Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven: Over 200 Recipes For Uncommon Soups, Tasty Bites, Side-by-Side Dishes, and Too Many Desserts by Mollie Katzen

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    • Categories: Ice cream & frozen desserts; Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: pears; avocados; pear nectar
    • Categories: Ice cream & frozen desserts; Appetizers / starters; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: cucumbers; mint; chives; rice vinegar; tomatoes; basil
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Side dish; Mediterranean; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: quinoa; couscous; cumin seeds; coriander seeds; parsley; mint; scallions; red onions; cucumbers; ground cinnamon; cherry tomatoes; walnuts; pita bread
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggplants; tomatoes; parsley; dill; balsamic vinegar; apple juice
    • Accompaniments: Mustard vinaigrette
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters; Persian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: eggplants; yellow peppers; parsley; turmeric; limes; cumin seeds
    • Categories: Appetizers / starters; Vietnamese; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: rice papers; lettuce; bean sprouts; carrots; cilantro; mint; tofu; peanuts; peanut butter; honey; apple cider vinegar; sesame oil; soy and wheat gluten crumbles; dry sherry; serrano chiles
    • Accompaniments: Peanut-chile dressing
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Caribbean; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red onions; limes; serrano chiles; avocados; mangoes; pineapple; jicama; cilantro; mint; ground cumin
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Lunch; Chinese; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: carrots; celery; canned water chestnuts; cilantro; scallions; tofu; chile paste with garlic; rice vinegar; dried red pepper flakes; lettuce; peas; peanuts; snow peas; chile oil
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Caribbean; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: red chard; sweet potatoes; beets; jicama; grapefruits; pineapple; cucumbers; kiwifruits; chives; lime leaves; oranges; parsley
    • Accompaniments: Orange vinaigrette
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; French; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: capers; lettuce; potato chips; beets; green beans; eggs; cherry tomatoes; carrots; peas; Niçoise olives; cucumbers; dill; basil; chives; chervil; parsley; tofu; horseradish; mayonnaise
    • Accompaniments: Mushroom pickles; Horseradish aioli
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Italian; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: bread; red onions; tomatoes; cucumbers; basil; parsley; olives; ricotta salata cheese
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: yogurt; breadcrumbs; salad greens; olives; radishes; cherry tomatoes; parsley; dill; balsamic vinegar; apple juice
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: lettuce; frisée; mushrooms; enoki mushrooms; thyme; sherry vinegar; breadcrumbs
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: tart apples; avocados; cumin seeds; spinach; onions
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: lettuce; arugula; radishes; chives; Niçoise olives; oranges; parsley
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Lunch; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: radicchio; watercress; endive; goat cheese; balsamic vinegar; walnuts
    • Categories: Salads; Appetizers / starters; Side dish; Vegan; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: beets; raspberry vinegar; fennel; oranges; garlic
    • Categories: Soups; Appetizers / starters; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: shiitake mushrooms; mushrooms; scallions; thyme; parsley; dry sherry

Notes about this book

  • Eat Your Books

    1997 Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner

  • curtisca on October 15, 2010

    I made the Cauliflower Kukus and they were wonderful. Recommend!

  • wester on April 16, 2010

    I've only made one recipe of this book yet since I got it yesterday, but I think it's my new favorite cookbook. It's a book about enhancing vegetables (instead of hiding them as so often happens). The recipes are original without being over the top, and I just want to make them all. It's vegetarian in a nondogmatic way, almost accidental. The recipes just happen to be all meatless, but that is because meat does not belong in them, not because it was left out. The details do matter in this cookbook, so I suggest not tampering too much with the recipes, especially the first time you make them. And you do need a well-stocked cupboard for this book.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Dreamy white beans

    • jaelsne on July 28, 2014

      Very good white beans. Recipe is rather standard, but the suggested addition of balsamic vinegar and olive oil brought it to a new level. I made it with canned beans and it was quite good.

  • Cauliflower in tomato curry

    • jaelsne on November 30, 2014

      I agree with another reviewer. The spicing was too mild for my taste. IT was a good weeknight meal.

    • wester on September 03, 2010

      A simple, mild but tasty curry. Vegan. I would put a bit more spices in, but I like my spices outspoken. In my experience, the amount given will not serve more than 4 people, but maybe it will if you add some of the accompaniments given. The time needed to make this recipe is 40 to 45 minutes, not 30.

