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  • Butternut, feta, eggs

    • SheilaS on January 16, 2021

      I'm glad I tried these but I wouldn't bother making them again. I reduced the feta by 1/3 but should have cut in in half as they were still too salty and cheesy for my taste. I also should have added another egg as I didn't have nearly as much batter as is shown in the photo. I had to use a scissors to cut the very long squash strands generated by the spiralizer in order to make reasonably sized fritters.

  • Parsley, Parmesan, eggs

    • SheilaS on January 11, 2021

      I made these to go along with the suggested pumpkin, onion & rosemary dish that follows. I was worried that they looked thick and doughy so I turned down the heat and gave them some extra cook time but they're actually very light and fluffy inside. I froze the leftovers and they reheated nicely and made great breakfast sandwiches. Heated enough to thaw (300°F, 5 min in my steam oven, maybe wrap loosely in a regular oven), then split, toast for a bit to make sure it's all warm, then add an egg or sausage patty or country ham slice. Still soft-ish and pancake-like. Or toast longer and top halves with egg salad or smoked salmon or whatever.

  • Pumpkin, onions, rosemary

    • SheilaS on January 11, 2021

      I was skeptical about this recipe and thought roasting the veg in the oven would be better but this method worked very well to meld the flavors. I used butternut squash and my only deviation was cutting the cubes a bit smaller as I was using the round end and it wasn't that thick. I served this with the recommended drop scones and the light and savory scones were an excellent contrast with sweetness of the squash and onion.

  • Eggs, spinach, bread

    • SheilaS on January 11, 2021

      I enjoyed this riff on French toast. I used a whole grain sourdough instead of ciabatta and it seemed to work fine. After mixing the spices, spinach and eggs, I had a mound of eggy spinach, not really something I could dip the bread in so I added a bit of milk. The spinach didn't really adhere to the bread so I ended up spooning it over and spreading it around. Next time, I might try blitzing the spinach/egg mix in the blender to see if that helps. I served this with spicy tomato chutney.

  • Leeks, Caerphilly, mustard

    • SheilaS on January 12, 2021

      This is a leek and cheese cream sauce, flavored with mustard and served over toasted crumpets. I substituted a sharp Cheddar for the Caerphilly and used half milk and half heavy cream instead of all cream. It's still very rich but I found one crumpet along with a nice salad was plenty. This would work well with English muffins.

  • Beetroot, lentils, garam masala

    • lilham on March 12, 2021

      This is a dhal recipe. A bit bland for my taste.

  • Celeriac, horseradish, pumpernickel

    • FJT on March 29, 2022

      This was fine, but not memorable.

    • Tealismyname on February 13, 2021

      So simple and delicious. I add potato to bulk it out as well

  • Brussels sprouts, smoked mozzarella, dill

    • FJT on March 06, 2020

      I made the version with blue cheese, a creamy gorgonzola; probably because the cheese was so creamy the dish cooked in 15 minutes. I also added gnocchi (one of the variations suggests adding cooked pasta) and feel that without it this would have been a side dish rather than a meal in itself. Both really liked it and I'm sure I'll make it again at some point.

    • Jojobuch on June 07, 2020

      As suggested, I added some cooked pasta, which made for a satisfying meal - great flavor with the smoked mozzarella and sprouts; I only added half the cream, which was still plenty.

    • Tealismyname on May 03, 2021

      I used blue cheese but now that I've managed to get ahold of smoked mozzarella, I can see how great that would be! Made this quite a few times this winter

  • Cheddar, tarragon, eggs

    • FJT on March 04, 2020

      Made this to use up some tarragon. I had a few issues, probably due to using gluten-free flour in the roux. I needed much more than the 300ml milk listed to make anything resembling a sauce. My soufflé rose impressively but took quite a bit longer to cook than stated (down to the extra liquid perhaps?) and the top was quite a dark brown in the end, so not the prettiest soufflé in the world. It tasted OK, but I wouldn't rave about it and probably won't make it again.

  • Burrata, beans, tomatoes

    • FJT on November 04, 2021

      Very nice supper. Served on toast with some aged balsamic on the burrata

  • Fennel, peas, halloumi

    • FJT on January 09, 2020

      Lovely flavour combination, but I did have some issues with the recipe. I had a fennel bulb that was miraculously almost the exact weight specified and I cut it to the width specified in the instructions, but there was no way I could fit all of the fennel in one layer in my large Le Creuset frying pan. Even using another large frying pan it was a tight fit, let alone fitting the halloumi into "the gaps"! I ended up cooking it in batches. There is also a lot of the pea and herb purée, but I'm not complaining as I will have that for lunch tomorrow on toast!

