Best Cookbooks of 2023

…and the top-rated book around the world in 2023 is Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook by Sohla El-Waylly.

This is our 15th year of compiling the Best of the Best. We search the globe to come up with the definitive list of the best books on food and drink of the year. Not just one reviewer’s opinion but an amalgamation of every list we could find.

In this year’s Best of the Best list we combined 382 Best food and drink books of 2023 lists from TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Blogs and Booksellers across the world (there are links to all of them below).

For those of you interested in data:

  • From 382 lists there were 3,259 votes
  • 799 different books made the list
  • 347 books had only one vote

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1. Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook by Sohla El-Waylly is practical, information-packed, and transformative guide to becoming a better cook and conquering the kitchen, Start Here is a must-have master class in leveling up your cooking. 656 pages of the brilliance that is Sohla. Across a dozen technique-themed chapters – from “Temperature Management 101” and “Break it Down & Get Saucy” to “Go to Brown Town,” “All About Butter,” and “Getting to Know Dough” – Sohla explains the hows and whys of cooking, introducing the fundamental skills that you need to become a more intuitive, inventive cook.


=2. More Is More: Get Loose in the Kitchen by Molly Baz: In her bestselling debut cookbook, Cook This Book, Molly Baz taught her readers cooking essentials and here in her second title, she’s teaching us how to level up our cooking, ditch measuring spoons and discover that more is more. With recipes like Stuffed focaccia with spicy greens and cheese, Crispy salmon with coconut rice and crackle sauce, and Drunken cacio e pepe – she doesn’t disappoint. 


=2. Tenderheart: A Book About Vegetables and Unbreakable Family Bonds by Hetty McKinnon is a book about vegetables. It is also a story of unbreakable family bonds, love and loss, and the legacy of food as a way to stay connected to loved ones, including those who have passed. This masterwork, from Australia’s most respected vegetable-loving food writer, takes readers on a vegetable-by-vegetable journey, packed with clever and inventive ways to combine ingredients, flavors and texture. With practicality, accessibility and economy in mind, Hetty devotes one chapter to each of her 22 favorite everyday vegetables, from Asian greens to zucchini. As is Hetty’s signature, the flavors are globally inspired, with an emphasis on simple yet inventive weeknight cooking.


4. Veg-table: Recipes, Techniques, and Plant Science for Big-Flavored, Vegetable-Centered Meals by Nik Sharma, bestselling author of The Flavor Equation and Season, is a fascinating exploration of the unique wonders of more than fifty vegetables through captivating research, stunning photography, and technique-focused recipes. This book is everything we have grown to expect from Nik!


5.  Snacking Bakes: Simple Recipes for Cookies, Bars, Brownies, Cakes, and More by Yossy Arefi contains 60 accessible, anytime recipes for delectable cookies, cakes, brownies, and bars that need only one bowl and easy-to-find ingredients, from the award-winning author of Snacking Cakes. Yossy covers all the baked-good bases with recipes that feature a wide range of enticing flavors (even savory!) and are each accompanied by gorgeous photography shot by Yossy herself.


6. Ever-Green Vietnamese: Super-Fresh Recipes, Starring Plants from Land and Sea by Andrea Nguyen, the James Beard Award winning author, has written a book that focuses on plant based dishes. The book shares rice transformations, snack sensations, Banh Mi possibilities, soup celebrations, salads, side dish gems, mains without meat, veggie packed mains and tempting sweets and sips.


7. The Secret of Cooking: Recipes for an Easier Life in the Kitchen by Bee Wilson shows us how to get a meal on the table when we’re tired and stretched for time, how to season properly, cook onions (or not) and what equipment really helps. The 140 recipes are doable and delicious, filled with ideas for cooking ahead or cooking alone and the kind of unfussy food that makes everyday life taste better.


8. The World Central Kitchen Cookbook: Feeding Humanity, Feeding Hope by José Andrés and World Central Kitchen shares recipes inspired by the many places the team has cooked following disasters as well as inspiring narratives from the chefs and volunteers on the front lines. Photographs captured throughout the world highlight community and hope while stunning food photography showcases the mouthwatering recipes.


9. Sweet Enough by Alison Roman is beautifully done. The bakes are simple, yet elegant, and approachable for every level of baker. The tart chapter is filled with recipes such as the Creamy maple tart. In addition to sweet bakes such as Sugar plum galette with halva, Citrusy cheesecake, and Chocolate sour cream pound cake; there is a delicious sampling of savory bakes. 


