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Heston Blumenthal at Home by Heston Blumenthal

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Notes about this book

This book does not currently have any notes.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Vegetable stock

    • cassiemcgannon on October 18, 2012

      My go-to method, although I sometimes skip the more exotic vegetables (e.g. fennel) and use what I have on hand. Makes a vegie stock that has enough oomph to be substituted for chicken stock if necessary, and is relatively quick and easy.

  • Pumpkin soup

    • Melanie on May 24, 2014

      This soup was ok - I liked some aspects (e.g. roasting and sweating pumpkin to create two separate flavours; steeping rosemary in hot milk) however I thought there was too much dairy (250g butter & 400mL milk). Admittedly I didn't use the finishing touches suggested, which may have contributed to the dairy being overpowering. I think I would use the techniques from this recipe with different ingredient proportions next time.

  • Red cabbage gazpacho

    • jbriceno on May 04, 2013

      Red wine mayo 1 large egg yolk 10 g Dijon Mustard 90 g Grapeseed oil 10 g Red wine Vinegar 15 g Re Wine Gazpacho 1 Red Cabbage 1 sliced of white bread, crust remove 20g red wine mayo ( above) 30 g Red wine vinegar Salt Served with peeled cucumbers and mustard ice cream

  • Pea and ham soup

    • debkellie on April 13, 2015

      frozen peas missing from ingredients list!

  • Bagna cauda

    • tekobo on September 04, 2017

      Lovely, creamy sauce to go with raw and blanched vegetables. Used baby corn, baby carrots, thin asparagus and blanched baby fennel and purple beans.

  • Green bean and radish salad

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on July 03, 2017

      Nice flavours, very nice dressing. Definitely making it again. Beans needed more time cooking, radishes a little less. Refreshing and colourful. very easy.

  • Celeriac rémoulade

    • RosieB on August 02, 2015

      This was a great recipe which I served with braised duck to cut the fat from the duck. I made my own mayonnaise using Heston's recipe. A really nice mayonnaise. The combination with crunchy cornichons and capers with grain mustard was delightful.

  • Prawn cocktail

    • debkellie on October 18, 2015

      I halved the chilli powder, and it still had plenty of bite. Did go the extra mile with the soy/mirin marinated salmon roe and that added a lovely touch to this classic!

  • Roast chicken

    • twoyolks on January 01, 2017

      This was a very moist and flavorful chicken. I didn't have time to brine it so I just salted it several hours in advance. I had issues getting the chicken to brown well or evenly and it took longer than the recipe specified. I don't feel that this chicken was any better than one roasted at 350F until fully cooked. I used white chicken stock for the sauce as I didn't have any brown chicken stock. I liked the technique for making the sauce and I think that the mustard provided a nice tart compliment to the sauce.

  • Slow-roasted rib of beef with bone-marrow sauce

    • twoyolks on December 27, 2017

      My review is more for the bone-marrow sauce as I used a different technique for the beef. I omitted bone-marrow as I didn't have any. The sauce was nice with a good balance of beef flavor without being too strong. The mustard flavor is pronounced but not objectionably so.

    • tekobo on March 18, 2018

      I love this method for cooking beef. Used it on a whole, 75 day aged rump. Superb.

  • Slow-cooked lamb shank and giant couscous salad

    • Melanie on May 24, 2014

      This is a warm salad - it heated up well on the second night (4 serves for us). I loved the different textures and flavours in this dish - the cold pomegranates and herbs playing against the warming spices and soft lamb. The method isn't the clearest so read through and reorder a few steps - eg make the spice mix and vinaigrette after the lamb is in the oven; think through the steps in the last 10 minutes of cooking (I managed to reuse a few saucepans to save on the washing).

  • Roast leg of lamb with anchovy, rosemary, and garlic

    • agardenworm on February 20, 2013

      Deliciously tender - left out anchovies as I didn't have any to hand. Made lamb very tender but still pink in the centre. Scrum.

  • Braised pork belly with crackling

    • volition on May 24, 2012

      Although Prep starts before hand. This is doable. I cooked it for XMAS '11. The Butcher was happy to take the skin off for me. It was a lovely dish yet not an absolute wow kind of dish. The Crackling was incredible. And i've kept all the fat to cook with which was a bonus. You can time the prep for say half an hour for 2 nights or a little more.

  • Rack of lamb

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on July 09, 2017

      Delicious. Lamb cooked sous vide was perfect, tapenade was very tasteful. Easy to prepare the day or morning before a dinner.

  • Cod with mustard and caper vinaigrette

    • twoyolks on January 20, 2017

      This is a great way to cook cod. It ends up perfectly cooked, moist and flavorful. When I removed the cod from the vacuum pouches, it did start to fall apart so, to have a nice fillet, one would need to be very careful moving it. I did brine the cod in a 3% solution for 20 minutes and it didn't provide enough seasoning. The potatoes were bland and boring. They didn't really go all that well with the cod.

