That Sounds So Good: 100 Real-Life Recipes for Every Day of the Week by Carla Lalli Music

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    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: garlic; walnuts; paccheri pasta; Manchego; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; parsley
    • Categories: Main course; Cooking for 1 or 2
    • Ingredients: kosher salt; sugar; pork rib chops; radicchio di Treviso; yellow onions; lemons; grapeseed oil; honey; flaky salt of your choice
    • Categories: Main course
    • Ingredients: mussels; lemongrass stalks; serrano chile; onions; shrimp paste; mirin; baguette bread; chives
    • Categories: Rice dishes; Main course
    • Ingredients: short-grain rice; cabbage kimchi; cherry tomatoes; shrimp; basil
    • Categories: Salads; Sandwiches & burgers; Main course
    • Ingredients: shallots; lemons; jarred tuna in olive oil; peperoncini peppers; mayonnaise; prepared horseradish; green hot sauce; sandwich bread; iceberg lettuce
    • Categories: Salads; Sandwiches & burgers; Main course
    • Ingredients: ground pork; ground cumin; ground cayenne pepper; fennel seeds; Greek yogurt; cider vinegar; mayonnaise; Savoy cabbage; sandwich rolls
    • Categories: Stews & one-pot meals; Rice dishes; Sauces for poultry; Main course
    • Ingredients: chicken leg quarters; jasmine rice; fresh ginger; cilantro; jalapeños; avocado; limes
    • Categories: Main course
    • Ingredients: potato starch; eggs; panko breadcrumbs; boneless skinless chicken thighs; garlic powder
    • Accompaniments: Spicy creamy sauce
    • Categories: Pasta, doughs & sauces; Main course; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: garlic; lemons; mild chile flakes; shallots; maitake mushrooms; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; herbs of your choice; wide noodles
    • Categories: Stir-fries; Main course
    • Ingredients: fresh ginger; garlic; shallots; limes; soy sauce; Sriracha; fish sauce; ground beef chuck; cilantro
    • Categories: Sauces for meat; Main course
    • Ingredients: beef skirt steaks; Yukon Gold potatoes; crème fraîche; prepared horseradish; Tabasco sauce; chives; lemons
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: walnuts; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; lemon juice; honey; Medjool dates; radicchio; Belgian endive
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: fennel; radishes; Persian cucumbers; dried oregano; dried mint; Urfa biber; feta; cherry tomatoes; toasted sesame seeds
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: long red chiles; fresh mozzarella cheese; cherry tomatoes; avocado; basil
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: little gem lettuce; sugar snap peas; buttermilk; sour cream; nutritional yeast flakes; dried mint; granulated garlic
    • Categories: Side dish; Cooking for 1 or 2
    • Ingredients: acorn squash; escarole; pancetta; sherry vinegar; eggs
    • Categories: Rice dishes; Salads; Side dish; Thai; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: wild rice; shallots; cayenne pepper; unsweetened coconut chips; raw cashews; pomelos; lime juice; cilantro
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish
    • Ingredients: anchovy fillets in oil; lemon juice; Aleppo pepper; Castelvetrano olives; piparras peppers; celery; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; parsley
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: avocados; sour cream; buttermilk; serrano chile; hulled sunflower seeds; coriander seeds; broccoli; green hot sauce; limes
    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Thai; Vietnamese
    • Ingredients: peanut oil; peanuts; limes; red onions; Thai chiles; Persian cucumbers; seedless watermelons; MSG; fish sauce
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    • Categories: Salads; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: purple cabbage; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; store-cupboard ingredients
    • Categories: Salads; Dressings & marinades; Side dish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: radishes; radish greens; crusty bread; yogurt; prepared horseradish
    • Categories: Side dish; Lunch; Main course; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: beluga black lentils; cider vinegar; feta; red pepper flakes; thyme sprigs; rosemary; leafy greens of your choice; mustard seeds; ground turmeric; cayenne pepper
    • Categories: Egg dishes; Main course; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: garlic; onions; crushed red pepper flakes; tomato paste; canned chickpeas; eggs; parsley; lemons; toasted sesame seeds

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  • One-pot chicken and rice with blender green sauce

    • Jane on December 04, 2021

      I didn't love this. My limes may have been especially juicy but the sauce was so acidic that I needed to add another avocado to make it edible. So add lime juice in stages and taste. The crispy rice at the bottom of the pan was welded to it and it required major chipping work so get it off. After all that the meal was just meh. Not a repeat.

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 03, 2022

      Maybe I needed more seasoning but I thought the chicken was pretty bland. The green sauce was fine but nothing spectacular.

    • Feelingsamtastic on July 11, 2022

      Loved the green sauce and the ginger rice was very flavorful. Will skip the "browning step" on the rice next time, it just glued the rice to the bottom of the pan and didn't actually crisp. The skin on the chicken was soggy so did not eat, but the meat was cooked well and v juicy.