  • Sweet and potatoes and spinach

    • jaelsne on July 28, 2014

      This out-of-the-norm recipe was enjoyed by my family. Personally, I don't generally like sweet vegetables. The dish is sweet enough without the addition of chopped prunes. I think I'll try leaving them out next time. Addendum: I ended up tossing out leftovers from this meal. It was cloyingly sweet.

  • Fusilli with sweet and hot peppers, white beans, lemon, and olives

    • Breadcrumbs on October 28, 2010

      This would be good w chx.

  • Cauliflower kukus (Persian omelette)

    • wester on July 26, 2010

      There is some promise to this recipe, but it's not been fulfilled yet - it was a bit bland this first time. Next time I will definitely brown the cauliflower a bit, and the breadcrumbs too. It was too much for my muffin cups - I used about two thirds of the amount and then they were full. With this smaller amount the baking time was shorter as well - at the first try at about 25 mins they were definitely cooked, a bit shorter might even be better.

  • Frittata

    • wester on July 21, 2014

      OK, but not that special.

  • Bitter greens with sweet onions and tart cheese

    • wester on November 22, 2012

      Nice but nothing special.

  • Sesame carrots

    • wester on April 15, 2010

      Hard to believe that such "ordinary" vegetables can combine to something as lovely as this. A wonderful balance of sweet and bitter, with a lot of depth and fragrance. The preparation isn't difficult in itself, but it does take some intricate timing - I had to take the cabbage off the heat for a while. I didn't have tahini so I used sesame seeds instead.

  • Green beans and tofu

    • wester on September 21, 2013

      Simple, and a great combination of flavors and textures. I dried the tofu before cooking it, and I used quite a bit more than "a drizzle" of oil, so it would crisp up nicely. To make the recipe child-proof, I left out the red pepper flakes and served hot sauce with it for the adults.

    • eliza on September 13, 2015

      I liked this dish a lot. It is very filling, tasty, and easy to make. I did reduce the peanuts in it since it calls for quite a lot, so I reduced to 1 cup. I loved the hit of hot pepper flakes, and it would be good with sriracha for extra heat.

  • Coconut rice

    • wester on September 03, 2010

      This one smells great. Nicely complex, vaguely Asian. Would go well with Thai, or Indonesian, food, although the other flavors can be very simple, an omelet or some fish, and a salad. Make sure not to overdo the lime juice.

  • Fantastic bulgur dish

    • wester on September 03, 2010

      Nice but a bit plain.

  • Simplest tomato salad

    • wester on August 15, 2011

      As the book itself says: a minimalist recipe for enhancing tomatoes' natural brilliance. You do need very good tomatoes for this, but it does make them just that bit better, a fuller, "meatier", flavor.

  • Arugula salad with orange vinaigrette

    • wester on September 03, 2010

      Lovely salad, good balance of sweet, bitter and acidic, fragrant, with a nice hint of orange.

  • Orange, beet, and fennel salad

    • wester on May 19, 2010

      A good variation on beetroot and orange salad. The fennel adds a nice crunch and a nice pale pink to go with the dark red of the beetroot and the deep orange-red of the orange. The taste of this salad is actually quite subtle but its color is not. Children will love the looks of this salad - dark pink on red on pale pink. Next time I will cut the beetroot much finer, possibly even julienne it. The beetroot is brilliant as a very present background in this salad, but it's not so brilliant to get a great big mouthful of just beetroot. I don't think this salad will suffer too much if you use precooked beetroot instead of roasting your own.

  • Black-eyed pea and squash soup

    • wester on December 05, 2010

      Good, different from other squash soups, just not brilliant.

  • Orange vinaigrette

    • wester on September 03, 2010

      Different and good, tart with just a hint of orange.

  • Sesame stars

    • wester on September 23, 2011

      The children loved making these, and eating them. I halved the amount given, and it still was two baking sheets full.

    • oboistaalli on December 06, 2020

      I make these every year for our Chanukah party. I've even made gluten-free batches using Namaste gluten-free flour. For my oven, 350°F is best and I bake them for 8-10 minutes.

  • Amaretto-peach crunch

    • judykays on September 08, 2013

      This recipe calls for a full stick of butter, which is way too much. Cut at least in half.

  • Tomatillo-chile soup

    • Waderu on September 11, 2010

      I used half poblano, half red bell pepper. I added some refried black beans to make it thicker and give it more protein

    • Waderu on October 09, 2010

      next time was just as great, used black beans instead of refried.

  • Mexican chocolate cake with buttercream mocha

    • Couture911 on September 19, 2010

      Good, but not worth the effort to make again.

  • Filled figs

    • zorra on August 09, 2015

      Divine combination. Prefer to serve the figs whole & upright, cut criss-cross & stuffed. Usually forget the nuts.

