The Sprouted Kitchen: A Tastier Take on Whole Foods by Sara Forte

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  • DKennedy on February 22, 2019

    Don't you love it when you add a book to your EYB shelf and 50 friends have already commented, letting you know you made a great decision when you bought the book. Amy and Marie already own this, so we will likely make it a Cook the Book selection in the future.

  • gastronom on October 13, 2012

    Great book! Highly recommend Avocado Goddess Dressing on page 56 (replaced parsley with cilantro) and Tuscan Kale Chopped Salad on page 59. Excited to try more recipes as time allows.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Spiced sweet potato wedges

    • louie734 on March 07, 2013

      The spice mixture was good (didn't make as much of it for my 3 small sweet potatoes), I used dried rosemary, bashed up in the mortar & pestle. I followed my experience cooking sweet potato fries by adjusting the oven temp to 400 (from suggested 425). I forgot to heat the baking sheets in the oven while preheating, which normally gives me better browning and a crispier result. This dip was really a standout and we used it both with the sweet potato wedges as well as on our black bean burgers. I used green onions for chives and increased the amount of parsley/green onions a bit.

    • lean1 on February 23, 2021

      the ground spices burned at this temp. but the potatoes were well cooked and tasted great. I would just use seasoned salt and olive oil next time.

  • Haricot vert salad with avocado goddess dressing

    • gastronom on February 25, 2015

      Fabulous salad dressing. Can be used on many different types of salads, in addition to this one.

    • mfranklin125 on March 17, 2017

      All is good in this. The dressing is super

  • Winter wild rice casserole

    • vickster on May 17, 2015

      Very easy, very good. I used all brown rice.

    • amandashestokes on November 13, 2014

      Very easy recipe, especially if you happen to have the rices cooked already. I also think that using the recipe as a base and switching out the sun dried tomatoes for some other flavorings, so for a quick, fairly healthy and comforting "casserole" for those of us who are not casserole people, this is a great base.

  • Green herb shrimp with summer squash couscous

    • cespitler on November 02, 2012

      A new favorite sauce! It's a good one and it's perfect for this dish of simple, yet complex flavors. I used farro instead of the couscous and it worked just fine. As noted in the side bar, the protein in this could easily be switched out and I expect that I'll be making it again very soon with tofu. A local feta added just the right notes to this dish.

    • TrishaCP on June 10, 2013

      This is a good one. I've made similar herb sauces before but this one is particularly tasty. I think it's the addition of green onions and the just enough amount of mint. A light but still filling dinner.

    • Frogcake on June 06, 2017

      Delicious and great to feed a crowd. Agree with others that the herbs sauce is really good! I omitted the anchovies and added diced red peppers to the mix of vegetables. The sauce was so tasty that I used the reminent stuff in the food processor to make a flavourful aioli for the roasted salmon I served with the couscous. The sauce is also yummy using one cup of parsley and no basil.

  • Creamy millet with roasted portobellos

    • cespitler on November 02, 2012

      This worked for me as a quick week night meal. I used polenta instead of millet and it worked really well. All the textures were great together--the creamy polenta, the the more meaty portobellos, and a bit of crunch in the kale. I'll definitely make this again.

  • Lentil meatballs with lemon pesto

    • cespitler on November 02, 2012

      Thanks for the inspiration lisacohen! I mixed these up last night and I'm hooked already. I can imagine keeping these in the freezer, just as you described. I agree, the fennel adds that special something though I did find that I was missing onion. I'm thinking a small dice, a quick saute, cooling, and adding to the mix. The lemon pesto was beautiful with the meatballs, bringing a light fresh taste to the earthiness of the lentils. A make-again recipe.

  • Braised white beans and leeks

    • cespitler on May 07, 2017

      Even though it is getting a little warmer in the Midwest, I was still craving something warm and filling. The Braised White Beans and Leeks in The Sprouted Kitchen was just right. I mean, better than just right....I am questioning why I haven't had this in my rotation for years! I used beans from Rancho Gordo, which required about a 1/3 of the suggested cooking time. I left them in a bit longer so that the final dish wouldn't be quite so soupy.. The leeks and beans both cook down to almost mush, but do mostly hold their shape. The addition of the cheeses puts this over the top and I added a quick swirl of good olive oil as I served. This is seriously comfort food.