    • Froggissimo on July 15, 2022

      I had the same experience with the rice as the other reviewers. I used 4 skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs because my grocery didn’t have leg quarters available. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly, including using white jasmine rice, rinsing the rice, measuring out the rice and water, and making the dish in a 6-quart Dutch oven as recommended. The rice was very flavorful but complete mush. When I tried the crisping step, I wound up with a layer of rice stuck to the bottom of the pot that was impossible to scrape off. And, crisping didn’t make the rice any less mushy. I ended up just serving the chicken and sauce with plain steamed rice. It was still tasty (the sauce is great and chicken was well flavored with ginger and cilantro). But the whole point was the flavor-infused crispy rice… and I didn’t get that.

  • Flash-in-the-pan chicken with burst tomato sauce

    • Jane on December 17, 2021

      An OK dinner though not very interesting. My chives had died off so I used basil instead. And I will own up to forgetting the vinegar finish which may have elevated it a little but not enough to make me want to repeat it.

  • Spaghetti with melted cauliflower sauce

    • Jane on December 15, 2021

      Not bad but I didn't love it enough to make again. Though my execution could have been better. I fail to see how pulsing cauliflower in a processor would result in 1/2 inch pieces. You end up with large untouched pieces and a lot of rubble. It really needs to be cut by hand. Maybe because of this my sauce didn't really brown so no caramelized flavor.

    • ncollyer on December 12, 2021

      Excellent meat free Monday dish. The method of cooking the cauliflower resulted in a complex and creamy sauce. Satisfied the carnivore in my house.

    • meggan on December 19, 2021

      I did pulse the cauliflower so it was more riced. Then there was too much for the dish. It was ok but I probably wouldn't bother to make again either.

    • pattyatbryce on January 09, 2022

      Tasked ok the first day, but leftovers languished. Ended up throwing most of it away.

    • Hansyhobs on January 04, 2022

      I made this with romanesco and it was delicious. Actually four legit servings (we have this for dinner and lunch the following day). Nice heat too. One to make again.

  • Greens, beans, and sausage soup

    • Jane on December 21, 2021

      This makes a large pot of soup, enough for about 8 lunches. It has good flavor and although the broth is quite thin, the soup is filling with the lentils, kale and sausage. I added two large Parmesan rinds which I feel boosted the flavor. I will repeat this.

    • Emily Hope on March 25, 2022

      This soup was a winner for my family. Modifications that I made were to use chicken Italian sausage, to use a prosciutto end in lieu of a parm rind, and to sub a bunch of chard for one of the bunches of kale. I also slightly upped the amount of lentils and reduced the water -- the stated amount seemed like it would make it too soupy for our taste and Jane's note confirms this hunch. I also added some big squeezes of lemon juice at the end (instead of sherry vinegar). I would def use chicken (or turkey) sausage again -- I think a full pound of pork sausage would probably be too heavy, and there's no risk of it drying out since it gets sauteed up front and added back at the end. I also liked the lemon juice, though I'm sure sherry vinegar would be good as well.

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 03, 2022

      Tasty but I didn't think it was very interesting

  • Skirt steak with potatoes and black pepper-horseradish sauce

    • Cheri on February 11, 2022

      We really liked this. Will repeat. Made with no substitutions

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 03, 2022

      I used a sirloin and it was fine but not spectacular.

    • amcandelmo on January 18, 2022

      The sauce on this is AH. MAZ. ING.

  • Spicy-tangy green beans and tofu

    • Emily Hope on April 12, 2022

      Made this in a wok, used asparagus instead of green beans. It was fine to good, but I did feel like the sauce was missing some oomph. (To be fair, I had to cut the gochujang in half for my spice-averse family). If we make again, might add more sauce, or something like fermented black beans. Leftovers were good drizzled with hot sauce and "Japanese barbecue sauce" from the fridge.

    • meggan on April 11, 2022

      I liked this but I would make more sauce next time. I also think it would be good with asparagus or peapods.

    • Lepa on November 18, 2021

      I thought this was pretty good but everyone else in my family was less enthusiastic. I cooked the green beans in a wok and it took much longer than the recipe said it would. Not sure if this is a repeat.

    • Jviney on September 25, 2022

      Definitely this needs rice as a contrasting soft texture. I overcooked the tofu, I think next time I would keep the heat higher and truly sear it.

    • Christinehomecook on January 21, 2022

      Loved this. I tossed the tofu in cornstarch before cooking

    • Apepin on February 02, 2022

      We enjoyed this. I served it with noodles, but it should really be served with rice. The sauce is salty and intense. It needs rice to mellow it out.