    • oboistaalli on December 06, 2020

      We enjoy this dish when our homegrown figs are available. As zorra mentioned: a divine combination!

  • Moroccan roasted vegetable stew

    • eliza on June 02, 2023

      I liked the basic idea here but for me there was too much cumin. If I make again, I would reduce cumin, toast it briefly, and grind it.

  • Chickpea soup

    • Queezle_Sister on February 14, 2015

      This recipe's name also includes "with golden spices", and golden it is! An easy and delicious soup, perfect for a cool winter day. I prepared chickpeas in my pressure cooker (always better than canned), and it took about another hour to sautée onions, garlic, carrots, etc. The soup is spiced with cumin, mustard, cayenne, and a bit of saffron. This gave it a delightful golden color (hence the name). I did add the optional tahini, and the optional drizzle of sesame oil at serving. As with most soups, this was even better the next day.

  • Roasted tomatoes

  • Tortilla soup

    • oboistaalli on December 06, 2020

      Hands down the best Tortilla Soup we've ever had! I've made this many times. The corn-cilantro stock is AMAZING. I actually purée all of the veggies from the stock into the soup.

    • michalow on January 01, 2013

      This soup is flavorful and delicious. A few steps could be skipped to speed things up -- ie, peeling the tomatoes -- but do be sure to make the corn-cilantro stock!

  • Green salad with blue cheese, walnuts and figs

    • oboistaalli on December 06, 2020

      Simple and elegant salad, perfect for summer when our homegrown figs are available.

  • Onion-wilted spinach salad with cumin, avocado and apple

    • oboistaalli on March 05, 2021

      Delicious, easy, and quick salad. On its own, this salad makes a satisfying meal.

  • Brussels sprouts in creamy mustard sauce

    • oboistaalli on February 08, 2022

      I needed a quick and easy Brussels sprouts recipe and this was exceptionally good.

  • Homemade butterscotch pudding

    • oboistaalli on February 08, 2022

      This is a very simple recipe of milk, light brown butter, sugar, vanilla, salt, and cornstarch. Very tasty—not too sweet comfort food.

  • Orange chocolate chip cookies

    • michalow on January 01, 2013

      I like the flavors, but texture is too fluffy for my taste. Will borrow the idea and add orange zest to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

    • cupcakemuffin on October 13, 2011

      These are nice, soft cookies with a subtle orange flavor. The suggested yield does result in fairly small cookies, so you won't get as many if you make these larger.

  • Chickpea and sweet potato koftas

    • michalow on January 01, 2013

      Really nice. Mixture keeps well in the fridge for a few days, so you can fry up a couple of patties now, then a few more later. Can also form the patties and freeze before cooking.

  • Persian kidney beans

    • michalow on January 01, 2013

      A good balance of sweet/tart/spicy. Serve alongside some greens for a slightly bitter component.

  • Santa Fe stew

    • michalow on January 01, 2013

      This was a miss. Tasty ingredients that should have worked together, but did not blend well at all.

    • CHedges on October 22, 2016

      I love this recipe and make it frequently. It is no fat. You can make it hotter if you like.

  • Fried green tomato pillows

    • bching on October 13, 2022 online at Katzen's website.

  • Rice noodles with cashew-coconut sauce

    • leilx on February 07, 2020

      Delicious and very simple! Sauce keeps well also.

  • Tunisian tomato soup

    • Babsadon on October 25, 2017

      Made a broth with seaweed, wood ear mushrooms, celery, beet. Used fresh turmeric.

  • Tuscan bean and pasta stew

    • LemonVerbena on June 02, 2023

      This did not work for me. I kept having to add liquid and the flavor ended up being bland.

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  • ISBN 13 9780786862689
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  • Published Oct 06 1997
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 240
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Hyperion Avenue
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For more than two decades, Mollie Katzen, author of The Moosewood Cookbook, has been showing Americans how to eat elegantly and healthfully. Now she offers a bounty of contemporary, tantalizing, and imaginative new recipes that fit the way we eat and live today.

Sampling culinary styles from around the world - and featuring many recipes from the popular public television series Mollie Katzen's Cooking Show: Vegetable Heaven - this enticing cookbook includes such deeply flavorful creations as Persian Eggplant Dip, Jamaican Salsa Salad, and Tunisian Tomato Soup. As beautiful as it is inspiring, Vegetable Heaven is the perfect way to introduce Katzen's fans, new and old, to the joys of vegetarian cooking in the new millennium.

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