    • cespitler on January 07, 2018

      This is the perfect comfort food and kitchen warm up for the super cold Midwestern temps. I used Royal Corona beans from Rancho Gordo, which required a little bit longer cooking time, including about 15 minutes uncovered at the end before adding the cheese to ensure the bean broth was not too soupy and a little richer.

  • Toasted millet salad with arugula, quick pickled onions, and goat cheese

    • cespitler on May 07, 2017

      As I shift out of winter and into Spring, I am moving from making soup every Sunday to more salads (even though not much is locally fresh yet!). The Toasted Millet Salad with Arugula, Quick Pickled Onions, and Goat Cheese is right up my alley. It's the kind of salad I want for lunch--packed with greens, veggies, and a grain. As usual, I made some adjustments to use what was in the pantry. Instead of millet, I used Amaranth. It's my first time cooking with it and would use it again. It's popped rather than boiled. I tossed in roasted tofu because I had it in the fridge. With a simple dressing and the basics, this is the kind of salad that can evolve through the seasons easily. I will definitely make this again!

    • cespitler on January 07, 2018

      I used Millet this time and had a hard time getting the right level of moisture. Regardless, a flavorful salad that I'll use in lunches along side salmon, though shrimp would be fantastic, too.

    • TrishaCP on June 10, 2013

      Really flavorful salad. Quick pickled red onion slices (way too many for the salad but they are awesome and will be good on all kinds of things) are added to cooked millet. The millet is toasted first, but I didn't get much in terms of additional flavor from that step, so you could skip it. And cook the millet whatever way works for you-I needed significantly longer than the recipe indicated. Also added is goat cheese, arugula, toasted pine nuts (don't skip toasting these), and a light vinaigrette of olive oil and white balsamic. What results is tangy, sweet, crunchy and fabulous.

  • Quinoa collard wraps with miso-carrot spread

    • DKennedy on February 28, 2019

      I served these to my Mah Jong group alongside a white bean, spinach, roasted tomato and sausage soup. These wraps are so much more than the sum of their/its parts. I made the carrot puree, quinoa, and beets up the night before and stored them in separate containers. Just before serving, I assembled adding avocado, cucumber and micro greens. Spectacular presentation when cut down the middle and everyone could see the bright red, orange and green peeking through.

  • Zucchini bread bites

    • TrishaCP on November 18, 2012

      These didn't work for me. I couldn't find quinoa flakes, so I opted to go with a substitution mentioned in the recipe (cooked quinoa), and the texture was too liquid and just didn't come together to allow balls to be shaped per the recipe. I understand that others have made these successfully using quinoa flakes, so it appears the problem may just be with the substitution, but I would advise not bothering with these unless you have quinoa flakes.

  • Chipotle and apple turkey burgers

    • TrishaCP on June 20, 2015

      This is probably the best turkey burger recipe that I have tried flavor-wise. Just a really good combination of elements. I didn't have time to make the aioli, but the flavor is great even without it. I used about half the ground chipotle powder called for, but thought that was plenty. The apples keep it light without tasting too strongly of apples. My one criticism is that it wasn't quite as moist as I wanted on its own, so you do need some type of sauce or condiment if you don't make the mayo.

    • sheepishjen on October 17, 2013

      These are hands down the best turkey burgers ever. And with the herb mayo that goes with them they are even more phenomenal. I have made a lot of turkey burgers, many very decent, but none can hold a candle to these. They are so moist and flavorful - even if you overcook them.

    • sheepishjen on June 12, 2015

      I absolutely agree with the previous reviewer. I, too, have made many variations of turkey burgers, some of them quite tasty. But even my previous "best" recipe pales in comparison with this one. The apple keeps it most, the flavors blend to become a whole even better than the sum of its parts, and the herb mayo is to die for, even though it's very simple. I also serve them, if I have them, with the roasted sweet potatoes and avocado dip. Killer combination.