    • srahndennis on December 09, 2021

      We really liked this! Spicy and enjoyed the texture of the tofu. Loved the sauce. Subbed sherry for mirin and sherry vinegar for black vinegar. Increased the sauce by half and added mushrooms.

    • amcandelmo on January 17, 2022

      I loved this - it was the first time I cooked a tofu recipe that I actually enjoyed! The sauce is delicious

  • Grapefruit-rosemary shortbread cookies

    • Astrid5555 on April 13, 2022

      Ever since I watched Ted Lasso I have been on the hunt for the perfect shortbread cookies, and these are very close. The addition of the rice flower makes them perfectly crumbly but no too crumbly, and I just love everything grapefruit, so these were perfect!

    • Jviney on February 19, 2022

      These were good, I could taste the subtle citrus and the rosemary. Easy dough to work with and cut - a repeat for me.

    • Apepin on January 01, 2022

      Delicious and different. These freeze well.

  • Fat noodles with pan-roasted mushrooms and crushed herb sauce

    • Astrid5555 on August 22, 2022

      Since we are big mushroom & pasta lovers in this family, we are always on the lookout for something new to add to our mushroom pasta repertoire. This one is a new keeper for us, the crushed herb sauce makes all the difference.

  • Double-roasted winter squash with ginger-chile brown butter

    • ncollyer on December 12, 2021

      Really enjoyed this. Particularly the cilantro, lime and ginger. Not a stodgy side dish!

  • Asparagus with jammy egg and pickle dressing

    • meggan on April 08, 2022

      This is lovely. Made extra sauce to marinate chicken for later.

  • Vanilla-brown butter pear tart

    • meggan on November 28, 2021

      The crust was good but shrank a lot in the blind bake and then there was way too much filling. This was really just ok.

  • Broccoli rabe with cheese and chiles

    • Lepa on November 10, 2021

      This recipe is a little twist on a classic way to prepare broccoli rabe. We enjoyed it with cheesy polenta, my favorite way to eat broccoli rabe.

  • Eggplant Parmigiana

    • Lepa on November 15, 2021

      Despite the promise in the headnotes, this was most certainly not worth the hours of work that went into it. It was so disappointing to work so hard and have such mediocre results. It could have been poor execution on my part but I don't think I'll ever attempt this dish again.

    • grindabod on January 06, 2022

      Made this for New Year's day with vegetarian family members. It definitely helps to have two pairs of helping hands to make the work lighter. I actually had fun preparing this, you just have to accept it's a little bit of a project. One note to self I might add: wait until you're able to try the fried eggplant before finishing seasoning the marinara sauce and cheese mixture. Mine were pretty salty after the salting process (my bad - I had just run out of my usual brand of salt and misjudged the amount needed), and could have rectified it a bit more by adapting the seasoning of the sauce. It was delicious though, one of those veggie mains where carnivores won't miss having meat!

  • Herbed rice with shrimpy-kimchi tomato sauce

    • Lepa on December 08, 2021

      We were expecting to like this because we love kimchi but the shrimp just didn't taste good here. It was off-putting. I'm really disappointed in how this turned out and probably won't repeat.

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 03, 2022

      Pretty disappointing for the amount of butter used. Herbed rice was nice.

    • snoozermoose on April 13, 2022

      I agree with Lepa. This was just okay for me. My husband actually hated it, but in general he dislikes the combo of kimchi + dairy. The leftovers were a little better but I still wouldn't make this again.

  • Baked polenta with floppy broccoli

    • leighwhit25 on November 02, 2021

      Polenta took longer than specified, finished on stove. Great texture though. Good dish all together. Would prefer something else for the crunch other than the nuts though.

  • Low-and-slow spiced chicken legs with garlic crunch-crumbs

    • leighwhit25 on November 01, 2021

      This chicken was freaking delicious. Should have stopped cooking at 3 hours or before though. 3.5 a little dry. Garlic crunch crumbs 4ever!

  • Sorry, I like celery

    • leighwhit25 on November 02, 2021

      Super crunchy, vibrant, and delicious. Only used about 3/4 of the dressing. Balance the acid with the cheese.

  • Charred flatbreads with whipped ricotta, mushrooms, and scallions

    • pattyatbryce on January 02, 2022

      Great flavor. I'd make again.

  • Warm barley with berries

    • pattyatbryce on January 02, 2022

      Really great. I was out of barley, so I used arborio rice. Cooking time different, but rich and creamy result.

  • Pork burgers with cabbage slaw

    • ChelseaP on July 08, 2022

      We enjoyed these, especially the coleslaw.

    • halfasleep on June 09, 2022

      Nice easy recipe. Was pleasantly surprised at how tender the pork turned out, definitely recommend trying this out if you've never done pork burgers. The coleslaw was delish too. My only (small) complaint would be that the patty turned out a tad salty, and the fennel taste was a little heavy for me. Would adjust those next time.

