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  • Spiced chicken liver pilau

    • Astrid5555 on September 29, 2012

      Delicious, quick and easy to make. Trimming the chicken livers is the biggest effort involved, afterwards almost no active time is needed. Will definitely make again!

    • Pamsy on October 12, 2018

      Another brilliant pilau/pilaf recipe from Simon Hopkinson. Do exactly what he tells you and you can't go wrong.

  • Piedmontese peppers

    • davidbondy on February 21, 2012

      This has become a favourite with us. Make in advance and eat luke warm! Don't omit the anchovies - they make all the difference!

    • Foodycat on July 09, 2014

      Not as good as Delia's version!

  • Baked pappardelle with pancetta & porcini

    • Rinshin on March 06, 2021

      I thought 100 g of pappardelle for 2 servings? Did not think that was enough but followed the recipe. It was the right amount. Made very porcini forward rich and creamy sauce that went really well with this baked pasta. I would reduce the amount of flour in the sauce as I had to add more liquid to keep it saucy. My sauce thickened in less than 5 min instead of 10 min. Maybe with less flour, it might take 10 min whisking. Browned pancetta instead of using as it is. Overall, very good baked pasta that should do really well with other additions such as greens, peas, smoked salmon, etc. Served along with quick pan grilled scallops, pressed down broccoli and asparagus, and salad.

  • Pork chops with white wine, mustard & cheese

    • Rinshin on March 12, 2021

      Very good taste, simple and quick to make. I did let the pork sit 3-4 hours with shio koji for quick brining. Made for succulent texture. The timing and quantity was spot on. Did not have green peppercorn and subbed with capers. The sauce was super tasty with gruyere flavor coming through. Recipe found at

  • Homemade tandoori chicken

    • Kitchenangel on August 28, 2014

      Oh so more-ish. I like to add garlic and ginger to the marinade.

  • Marinated butterflied leg of lamb with Asian green sauce

    • ruth115 on January 11, 2014

      Only had time to marinade a couple of hours- still delicious. V hot oven 250 for about 30 mins perfection

    • Thermomixit on July 29, 2018

      Delicious combination of flavours. Fantastic barbecue recipe.

  • Endives au gratin

    • Foodycat on September 19, 2014

      Also in Roast Chicken and Other Stories. I didn't use the whole recipe, but I did use the method for coring and slowly braising the endive in butter and lemon juice. It smelt absolutely mouthwatering and tasted even better - definitely my new favoured method for cooking endive.

  • Coq au vin

    • Foodycat on January 02, 2016

      As well as the prior marinading, the recipe suggests cooking the day before so it can be cooled and degreased before serving, which I think is a very good idea - I didn't and it was quite fatty and rich. As with a lot of Simon Hopkinson recipes, this has a lot more steps than you'd think, but it usually pays off. Reducing the wine for the marinade makes a big difference: the sauce has a much more mellow, rounded flavour than other coq au vin recipes I have tried.

    • Elbea on September 14, 2020

      This is my go-to coq au vin recipe, as it is so full of flavour and indulgent - especially if you make the parsley dipped fried bread to accompany. This is a fantastic, fool-proof dinner party dish. Also, any leftovers have been successfully turned into a rather lovely pie filling on occasion, too.

  • Steamed ginger sponge

    • Foodycat on December 30, 2014

      I used marmalade instead of the stem ginger, and more golden syrup instead of the treacle. It made an excellent, light, fluffy sponge pudding, not at all the stodge you expect from a steamed suet pudding.

  • Rice with mussels & saffron

    • stephengk on May 15, 2017

      Excellent method. Was great dish but ratios would enable any number of dishes using meat fish or vegetables. Used Arborio rice and worked fine.

  • Smoked haddock pilaf with ginger & coriander

    • Pamsy on April 28, 2017

      This was excellent, recipe states that it serves 2 but would generously serve 3. Very subtle spicing. You must follow his instructions as to the rice to liquid ratio, it does work. If I hadn't trusted the recipe then I would have added more stock and as Simon says "result - stodgy pilaf." I used smoked coley as that was what had arrived in my fishbox delivery that day. Similar to, but much easier to make than a Kedgeree. A one pot dish that is served straight to the table.

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  • ISBN 10 1322091498
  • ISBN 13 9781322091495
  • Published Nov 05 2013
  • Format eBook
  • Page Count 325
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Lyons Press
  • Imprint Lyons Press

Publishers Text

Simon Hopkinson loves food and he knows how to cook it. "The Good Cook" is the result of over 40 years' experience and is based on Simon's belief that a good cook loves eating as much as cooking. How the ingredients you choose and the way you cook them will turn a good recipe into a great dish. That a cheap cut of meat cooked with care can taste as nice as a choice cut prepared by indifferent hands. Structured around Simon's passion for good ingredients (Anchovy and Aubergine, Cheese and Wine, Smoked and Salted Fish, Ham, Bacon and A Little Pig) and written with Simon's trademark perfectionism and precision, this is a book that you will cherish for life.

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