Flavors of the Sun: The Sahadi’s Guide to Understanding, Buying, and Using Middle Eastern Ingredients by Christine Sahadi Whelan

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  • Jambalaya, Sahadi's way

    • Jane on October 25, 2021

      This was excellent. I couldn't get merguez so used andouille - don't think anyone would notice. The addition of preserved lemon added little pops of flavor though flavor was not lacking with all the herbs, spices and harissa. Be careful with the harissa - if yours is very hot 60ml may be too much.

  • Pistachio pilaf

    • Avocet on February 02, 2022

      Excellent. Used orzo instead of fideos. Versatile side dish.

  • Dukkah-crusted pork cutlets

    • Avocet on February 02, 2022

      This was really very good. Next time I'll increase the proportion of dukkah to the breadcrumbs.

    • Maefleur on September 26, 2021

      We loved the Dukkah coating for these cutlets. Great flavor! I didn’t have apricots so subbed the apricot sauce with some mango chutney, and it worked nicely. Perfect served with the lemony arugula, it made for a lovely meal.

  • Beef and lentil bowl with tahini dressing

    • MollyB on September 09, 2021

      The flavors were great on this, but it didn't come together for us, though this was probably our fault. Our rendition was tasty but the texture was wrong. We used beluga lentils instead of the French lentils, and the cooking time and water quantity didn't work when they were cooked with the rice. (I got mushy rice and lentils.) I'd cook the lentils and rice separately and then combine if I tried it again. I also didn't have the heat high enough on the beef, so it didn't brown enough. I might try grilling it next time. The crispy onions were very nice as a garnish.

  • Sheet pan chicken with sumac and winter squash

    • MollyB on January 03, 2022

      We loved this! We used kabocha squash, and it worked well. Be sure to pay attention to the 1/2-in thick wedges guideline, however - some of our squash was too thickly cut and we had to put it back in the oven after we took the chicken out. Our chicken didn't brown much, so we put it briefly under the broiler and it crisped up nicely. I'd recommend serving with rice or something else to soak up the olive oil and pan juices.

  • Grilled sea scallops with charred scallions and sumac

    • nicolepellegrini on June 15, 2022

      These were good, not necessarily earth-shattering.

    • Maefleur on February 12, 2022

      My sea scallops were not very large, so I did not skewer, but cooked them in a grill basket. They were tender, juicy and flavorful and the accompanying sauce was bright, smokey and spicy, making for a delightful combination.

  • Sizzled zucchini with pepper relish

    • nicolepellegrini on June 15, 2022

      This was even better the next day, once the vegetables had a little time to marinate in the spices and light dressing.

  • Cardamom-spiced chicken kebabs

    • darcie_b on October 25, 2021

      These were good but not great, although the zhug was excellent.

  • Spicy beef kebabs with tzatziki

    • darcie_b on October 25, 2021

      These were amazing, with a nice amount of heat. They held together well even on crappy skewers.

    • Maefleur on October 03, 2021

      Things don't always work out perfectly, but they can still be delicious. Even with plenty of chilling, my kabobs were not holding together on the grill. I knew I wouldn't be able to turn them, so used a spatula to flip them onto a sheet pan to continue cooking. It worked out fine. The beef has lots of flavor and spice and the tzatkiki is wonderfully flavorful as well. Each delicious on its own and all the better together. I'll definitely make these again.

  • Beef and pine nut flatbread pizzas

    • darcie_b on October 25, 2021

      These were great! My only quibble is that the meat shrinks back from the edges of the flatbread (I used a mix of beef and lamb). I also thought they cooked up better directly on a pizza stone than using a sheet pan. Next time I would make 8 slightly larger ones rather than 10.

  • Pomegranate-roasted beets with goat cheese

    • ksg518 on February 03, 2022

      I never thought to pair pomegranate with beets but this is delicious. (Also thanks to Eat Your Books, I now realize I have several pomegranate/beet recipes on my shelf to try!)

  • Tomato salad

    • meginyeg on May 22, 2022

      This wasn't revolutionary but it was very good.

  • Blueberry melon salsa

    • meginyeg on May 28, 2022

      This was delicious. Had for dessert and then breakfast next day.

  • Fiery berbere shrimp

    • meginyeg on May 22, 2022

      This was great. Very spicy so we added a cucumber yogurt sauce on the side. Flavour was good.

  • Red pepper walnut spread (Mohammara)

    • meginyeg on May 22, 2022

      I did not dry out my peppers beforehand and used panko for the bread crumbs. Still very tasty.