10. Company: The Radically Casual Art of Cooking for Others by Amy Thielen is a beautiful guide to ease our worries with regard to entertaining and provides us with 125 well-tested, no fail recipes – arranged in menu form. From small dinner parties to larger holiday feasts that serve up to twenty (and even a section on holiday baking!), everything is laid out for the cook whether said cook be a novice or experienced player in the kitchen. Packed with stunning photography, Company encourages us to return to the joy of cooking for family and friends without all the fuss and muss.

Runners Up

Top British/Irish Picks

=1. Brutto: A (Simple) Florentine Cookbook by Russell Norman
=1. The Secret of Cooking by Bee Wilson
3. Imad’s Syrian Kitchen by Imad Alarnab
4. Invitation to a Banquet by Fuchsia Dunlop
5. 5 Ingredients Mediterranean by Jamie Oliver
=6. Flavour by Sabrina Ghayour
=6. Mother Tongue by Gurdeep Loyal
=6. National Dish by Anya Von Bremzen
9. A New Way to Bake by Philip Khoury
=10. Comfort and Joy by Ravinder Bhogal
=10. Love is a Pink Cake by Claire Ptak
=10. The Pepperpot Diaries by Andi Oliver

Top Australian/New Zealand Picks

1. Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking by Danielle Alvarez and Libby Travers
2. Ester: Australian Cooking by Mat Lindsay and Pat Nourse
3. Fish Butchery by Josh Niland
=4. Gohan by Emiko Davies
=4. Rumi: Food of Middle Eastern Appearance by Joseph Abboud
=4. Change the Course Cookbook by Two Good Co.
=4. Meatsmith by Andrew McConnell and Troy Wheeler
=8. More Is More: Get Loose in the Kitchen by Molly Baz
=8. Sweet Enough by Alison Roman
=8. The Farm Table by Julius Roberts

Top Canadian Picks

1, Tenderheart by Hetty McKinnon
=2. Anna Olson’s Baking Wisdom by Anna Olson
=2. Cook It Wild by Chris Nuttall-Smith
=2. Salad Pizza Wine by Janice Tiefenbach, et al
=5. Dad in the Kitchen by Cory Vitiello and Chris Johns
=5. Farmhouse Vegetables by Michael Smith
=5. In Mary’s Kitchen by Mary Berg
=5. Sabai by Pailin Chongchitnant
=5. Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook by Sohla El-Waylly
=5. Together at SoBo by Lisa Ahier

Top Drinks Books

1. Juke Joints, Jazz Clubs, & Juice by Toni Tipton-Martin
2. Signature Cocktails by Amanda Schuster
3. The New French Wine by Jon Bonné
4. Irish Kitchen Cocktails by Oisín Davis
=5. How to Make Better Cocktails by Andrew Shannon, et al
=5. The Oxford Companion to Wine (5th Edition) by Julia Harding and Jancis Robinson
=5. Vintage Crime by Rebecca Gibb
=8. Agave Spirits by Gary Paul Nabhan Ph.D. and David Suro Piñera
=8. Every Cocktail Has a Twist by Carey Jones and John McCarthy
=8. Gin A Tasting Course by Anthony Gladman
=8. From Bordeaux to the Stars by Jean-Michel Cazes

Top Vegetarian & Vegan Books

1. Tenderheart by Hetty McKinnon
2. Ever-Green Vietnamese by Andrea Nguyen
3. Comfort and Joy by Ravinder Bhogal
4. You Can Cook This! by Max La Manna
5. Anything You Can Cook, I Can Cook Vegan by Richard Makin
6. Seed to Plate, Soil to Sky by Louise Ellen Frank
=7. Fake Meat: Real Food for Vegan Appetites by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
=7. Veganistan: A Vegan Tour of the Middle East by Sally Butcher
9. Japan, The Vegetarian Cookbook by Nancy Singleton Hachisu
10. Made in Bangladesh by Dina Begum

Top Memoirs & Books About Food

1. Invitation to a Banquet by Fuchsia Dunlop
2. The Flavor Thesaurus: More Flavors by Niki Segnit
3. For The Culture by Klancy Miller
4. The Upstairs Delicatessen by Dwight Garner
=5. The Lost Supper by Taras Grescoe
=5. Ultra-Processed People by Chris van Tulleken
=7. Midwestern Food by Paul Fehribach
=7. The Core of an Onion by Mark Kurlansky
9. Comfort Eating by Grace Dent

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