  • Scrambled eggs with brown butter

    • spiderknit on November 28, 2012

      It was nice, but we found his double boiler method gave a smoother result.

  • Cauliflower macaroni cheese

    • kateastoria on March 22, 2015

      Not mac & cheese - just cauliflower cheese. Good flavors though the cold, marinated cauli is a little odd due to the temperature difference.

  • Glazed carrots

    • twoyolks on January 01, 2017

      These did not cook fully at the temperature specified. They were also swimming in butter and ended up greasy.

  • Brussels sprouts with bacon

    • twoyolks on January 01, 2017

      These were a bit of work to make but they were quite good. I'd probably cut back on the bacon in the future as there was quite a lot of it.

  • Roast potatoes

    • volition on May 24, 2012

      These Potatoes are wonderful. Crisp cracking outside and fluffy inside. It's a long time to roast some potatoes. But get them on first and you will enjoy them,

  • Triple-cooked chips

    • StevieHolland on April 09, 2014

      Here's my attempt..... Bit of a faff - but v. nice http://shrestaurants.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/hestons-t-ripple-cooked-chips.html

  • Pommes purées

    • twoyolks on January 01, 2017

      This was a very rich, very good mashed potato. The puree is very smooth and silky. I didn't add all the milk that was called for. I had to heat the mashed potatoes in a pot as they had gotten quite cold by the time the butter and milk were mixed in.

  • Lemon tart

    • agardenworm on June 03, 2013

      Delicious - think I have found my forever lemon tart recipe - the search is over! As NZ does not have double cream I used 10 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks instead.

    • mziech on May 07, 2016

      Perfect lemon tart. Typical Heston recipe where everything is measured exactly (heat the filling to 62 degrees on the stove and then to 70 degrees in the oven) but with excellent results. In my translated (Dutch) cookbook no double cream was used, but whipping cream, also with good results.

  • Liquid centre chocolate pudding

    • volition on May 24, 2012

      WOW what a recipe. If you have this book or your hands on this recipe. Cook this tonight. It is fantastic. Though I think the Ganache amounts are about 2-3 times what you need. This recipe made our last party a huge hit. Cook this now and do not hesitate to eat it. Get some decent chocolate though.

  • Chocolate tart

    • Charlotte_vandenberg on November 04, 2017

      Taste is fantastic, the orange in the base is very delicious. I’m not sure whether the recipe for the base is too much or the diameter of the ring is too small. Next time I’m making half the dough, or using a 20 cm ring. However the height of the tart was approximately 4 cm now, which looks beautiful. I advise you to really follow the recipe including the time used for chilling the base and the ganache.. I put the ganache in too early and had some spillage!

  • Golden syrup cookies

    • Melanie on March 30, 2014

      These cookies were delicious - I might try the earl grey tea variation next time to change the flavour.

  • Cornbread muffins

    • IvyManning on September 29, 2014

      These were awful. Sticky sweet, almost raw in the middle if you follow the instructions, and with a cake-like consistency. Don't trust a Brit with cornbread.

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Reviews about this book

  • Nic Cooks

    Is it really possible to cook like Heston at home? This is the question Nic asked herself.

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Reviews about Recipes in this Book

  • Earl Grey cookies

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  • ISBN 10 1408832755
  • ISBN 13 9781408832752
  • Published Jun 01 2015
  • Format Paperback
  • Page Count 408
  • Language English
  • Countries United Kingdom
  • Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
  • Imprint Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Publishers Text

Until now, home cooking has remained stubbornly out of touch with technological development but Heston Blumenthal, champion of the scientific kitchen, is set to change all that with his radical new book. With meticulous precision, he explains what the most effective techniques are and why they work. Heston's instructions are precise and easy to follow, with lots of helpful tips, and each chapter is introduced with an explanation of Heston's approach to 1) Stocks 2) Soups 3) Starters 4) Salads 5) Meat 6) Fish 7) Sous-vide 8) Pasta and grains 9) Cheese 10) Sides and condiments 11) Ices 12) Desserts and sweets 13) Biscuits, snacks and drinks. Recipes include Green bean and radish salad; Prawn cocktail; Roast chicken; Shepherd's pie; Sea bass with vanilla butter; Liquorice poached salmon; Carbonara; The ultimate cheese toastie; Strawberry sundae; Liquid centre chocolate pudding and Raspberry sherbert. And, of course, Heston's famous Triple-cooked chips. Heston Blumenthal at Home will change the way you think about cooking forever - prepare for a culinary revolution!

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