  • Deviled eggs with dukkah

    • Maefleur on October 04, 2021

      A very different deviled egg for me. I loved the flavor and texture the dukkah added.

  • Mom's million-dollar salad

    • Maefleur on September 29, 2021

      Delicious salad with sweet/tart apricots, rich nutty crunch of the pine nuts, salty parm, fennel and a light vinaigrette with the warming Aleppo. Nicely put together salad.

  • Red lentil soup

    • Maefleur on October 16, 2021

      A nicely flavored soup, though I was somewhat disappointed the spices turned the red lentils brown. (I later realized other red lentil soups I've made have included tomatoes or tomato paste which adds flavor as well as keeping that lovely color.) The chili adds a subtle heat and we enjoyed the bright freshness of the green onion, cilantro and lemon juice.

  • Slow-roasted harissa salmon

    • Maefleur on December 19, 2021

      Such a delicious way to prepare salmon. The two harissas, olive oil, and garlic are mixed together and left for 1 to 24 hours to develop their flavor. Spread on the salmon just before roasting. As stated in the headnote the fiery spice mellows with the fish. This recipe received a "please make this again" compliment at my table.

  • Spatchcocked chicken with preserved lemon marinade

    • Maefleur on September 29, 2021

      I doubled the lemon purée and halved the olive oil. Delicious bright notes from the lemon purée and warm heat of the aleppo, then topped with the fresh herbs, this was a lovely dish.

  • Grilled chicken paillard with roasted pepper and Kalamata olive salsa

    • mpo on October 14, 2021

      The roasted red pepper-olive salsa is delicious! Can go on anything- and I used parsley instead of cilantro.

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  • ISBN 10 1452182450
  • ISBN 13 9781452182452
  • Published Sep 07 2021
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 352
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Chronicle Books

Publishers Text

A comprehensive guide to vibrant Middle Eastern ingredients, with more than 120 recipes that let them shine, from James Beard award winning Sahadi's market in Brooklyn, New York.

Sumac. Urfa pepper. Halvah. Pomegranate molasses. Preserved lemons. The seasonings, staples, and spice blends used throughout the Middle East offer deliciously simple ways to transform food—once you know how to use them. In FLAVORS OF THE SUN, the people behind the iconic Brooklyn market Sahadi's showcase the versatility of these ingredients in over 120 everyday dishes, including starters, salads, soups, family-friendly meals, and desserts. With sections devoted to recipes boasting Bright, Savory, Spiced, Nutty, and Sweet accents, it offers inspiration, techniques, and intensely flavorful ways to use everything from Aleppo pepper to za'atar with confidence. Throughout, "no-recipe recipes" help build up your flavor intuition so you can effortlessly incorporate any of the featured spices, condiments, and preserves into your daily repertoire.

120 RECIPES WITH A PUNCH: From an updated take on nachos and mac and cheese to a spectacular pistachio cheesecake and tahini-enriched brownies, FLAVORS OF THE SUN features dozens of the store's most-requested dishes as well as Sahadi family favorites. Simple yet loaded with flavor, these recipes will inspire you to make these distinctive Middle Eastern ingredients essential components of your pantry.

OPTIMUM VERSATILITY: Each section addresses a specific flavor profile and offers a set of essential ingredients for achieving it along with helpful tips on how to use them separately or in combination. Look-and-cook mini recipes provide even more ideas for using distinctive ingredients like tahini, Aleppo pepper, and preserved lemons to give a fresh new spin to everything from salad dressings to cocktails.

EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Family owned, Sahadi's has been a beloved resource since its founding by Abrahim Sahadi, an immigrant from Lebanon, more than 100 years ago. Now welcoming a fifth generation into the business, the Sahadi family's authentic imported goods and exhaustive knowledge continue to inspire local chefs and adventurous home cooks to taste and explore the diverse world of Middle Eastern spices and sundries. FOR FANS OF PLENTY: Much like PLENTY, this cookbook dives deep into core ingredients and provides intimate insights into flavorful spice blends like dukkah, berbere, ras el hanout, shawarma spices, and more. Each ingredient profile includes an informative buying guide so you can build your pantry like a pro. Perfect for: home cooks to seasoned chefs; fans of PLENTY; JERUSALEM; SHUK, and ZAHAV; Sahadi's loyal customers; those interested learning about spices and new ways to use them in everyday dishes