k.a.g on July 06, 2013

      I used tinned San Marzano tomatoes, added the salt and oil, and crushed them with my hands: pizza sauce in sixty seconds! I won't be buying sauce again. Having said that, after tasting the first pizza I added a bit more salt. Loved the simplicity of flavours and technique though.

    • Rutabaga on April 01, 2015

      This recipe gets points for being so utterly simple - no cooking required if you used canned tomatoes. I used San Marzano tomatoes and squeezed them through the largest holes on my ricer. The sauce was a little finer in texture than the one that appears in the photo. From the looks of the photo, I'd say Lahey doesn't intend for you to mix the tomato juice from the can in with the pulped tomatoes, but he doesn't explicitly state that. I added the juice, but did find that the extra liquid can make for soggy crust in the thin spots if you use too much.

  • Fennel and sausage pie

    • KissTheCook on April 10, 2020

      P. 49 - topping quantities good. Used store-bought sausage and left out fennel. Our electric oven did not shut down at 500 degrees; so was able to use standard instruction of 30 min. 500 bake preheat, then 10 min broil preheat, stone 8" from element. Took 6-8 min. instead of gas 4-1/2, but perfect.

  • Popeye pie

    • Zosia on February 03, 2021

      Great combination of ingredients. It will seem like too much spinach but it does shrink down and is in good balance with the cheese.

    • sosayi on January 29, 2020

      Made this as part of a pizza night spread, subbing some radish greens for spinach. It was my favorite pie of the night, hands down. We used swiss instead of gruyere and aged pecorino instead of fresh as that's what we had, not measuring anything. But. The combo was still great.

  • Shiitake with walnut puree pie

    • bching on April 05, 2015

      This recipe needed a few tweaks: more salt than the recipe called for and a splash of walnut oil on the mushrooms before the pizza slid in the oven (rather than after). Cut the mushrooms as thin as possible.

  • Ham and peas pie

    • Rutabaga on April 01, 2015

      This was a hit with both my husband and three-year-old. Having no mint, I left that out, but otherwise followed the recipe. The sweet peas and salty prosciutto are a winning combination. Don't forget to include a little fresh grated nutmeg in the béchamel sauce; that adds a hint of complexity to what is really a straightforward topping.

  • Broccoli rabe pie

    • Rutabaga on March 31, 2015

      I made this with mild, sweet spring broccoli rabe from the farmer's market, so the flavor was much less assertive than you would usually expect with rabe. Having no provolone, I substituted some semi-aged cow's milk cheese, also from the farmers market, also relatively mild and sweet. It was a very good pizza, but I missed the stronger flavors that would come with a more bitter rabe and some aged provolone. It's definitely a topping combination to try again.

  • Kale and brown rice vinegar salad

    • Rutabaga on March 20, 2015

      This is the simplest kale salad I've ever made, yet also one of the most delicious. The brown rice vinegar really adds something special. I made it even simpler by leaving out the celery root, but found that the kale and apples together made a great pair with the vinaigrette.

  • Asparagus and avocado salad

    • Rutabaga on March 31, 2015

      I made this salad because I happened to have the ingredients on hand, except for the mint. Even without the mint, it's a pleasing mix of texture and flavors, but I can see how the mint would amplify the flavors. This comes together really quickly, perfect as an elegant salad that can be whipped up while your pizza is baking.

  • Brussels sprouts and chestnut pie

    • sarahawker on January 13, 2021

      This is delicious. Even the kids ate it and had seconds. Drizzled with Mike’s Hot honey. As usual the Lahey crust is beautiful and method is reliable.

  • Shiitake, celery, and Parmesan salad

    • celesteprevost on August 12, 2021

      Love! Great flavor, refreshing, and easy to put together at a moments notice.

  • Bird's nest pie

    • sosayi on May 22, 2018

      I loved the combo of flavors: asparagus, Saint Nectaire (I subbed a similar cheese), parmesan, and gooey eggs. I also added some truffle oil on top, which is mentioned on the Serious Eats' review of the recipe, but not in the book. I'd definitely make it again, but with a few tweaks. First, make sure you have LARGE asparagus for making ribbons. Second, if you're substituting regular eggs, make sure to cook them a bit longer. I added a bit of time, but not enough. I'd say add from the beginning, but it also helps to crisp everything underneath up first... so maybe I'd make wells in the asparagus topping in advance of putting the pie in for an initial char. That way, the bottom in those spots would cook and set up faster, and I could add the eggs sooner. In all, a great spring pie.

  • Ham and cheese pie

    • sosayi on January 29, 2020

      Another stellar pie. The caraway seeds under the crust were a great addition. A few changes: we used a thinly sliced rosemary smoked ham in place of prosciutto, so added it halfway through baking; added some caramelized onions. Would make again.

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Reviews about this book

  • Huffington Post

    Here he offers his distinctive, simple no-knead dough, known for producing a flavorful, thin, crispy crust, and a truly imaginative array of toppings.

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  • Oregonian

    ...many of the recipes are beyond what most home cooks are willing to do for a pizza, unless you're really into shaving your asparagus or tracking down a half-dozen quail eggs.

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  • Serious Eats

    It's full of creative pies topped with gorgeous and unexpected combos like corn and tomato, squash and pumpkin seeds, and brussels sprouts and chestnuts...

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  • Food52

    If we revolutionaries have learned anything from the internet, it's that we'd best listen to Jim Lahey. He'll probably be bored by us...we went with his classic Margherita Pie, and it was awfully good

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Reviews about Recipes in this Book

  • ISBN 10 0307886158
  • ISBN 13 9780307886156
  • Linked ISBNs
  • Published Mar 20 2012
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 192
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Clarkson N Potter Publishers
  • Imprint Clarkson N Potter Publishers

Publishers Text

Make homemade pizza that exceeds your wildest expectations—yet couldn’t be simpler—with Jim Lahey’s groundbreaking no-knead dough and inventive toppings.
The secret to incredible pizza is a superb crust—one that is crisp yet chewy, and slightly charred around the edges. Jim Lahey, the baking genius behind New York City’s celebrated Sullivan Street Bakery and Co. pizza restaurant, has developed a brilliant recipe that requires no kneading and produces an irresistible crust in any home oven—gas or electric—in fewer than five minutes. My Pizza shares this revolutionary technique and the creative pies that put Co. on the map, as well as recipes for salads, soups, and desserts to make a meal complete.
The pizzas in this book aren’t your usual, run-of-the-mill pies. In fact, Jim’s unique topping pairings—such as Corn and Tomato, Coppa and Fennel, and Potato and Leek—reinvigorate this American favorite. His whimsy is apparent in his Pepperoni Pie, which doesn’t include the cured meat we have all come to expect; instead, riffing on “pepperoni” as the Italian plural for “pepper,” Jim offers a pie with red pepper puree, ground lamb, and pecorino cheese. To round out dinner, My Pizza also has recipes for starters and side salads—such as Cannellini Bean Toast, Pea Soup, and Bibb and Roasted Squash Salad—and sweet finishes, from Milk Chocolate Sundae to Banoffee Pie.
With gorgeous color photographs and helpful tips on equipment and techniques, My Pizza unlocks the secrets of great, easy pizza for home cooks everywhere.

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