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The Art of Eating Well by Jasmine Hemsley and Melissa Hemsley

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Notes about this book

This book does not currently have any notes.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Anytime eggs (Shakshuka)

    • eeeve on August 13, 2018

      This tastes great, though I'll definitely double (triple?) the quantities next time, as it doesn't make sense to cook this for just two portions. Didn't have eggs but topped with a dollop of coconut yoghurt, which - despite not being middle eastern - I thought was fantastic.

  • Buckwheat porridge and buckwheat cream

    • Astrid5555 on December 13, 2014

      Nice porridge for buckwheat lovers. Soaking the buckwheat groats and then puréeing them in the food processor makes for a very quick breakfast. I also added dried gojiberries and dried mulberries which I soaked together with the buckwheat overnight and topped the finished porridge with some pecans for crunch.

  • Cinnamon and buckwheat crunch granola

    • jammydodger on October 14, 2014

      Quite like this -- the buckwheat (which I don't think I've tried before) has a pleasing bite to the teeth, and it's simple to make. I halved the recipe (although I'll make a larger batch next time), and temporarily left out the goji berries and pumpkin seeds as I didn't have them (not to mention my store of cinnamon wasn't up to the job). The joy of this recipe is that it's easy to add in bits as and when you want. It seems like an awful lot of cinnamon but it's about right.

  • Buckwheat groat Bircher muesli

    • Hellyloves2cook on May 24, 2017

      I am unable to tolerate oats - been a problem for a few years now so when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it. I was a big fan of Bircher Muesli ( oat variety) and so this had to stop when I was trying to heal my gut. But now I'm happy to say I have found a wonderful alternative which tastes as good if not better! Just get organised and soak your buckwheat groats overnight. Takes less than 30 secs to do. So in the morning I rinsed these little seeds and mixed everything else together as stated in the recipe. The hardest bit was grating the apple! I mean come on ..that's all there is to it!! I use coconut yoghurt (dairy free in this house) I topped with a few slices banana and a few blueberries and toasted coconut shavings. Delicious. 9/10 - Oh go on then 10/10

  • Goji marmalade

    • SugarFree_Vegan on July 26, 2015

      Pg 48 Wow, such a very simple recipe for such flavour, this raw 'marmalade' has only 4 ingredients and for me is worth the price of the book alone. I substituted the honey for rice syrup as I don't eat honey and froze half the recipe in 3 silicon cupcake moulds as I didn't want any of it to get thrown out in case it went moldy with it being raw. Great - love it!!!!

  • Broccoli, pea and basil soup

    • Hellyloves2cook on May 24, 2017

      Made this using coconut oil instead of the ghee/butter. Basil is not in season where I live in late Autumn so I used fresh thyme instead. I didn't have any pre made stock to hand so I used my good old pantry staple- Swiss Marigold Bouillon powder. The soup was a brilliant green colour and using my Vitamix blender produced a very smooth texture. The taste was OK but I think probably needed a little more lemon juice. Husband was happy with it.

  • Red cabbage, bacon and apple salad

    • WandaA on April 21, 2016

      Simple but flavourful salad. We ate it with a slow cooked beef stroganoff. Worked well!

  • Whole roasted cauliflower

    • milgwimper on January 29, 2019

      The recipe is made in a convection oven so up the heat by 25 degrees. My cauliflower may be under done. I ended up with soft tender blossom ends and crunchy stems. The cauliflower was still very good. It was well received. I think I will bake it longer and on a higher temp next time. I made this recipe with olive oil instead of the coconut oil, ghee, or butter.

  • Baked courgette fries

    • sheepishjen on June 10, 2017

      These are such a wonderful, easy and healthy snack! Just love them.

    • VineTomato on September 30, 2018

      This is the second time I’ve made these. They smell absolutely divine while cooking. The crumb mixture became gloopy towards the end, which meant I ended up with uneven coating (picture a naked courgette baton with a paste ball around its middle). Next time I will keep some ‘uncontaminated’ coating on the side.

  • Carrot and flax crackers

    • WandaA on March 09, 2016

      Made these several times. It takes a bit of practice to line up a perfect square but the result is absolutely worth it! Full of flavour and with a soft crunchy bite. I eat them with goat's cheese and home made soups. Delicious!

  • Mum's baked trout

    • Astrid5555 on October 05, 2014

      Delicious, quick and kid-friendly fish recipe with great stuffing. Will make again!

  • Moroccan chicken stew

    • Astrid5555 on October 12, 2014

      Probably healthy but disappointing! Bland and boring despite alle the spices (cumin, cinnamon, smoked paprika) and promising ingredients (olives, peppers, dates, green beans) that went into this stew.