    • snoozermoose on December 19, 2021

      This was a very nice burger. The crust on the pork adds some nice texture, and the mustardy creamy slaw complements the fennel seed perfectly. This is the best creamy cole slaw I've ever made, and even my cole-slaw-hating husband ate it. A good fast weeknight dish.

  • Lentils, greens, and marinated feta

    • AndieEats on January 02, 2022

      Substitued halloumi for the feta, and baby kale for the greens as it was what we had on hand. We fried up a runny egg to go over top, and it was delicious. Would make again.

    • jenburkholder on July 02, 2022

      Good weeknight meal. We accidentally over-salted the lentils a bit. Used kale for the green and rosemary for the herb - was amazed at how much rosemary flavor seeped into the feta even though we used whole sprigs and removed. Would repeat.

  • Gingery ground beef with lime and herbs

    • Jviney on February 06, 2022

      I’m not sure this recipe needed to be invented again…I agree with other reviewers that the lime was overpowering and made the dish more sour than I wanted, neither of my boys liked it. My husband and I thought fine, it was quick and easy to assemble so there’s that. Not a repeat for us.

    • robinswood on November 19, 2021

      Relatively quick dinner to make and it was tasty. Meat mixture is a little salty for our taste so will probably cut the soy sauce with water. Also will try with ground chicken instead of beef.

    • Sarahk00 on December 18, 2021

      I used ground turkey - very good

    • snoozermoose on January 05, 2022

      Tasty but I could have done with less lime juice (I measured my two limes to be a little under 1/3 cup) and a bit of sugar or honey to balance the acidity. Unless you like your food very tangy, start with one lime instead of two. Took less than an hour to make, start to finish, which makes it good for a weeknight.

  • How-I-like-it tuna salad

    • Jviney on February 01, 2022

      This is a bright, sour, acidic take on tuna salad that did give a nice punch on a grey winter day. I think I liked it...I ate it over sliced avocado instead of in a sandwich. It was fun to try, probably not on my remake list as there are so many other variations out there.

  • Charred broccoli with spicy avocado sauce

    • robinswood on November 19, 2021

      This was really good and will make again. Subbed pepitas for sun flower seeds.

  • Chickpea pancakes with shaved vegetables

    • Hansyhobs on February 11, 2022

      Really enjoyed these. Nice and easy.

  • Roasted squash aux lardons

    • Hansyhobs on March 23, 2022

      Turns out I do not like acorn squashes

  • Spicy seafood stew

    • allisonsemele on January 31, 2022

      This wasn't bad, but I found the broth a little thin and wished there was a sweet component, maybe corn or a little coconut milk. I would also cut the shrimp and fish into smaller pieces. I appreciated the headnote about serving the leftovers chilled, I liked this dish better that way.

  • Purple cabbage and Parm

    • snoozermoose on January 07, 2022

      This is one satisfying salad! The garlicky dressing is addictive and balances the bitter red cabbage perfectly. I couldn't stop snacking on this as I was preparing it.

  • Mocha hazelnut biscotti

    • snoozermoose on December 24, 2021

      These are wonderful! They taste like Nutella with a hint of coffee. My in-laws declared these the best biscotti they've ever had.

  • Pink party cookies

    • amcandelmo on January 18, 2022

      These cookies were very sweet and cute! Icing was a touch too sweet for me but everyone else loved them!

    • ChefLeen on May 27, 2022

      These came out simply tasting like sugar. I’m going to try again and swap out the crisco and replace with butter and freeze dried strawberries. Then use a lemon filling instead of cherries.

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  • ISBN 10 1743798245
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  • Published Oct 13 2021
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 288
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  • Countries United Kingdom, Australia
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No matter how busy you are, Carla Lalli Music believes that delicious food is an essential and attainable part of life, as important as a good night's sleep or getting dressed in the morning. The key is to have recipes up your sleeve for every situation. Carla knows that the most successful home cooks choose dishes they actually have time to make, based on what they already have on hand. So, the recipes in That Sounds So Good are organized by needs we all have: quick stovetop suppers and one-pot meals for weeknights, big salads and grain bowls if you want to burn a little cleaner, and lazy lunches and all-day roasts for the weekend.

Readers will know that whatever they choose to cook, the food will be Carla to the core--bold, unique flavors with straightforward methods and swap-friendly ingredients. There are dishes like Fat Noodles with Crushed Herb Sauce, and techniques like finishing dishes with an all-purpose Spicy Creamy Sauce or a shower of Garlic Crunch Crumbs. Through it all, Carla shares strategies that keep cooking efficient and quick, like what to make ahead and how to use up all those wilted greens in the depths of the fridge.

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