    • wjjjww on May 09, 2018

      love this recipe! and the aioli is fabulous to dip grilled asparagus. page 129

    • bwhip on June 13, 2017

      These are so great. One of my favorite burger recipes of any kind. A little tricky when grilling because the patties don't want to bind together all that well, so you need to set them very gently on the grill, and then let them cook for a while on the first side before carefully flipping. We served them with the roasted sweet potatoes with avocado dipping sauce from the same cookbook, which created a fabulous dinner.

  • Grilled zucchini roll-ups

    • TrishaCP on July 15, 2013

      Since I wanted this as a side dish rather than an appetizer, I made a deconstructed version. Zucchini was grilled per the recipe, but I tossed it in za'atar without rolling it up and served the sauce on the side. Zucchini holds the flavors of the recipe well, and this made a tasty dish. I only used 1 tbsp. of tahini though, and would probably just omit it altogether next time as there is sufficient sesame in the za'atar.

  • Almond meal cookies with coconut and cacao nibs

    • TrishaCP on April 02, 2017

      A surprising hit! I made these primarily to help clean out my pantry, but they are quite tasty with lots of good texture from the coconut and cacao nibs and nice nuttiness from the almond flour. They use minimal sugar and are also gluten-free, so I expect I will be making them again soon.

  • Fresh mint chip frozen yogurt

    • TrishaCP on June 10, 2013

      This is so good. Creamy and rich but not as heavy feeling as ice cream. I didn't have brown rice syrup so instead I used a combination of tupelo honey and maple syrup to sweeten it- they were ok subs but a neutral sweetener is preferable so the mint flavor isn't overwhelmed.

  • Soba bowls with tea-poached salmon

    • TrishaCP on October 28, 2013

      I could not taste the green tea in this at all, but overall, this is a flavorful light tasting noodle bowl. There were many steps to this recipe, but some elements (the dressing) could be prepared in advance to speed weeknight cooking. The dressing is quite potent- usually I prefer extra sauce but I think in this case less is more so use just enough to dress the noodles.

  • Cornmeal cakes with cherry compote

    • TrishaCP on June 10, 2013

      So I did not make the cherry compote (saving cherries frozen from this past year's too short cherry season for the holidays), but these are still great. Day one, I heated up cherry jam instead, with a squirt of lemon juice and a cinnamon stick to add flavor. Day 2 it was fig and lemon jam with fresh figs. I found the batter was fluffier and less gritty Day 2, but as long as you like cornbread, you will like these pancakes.

  • Roasted tomato soup

    • TrishaCP on June 10, 2013

      Good basic tomato soup recipe. I roasted some Italian frying peppers along with the other veg to add a bit more zing. I did add some chicken sausage to satisfy my husband's desire for protein but I left out the cream and didn't miss it.

    • greenrunner75 on April 13, 2013

      4/9/2013 Very good simple recipe for tomato soup. I made sure to get the best tomatoes I could find that had a strong tomato fragrance. They were still attached the vine. Because I live at high altitude I had to roast the tomatoes for almost an hour to get them to proper doneness. I used Rapunzel's vegetable bouillon to make the stock which had nutritional yeast to ramp up the umami flavor. Nothing groundbreaking here, but a solid recipe none the less.

  • Moroccan stuffed squash

    • TrishaCP on June 10, 2013

      Not at all authentically Moroccan, at most this is "Moroccan inspired," but this was an enjoyable and tasty recipe nonetheless. I chose this recipe because I needed to use some huge pattypan squashes from my CSA- I treated them like the acorn squash called for in the recipe and roasting really brought out their sweetness. As for the stuffing, it felt a bit like throwing in the kitchen sink (paprika, cumin, coriander, pomegranate seeds, preserved lemons, feta, cilantro, orange juice and mint added to quinoa), but the flavors worked together. Don't omit the pomegranate seeds- they are vital to balancing the flavors. If I made this again, I don't think I would use coconut milk to cook the quinoa. While it made the stuffing creamy, I think it muted the other flavors too much for me.