  • Malaysian lentil and squash curry

    • MellyMoo on April 02, 2015

      Can substitute Sweet Potato for squash but cook for less time

  • Beetroot and goats' cheese terrine

    • sherrib on July 14, 2018

      Delicious and makes for a GORGEOUS presentation. The hardest part is boiling the beets. The rest is having patience to assemble it all. What's good is that it can be made in advance. The herbs and the garlic add great flavor to the goat cheese.

  • Green goddess dressing

    • VineTomato on September 03, 2018

      Made this for the second time with a few small tweaks. Reduced the oil, added water and left out the garlic - more and more I am finding the after effects of raw garlic too unpleasant to endure for the extra flavour! I also used parsley and tarragon, the tarragon adds a lovely flavour and piles of parsley result in a super green dressing which is beautiful! Love this, but want to try my hand at a variety of green goddess dressings.

  • Avocado lime cheesecake

    • WandaA on March 09, 2016

      This crust is to die for! Made the layer a little different. Combined this recipe with Deliciously Ella's key lime pie. I substituted maple syrup for honey and coconut cream from canned coconut milk for coconut oil. I also added some arrowroot powder. Next time I will add some agar agar to make the layer even thicker. I made this for my daughter's 17th birthday and she loved it. Definitely will make it again!

  • Banana bread

    • Astrid5555 on November 01, 2014

      A delicious, healthy and low carb take on banana bread. Substituted stevia for maple syrup as per suggestion, and ground pumpkin seeds for 1/3 of the ground almonds, which also added a nice green touch & crunch. Will definitely make again!

  • Salted apricot caramels

    • SugarFree_Vegan on July 28, 2015

      pg 258 - Wow, wow, wow these 'caramels' are sublime. I used some Raw as it Gets dark chocolate (from the UK's RealFoodStore) to cover the caramels instead of making chocolate from scratch this time. The filling is just amazing and its just made from unsulphured apricots, coconut oil, vanilla and some hot water.

  • Multiseed loaf

    • SugarFree_Vegan on July 28, 2015

      Pg 273 - this is a very easy gluten free and nutritious 'soda' bread to make and the addition of the sweet potato is such a great idea. It slices and toasts well too. I had mine for breakfast with their excellent raw Goji Marmalade pg 48 and it was so tasty. Excellent!

  • Chocolate, peanut butter and maca smoothie

    • Astrid5555 on February 22, 2015

      Average. Substituted cashew butter for peanut butter. Needs the optional date for some sweetness.

    • Hellyloves2cook on May 23, 2017

      Not the best Choc, Peanut Butter smoothie I have made. I normally create my own versions. I used kale instead of spinach (I love any greens in my smoothies) and cacao powder rather than the nibs .Water happened to be my preferred choice when making this too. I tasted it initially without any sweeteners... I could have tolerated it but decided to add a tsp raw honey. This is definitely not one to try if you have a sweet tooth or new to the smoothie making community. Hmm I will give this 5/10

  • Blueberry, spinach and vanilla smoothie

    • Astrid5555 on March 11, 2015

      I substituted home-made Brazil nut milk for coconut water and added the optional banana and date for additional creaminess and sweetness. Despite the disgustingly greyish color this smoothie tasted actually very good, a little bit reminiscent of marzipan, probably due to the Brazil nut milk and maca powder combination.

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Reviews about this book

This book does not currently have any reviews.

  • ISBN 10 1576877272
  • ISBN 13 9781576877272
  • Published Sep 16 2014
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 276
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher powerHouse Books
  • Imprint powerHouse Books

Publishers Text

The Art of Eating Well is a revolutionary cookbook that will help anyone who wishes to feel better, lose weight or have more energy. London-based sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley teach their principles of life-long healthy eating with exciting and inventive recipes that are so delicious you forget the purpose is good health and nourishment. Jasmine and Melissa's philosophy is simple: a healthy gut leads to a healthy body and mind, and a better, happier you; that changing the way you eat doesn't have to involve deprivation, but can be enjoyed everyday - whether you are home, work, with family or friends, or eating out. This stunning book includes over 150 mouth-watering recipes - all of which are free from grain, gluten, refined sugar, high starch and are alkaline friendly. The sisters' down-to-earth, encouraging and practical guidance will motivate you to try new foods and no longer crave high sugar and processed foods. They include comprehensive advice on ingredients, techniques, equipment, cooking in advance, meal plans, juicing, and packed lunches and snacks that fit busy lifestyles. The Art of Eating Well is divided into clear categories - Kitchen and Store Cupboard Basics; Cooking in Advance; Breakfast; Soups; Salads; Sides and Snacks; Main Meals, including meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian; Baking and Desserts; Dips, Dressings and Sauces; Juices and Smoothies; Basics. Beautifully photographed and designed, The Art of Eating Well is a kitchen bible that delivers maximum taste and maximum nutrition. A bold and beautiful cooking companion for food lovers that will change the way to you eat leaving you energized, healthy, slimmer and strong.

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