The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook (2012): Every Recipe, Every Ingredient Testing, and Every Equipment Rating from All 5 Seasons by Editors of Cook's Country Magazine

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Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Apple fritters

    • cougargal on October 18, 2018

      This recipe was easier than a lot of other apple fritter recipes. The glaze really makes it great. Tastes just like ones you would buy!

  • Banana pudding

    • twoyolks on June 25, 2020

      Everything you could want in a banana pudding.

  • Old-fashioned pecan pie

    • twoyolks on November 29, 2016

      A very good, if completely unsurprising, pecan pie. The pecans being chopped into smaller pieces makes this easier to eat.

  • Homemade breakfast sausage

    • twoyolks on January 27, 2016

      The maple syrup gave this an odd flavor. It just wasn't particularly good.

  • Pan-fried pork chops

    • twoyolks on January 10, 2017

      I liked the spice rub and crust on the pork chops. These are very simple but taste good. I used thinner pork chops and it worked well.

  • Sweet and sour sauce

    • twoyolks on October 24, 2012

      I used apricot jam in place of the apple jelly. I think apple jelly would be superior to the apricot jam. Because of the sweetness of the jam, I needed to add additional white vinegar.

  • Cincinnati chili

    • twoyolks on January 27, 2016

      Despite appearing as a slightly fancier version of chili out of a can, this was really good on a snowy day. Using a medium chile powder gave just the right amount of heat.

    • Rinshin on March 01, 2014

      I've never lived in Midwest or had this Cincinnati chili in restaurants but when I saw this on tv, I had to make it. I made it 4-ways including beans and cheese. The taste was somewhat it's something we've had in the past. Anyway, we truly enjoyed this regional specialty. It may be a diner food, but it's a good diner food with a green salad.

  • Crunchy potato wedges

    • twoyolks on March 24, 2013

      The crust for these is very reminiscent of fried chicken.

  • Crispy potato tots

    • twoyolks on October 24, 2012

      These turn out very reminiscent of the hash browns from McDonald's.

  • Super-stuffed baked potatoes

    • twoyolks on November 17, 2016

      These were good, if a bit complicated to make. I would've liked a bit greater depth of flavor. Instead, these mainly tasted rich.

  • Cider-baked ham

    • twoyolks on March 28, 2016

      The ham had a slight apple flavor (particularly towards the edges). The glaze didn't really adhere to the sides of the ham nor did it brown significantly. This was a fine ham but there wasn't anything really to recommend this recipe over any others.

  • Sweet corn spoonbread

    • twoyolks on August 08, 2015

      The corn flavor wasn't particularly strong and texture reminded me of aerated polenta.

  • Authentic beef enchiladas

    • twoyolks on June 27, 2013

      Instead of simply braising the beef, I pressure cooked it at high pressure for 50 minutes. I also made sure to season the meat after it had been cooked. I only ended up with 10 enchiladas instead of 12.

  • Cornell barbecued chicken

    • twoyolks on August 16, 2016

      This grilled up nicely. The flavor was similar to other Cornell chicken I've had but the mustard was a different addition. Some pieces were perfect but others had a touch too much vinegar flavor. I used bone-in chicken thighs instead of whole chickens.

  • California barbecued tri-tip

    • twoyolks on July 27, 2017

      The beef was flavorful but I didn't really get any garlic or smoke flavors.

  • Wood-grilled salmon

    • twoyolks on May 28, 2013

      The salmon became much too smokey.

  • All-American potato salad

    • twoyolks on September 08, 2021

      Significantly more bland than I hoped for. I was hoping for more tang from the pickle brine and mustard.

  • Morning glory muffins

    • chawkins on March 17, 2013

      They are good muffins but not sure if they are worth all that work. Coconut and walnuts need to be toasted and then processed to a fine powder in the processor, pineapple and shredded apple need to be strained and resulting juice cooked down and cooled before everything is combined.

  • Icebox Key lime pie

    • mamacrumbcake on July 27, 2015

      I had to add a few drops of lime oil to get enough lime flavor. Otherwise, this was quite nice. UPDATE Made this for pi day. Just as good as I remember. I add 2 splashes of lime oil because without it, it does not taste limey enough. It sets up beautifully—not the least but runny—but still soft and creamy without any firmness. It has a bright, fresh flavor; you would never guess there was instant pudding in it.

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  • ISBN 10 1936493004
  • ISBN 13 9781936493005
  • Linked ISBNs
  • Published Sep 01 2012
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 400
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher America's Test Kitchen
  • Imprint America's Test Kitchen

Publishers Text

Coinciding with the airing of the TV show's fifth season, The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook includes every recipe, tasting, and testing from all five seasons. With an average of 1.7 million viewers per week, Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen, has become one of the most popular cooking shows on public television. Filmed in a renovated 1806 farmhouse with a working test kitchen, the TV show features the best of American home cooking with an emphasis on regional and heirloom fare as well as illuminating snapshots of America s culinary legacy.

Cook along with Bridget, Julia, Erin, and Chris through lively chapters including Fork-in-the-Road Favorites, As Good as Grandma's, Steakhouse Specials, and Save Room for Pie, as they share foolproof methods for making more than 200 great American recipes, such as:

Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken: Dredging buttermilk-brined chicken in a thick flour-buttermilk mixture makes for a substantially thick crust that clings to the meat.

Whipped Potatoes: Avoid gluey mashed potatoes by steaming and then rinsing russets. After being whipped with a mixer, the potatoes are guaranteed to turn out lush and velvety.

Mile-high lemon Meringue Pie: A hot sugar syrup and cream of tartar help build a stable, tall, and fluffy meringue. For a filling with bright and tangy fresh citrus flavor, use lemon juice and lemon zest (and strain out the zest to ensure a silky, smooth filling).

The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook also includes regional and heirloom gems, such as:

Moravian Chicken Pie: Not your average chicken pot pie, this hearty double- crusted pie is packed to the brim with shredded chicken and served with a rich gravy.

Baltimore Pit beef: Move over, everyday roast beef. Baltimore is known for its pit beef, replete with a well-seasoned, charred crust and a rosy pink interior. The meat is shaved paper thin, piled onto a kaiser roll, topped with a horseradish-y mayo known as tiger sauce, and finally covered with sliced onions.

Chocolate blackout Cake: This exceptionally moist chocolate cake, made famous by Brooklyn's long-closed Ebinger's bakery, is layered and iced with a thick chocolate pudding and covered with chocolate crumbs.

For fans of Jack's taste tests and Adam's equipment segments, the book features a comprehensive 48-page shopper's guide that includes not just the ingredient and equipment winners featured on the TV show but also dozens more from America's Test Kitchen. With this colorful companion to all five seasons of Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen, you'll have all the TV show has to offer and more.

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