    • monica107 on January 26, 2014

      I wouldn't use coconut milk to cook the quinoa if I made this again - it was just too much.

  • Nut and seed crackers

    • Astrid5555 on January 01, 2014

      Dough can be put together in 5 minutes. Let it chill overnight in the fridge. Really crunchy and excellent taste - perfect with hummus.

  • Roasted cauliflower capellini

    • Astrid5555 on March 09, 2013

      Absolutely delicious! Quick and easy - substituted pine nuts for hazelnuts due to nut allergy. Will definitely make again!

    • monica107 on January 26, 2014

      I was skeptical that this recipe has no onions or garlic, but I really enjoyed it and didn't miss that at all. I used parsley instead of basil because it's the middle of winter...

    • amandashestokes on November 13, 2014

      I used regular balsamic instead of white and it was still delicious.

  • Strawberry and leek quesadilla

    • Astrid5555 on May 01, 2015

      Unusual yet delicious flavor combination! The only drawback was that one side of the quesadillas got very soggy from the strawberry juices.

  • Ranchero breakfast tostadas

    • monica107 on January 26, 2014

      I opted to have this as a breakfast-for-dinner. If you don't like eggs, it's beyond easy to leave that out (I did have one with no egg and it was quite good). This came out as expected and looked a lot like the photo.

  • Honey mustard broccoli salad

    • monica107 on January 26, 2014

      I liked this when fresh but the leftovers were kind of a dingy unappealing shade of green. The dressing is the best part.

    • mfranklin125 on February 21, 2017

      Yummy. Easy with chicken and pasta or something like that. I spiralized be stems.

  • Grapefruit and crispy avocado salad

    • SugarFree_Vegan on February 15, 2015

      pg 54 in UK edition - I made this for our Valentine's Supper - lovely combo of flavours and textures, the avocado wasn't that crispy but never-the-less still delicious. Served with a Lebanese flatbread on the side made from my Mediterranean Vegetarian Feasts book

  • Dairy-free lemon crèmes with oat-thyme crumble

    • SugarFree_Vegan on February 15, 2015

      pg 200 in UK edition - Made this for our Valentine's supper dessert. This is just the most amazing recipe - tastes heavenly and is so healthy using the mori-nu tofu. In the UK we don't have Meyer lemons so I used an unwaxed lemon which worked out fine. I also used coconut sugar instead of the cane sugar for the crumble and agave along with a little stevia to cut down on the carbs in place of the honey. In all a wonderful dessert, easy to make, tasty, tangy, creamy and a real keeper.

  • Asian tofu tacos with hoisin slaw

    • dinnermints on November 05, 2013

      I used home-canned savory plum sauce for this - probably not as salty as hoisin sauce. Tofu needed something salty, so after browning I tossed on some soy sauce. Better to add salt or soy sauce to marinade in the beginning, though (although probably less if using hoisin sauce). Original recipe calls for 2.5 cups of cabbage, but with the amount of hoisin dressing, around 4 cups makes more sense (or decrease amount of dressing).

  • Coconut lime tart

    • cjross on January 05, 2014

      Used 1/4 coconut sugar instead of 1/3 cup cane sugar and almonds instead of pistachios. Tasty and quite easy although you need to allow enough time for all the cooling.

  • Roasted tomato and herb omelette

    • lean1 on February 23, 2021

      love the roasted tomatoes. Very easy. I cut them right onto a baking sheet, sprinkled 2 tsp oil and some herbs de provence and 30 min later they taste fantastic!

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    With simple, beautiful photos...TSK presents the natural foods lover with numerous options for healthful meals. I'd put this book squarely in the "for cooks who like pretty books" category.

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    For the Fortes... eating naturally has a style and a gentle hedonism unanticipated by the oat-eaters of 50 years ago. You could almost forget that it’s good for you.

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