  • Mushrooms, butternut, soured cream

    • FJT on November 05, 2019

      Lovely soup! When I have the leftovers tomorrow I will dry-fry the mushrooms for the topping as I didn't feel they worked all that well fried in olive oil, but otherwise this was a very satisfying, tasty autumnal soup.

  • Brussels sprouts, brown rice, miso

    • joneshayley on January 15, 2020

      Very savoury and quite delicious. Added soy - both children liked sprouts this way! I served with some leftover roast chicken and, for me, without a meat/ tofu element the meal overall would be a little too monastic.

    • Tealismyname on November 21, 2021

      Definitely needs a protein to go with it but is super easy and quick :D

  • Crumpets, cream cheese, spinach

    • joneshayley on January 17, 2020

      Brilliant breakfast/brunch . Full of flavour, healthy and delicious

  • Mushrooms, spinach, rice

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on October 25, 2020

      This really is a dish for cold and dark evenings with a blanket on the couch. It doesn’t look very fancy, but we found it very nice and comforting.

  • Tomato, chillies, udon

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on October 25, 2020

      Superfast and easy, tomato sauce holds well when reheated the next day with new noodles.

  • Rice, milk, fig jam

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on October 07, 2020

      Ultimate comfort food, very appropriate for cold and dark nights. Subtle flavor of cardemom en bay leave.

  • Chocolate, orange zest, candied peel

    • Lepa on January 16, 2022

      These scones were okay but not a repeat. The texture wasn't as short as most scones. I think this is because there was less better and more milk than I have seen in other recipes. The result was a bit doughy. Also, these could use some salt. They were good slathered with lots of butter and marmalade, but what isn't?

  • Red cabbage, carrots, smoked almonds

    • Tealismyname on December 27, 2020

      This is a really nice lighter recipe for christmas/boxing day. I think I used too much cabbage so the dressing wasn't as punchy as I had hoped.

  • Leeks, parsnips, pastry

    • Tealismyname on June 12, 2022

      Really delicious. Nigel loves his fat- you can reduce the quantity of it by using half single cream and less oil/butter.

  • Artichokes, winter roots, smoked salt

    • Tealismyname on December 27, 2020

      Made this with butternut squash instead of beets (Can't have them) and it was divine. Was definitely the star of the show for christmas dinner. I'd maybe reduce the heat on the celariac and Arichoke roasting to prevent too much colouring.

  • Mushrooms, blue cheese, toasting muffins

    • mjes on August 17, 2021

      Tired of butter and fruit spread? This a great breakfast - quick and flavorful.

  • Carrots, spices, paneer

    • mjes on August 17, 2021

      A simple, delicious, and versatile recipe as one can vary the cheese and the vegetable.

  • Potatoes, Brussels sprouts

    • gamulholland on March 14, 2021

      This is really good, even served casserole style and not back in the potato skins. :). The garlic cream is what made it amazing— it would be wonderful on pasta or bread or anything savory, really. I made this as a side dish and my husband made chicken and despite being a total meat-lover, he liked this better than his chicken recipe, which was a surprise.

  • Potatoes, sweet potatoes, cream

    • chezmaryb on February 25, 2021

      Very rich and a little on the spicy side for me, but simple and delicious

  • A brown vegetable stock

    • Ksmotherman on January 02, 2021

      This stock is extremely rich and flavorful. Great soup base.

    • Ganga108 on January 13, 2022

      Unusual and utterly delicious. Uses miso, kombu and roasted vegetables.

  • Cheddar, cider, mustard

    • Ksmotherman on January 02, 2021

      I used the brown vegetable stock from this book for the base. This was a big hit in my house, but definitely make sure you use a good cheese! We served it with homemade beer bread, which was the perfect pairing.

  • Sweet potato, puff pastry

    • Ganga108 on October 21, 2021

      I had this spicy sweet potato and puff pastry pie looking so good on the bench, yes on the bench. Not on the tray or on baking paper. It was scored, a light wash of cream over top, sprinkled with nigella seeds. And then I realised I had to move it onto the oven tray that was heating in the oven. Result, one out of shape pie. :( But it still tasted Oh! So! Good!

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  • Kavey Eats

    The recipes...are deceptively plain and simple...yet every dish turns out just as you would expect, only twice as flavourful.

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  • Published Oct 03 2019
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  • Publisher Fourth Estate (GB)

Publishers Text

Nigel Slater’s Eat was one of his bestselling and most popular books ever. Now he has written Greenfeast, the green follow-up to Eat, packed full of short, doable and fast vegetable recipes that are usefully divided into In the frying pan, In the hand, On the hob and Puddings.

The Greenfeast recipes are for those who want easy recipes for eating more vegetable dishes throughout the week and there will be suggestions for changing up each recipe, as well as lists and lists of quick ideas.

This is exactly the food everyone wants to eat now, in the style everyone loved in Eat, all told in Nigel’s warm and unique signature style.

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