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  • Tres leches cake

    • Emily Hope on October 09, 2018

      Made this for a party, and it got good reviews from guests, but I found it to be super heavy with a stodgy texture, a bit bland, and a bit too sweet (though not as sweet as I feared it would be). Definitely will not be repeating -- though I did like the idea of a meringue topping for a tres leches cake, and would borrow that idea for another recipe.

  • Babka

    • Emily Hope on November 15, 2019

      I made a double batch (which nearly did in my industrial-strength stand mixer) and made one each of cinnamon and chocolate. The dough was both overly yeasty and dry, despite my adding a fair bit of additional liquid to the dough during mixing because it seemed dry (although they may also have been overbaked--I outsourced the removing of the pans from the oven). The cinnamon filling was quite good--like a cinnamon roll or sticky bun--and I would use it again with a different dough. But I'm getting ready to throw in the towel on Bake from Scratch as most of the recipes I've tried haven't turned out well...

    • raybun on September 27, 2017

      I made the chocolate version and added a few chopped pecans & pistachios to the top. The recipe is easy to follow and a YouTube video gave me the confidence I needed for the braiding. The orange zest in the brioche dough really complemented the chocolate. I'm definitely going to make this again.(Photo)

  • Carrot cake

    • Julied on May 31, 2020

      Easily can double this recipe to make a 13 x 9, frosting may want to triple, depends on how much cream cheese frosting you like. Love the addition of bourbon in this.

  • Banana chocolate espresso swirl muffins

    • chawkins on October 28, 2019

      Very tender muffins. However, the chocolate dough was much stiffer than the plain dough, making the swirling ineffective, I wound up with two-toned muffins, they tasted great none the less.

    • Zosia on May 23, 2020

      These were very good, tender muffins that weren't too sweet thanks to the espresso-laced chocolate marbled throughout. I used a trick I learned from another muffin recipe and swirled the 2 batters together in one of the mixing bowls before scooping into muffin cups - easy and far less messy. I made them with whole wheat flour and brown sugar and baked 12 large muffins in a regular tin.

  • Mexican hot chocolate bundt cake

    • Shannoncooks17 on May 23, 2020

      This was a great cake to make! Very easy and was well received by those who ate it! Pretty with the two colors of chocolate. Just the right amount of spice where if you like spice you were happy and if you weren't sure about a cake with spice you were pleasantly surprised. Will make again!

    • Zosia on March 01, 2019

      Excellent cake, both in taste and texture. It has good chocolate flavour (not too intense despite the colour of the darker portion) and the ancho chile powder adds a pleasant spiciness and subtle heat. The two-tone effect created by the different cocoa powders is very striking though the difference in flavour is not obvious.

  • Chai butternut squash bundt cake

    • Zosia on October 08, 2018

      Delicious moist cake with the lovely combination of chai tea spice and orange, and a surprise cheesecake filling. The sweet maple-walnut topping was a delicious accompaniment. I would do a few things differently next time. I would bake the cake a day ahead and refrigerate it overnight to firm up the cream cheese filling but still serve at room temperature. For the sauce, I would toast the walnuts first for extra flavour and make only 1/4 of the liquid, just enough to coat the nuts as the "sauce" was more of a thin syrup that was immediately absorbed by the cake. I reduced the sugar to 400g (300 in the cake and 100 in the filling) and would use even less in the filling next time. Thanksgiving 2018.

  • Sugared jam cake

    • Zosia on April 22, 2018

      This cake used the muffin mixing method of stirring wet and dry ingredients together by hand so it was easy to make and very quick too if you took a shortcut as I did and used store bought jam for the filling. The cake had a lovely vanilla-nutmeg flavour and was dense but moist. I'l definitely make this again.

  • Guinness stout cake

    • Zosia on February 18, 2019

      erratum: For Bourbon Caramel, cook until caramel registers 240°F on a candy thermometer.

  • Blood orange loaf cake

    • Zosia on February 18, 2019

      errata: use ¼ cup (60 grams) blood orange juice (instead of ½ cup). In Step 3, gradually add flour mixture to sour cream mixture. There is no butter in this recipe.

    • Zosia on February 19, 2019

      This cake comes together easily without a mixer and is moist and spongy, though the texture of mine might have been affected by my substitution of 2% yogurt for sour cream. It has a pleasant orange flavour and is not too sweet. The glaze, however, is very sweet; I won't bother making the syrup for it next time but use blood orange juice instead as it will bring a tang to the icing as well as colour. I made only half a recipe of the glaze and baked the loaf for 65 minutes (202F).

  • Hummingbird cake

    • Zosia on March 09, 2019

      The hummingbird bundt cake from Bake from Scratch magazine was such a hit, I thought I would try this more traditional layer cake version. The spicing in this cake was more subtle and the banana, pineapple and nut flavours were stronger...different from the bundt but still delicious. I wrapped the cake well for overnight storage in the fridge but it was a little dry when I served it. Perhaps the 23 minutes baking time was just a few minutes too long in my oven. I used only half the icing sugar in the frosting and it had great consistency and retained the tang of cream cheese.

  • Pineapple-pecan filling

    • Zosia on March 09, 2019

      The addition of pineapple and pecans to the filling really enhanced these flavours in the hummingbird cake for which this was made.

  • Cream cheese frosting 1

    • Zosia on March 09, 2019

      I made this to frost the hummingbird cake and used only half the icing sugar. It had a wonderful, spreadable consistency and was pleasantly sweet and tangy.

  • Cocoa-stout cake with malted buttercream

    • Zosia on March 19, 2018

      The cake portion was absolutely delicious with a rich chocolate flavour and a bit something extra and was dense but very moist. The malted milk-stout flavour of the buttercream was probably very nice but the frosting was excessively sweet - and I used only half the sugar - and had an unpleasant gritty mouthfeel from both the confectioners' sugar and malted milk powder, I think. Fortunately, there wasn't much of it, and my batch was even smaller with so much sugar omitted. I'll make the cake again but use a different frosting.

  • Lemon ricotta poppy seeds scones with poppy seed streusel

    • Zosia on January 16, 2018

      These had a wonderful texture with a moist interior and a nice crunch from the streusel topping and poppy seeds, and the lemon flavour was subtle but still noticeable. They were also very rich and I would have preferred them much smaller. I ignored the food processor and just grated frozen butter into the dry ingredients. I also simplified the shaping by making the disc of dough in the bowl, transferring it directly to the baking sheet then pressing it into the correct size before cutting etc.

  • Bacon and egg focaccia

    • Zosia on May 25, 2018

      I did a test run of this recipe (with just 4 eggs) for an upcoming brunch and I'm glad I did: it needed an extra 12 minutes in my oven (7 before the eggs were added and 5 after); the wells made with spoons weren't deep enough for the eggs but the depressions made with oiled, balled foil (a technique I found on the internet) were; the dough needs more than 4g of the brand of kosher salt I use. For my experiment, I included whole wheat bread flour (20%) and roasted red peppers in place of avocado. Delicious!

  • Strawberry-buttermilk cake

    • Zosia on May 02, 2018

      Lovely moist cake, perfect for spring, was made even more special by the accompanying lemon cream.

  • Lemon cream

    • Zosia on May 02, 2018

      Lemon zest and juice added wonderful flavour to this simple whipped cream topping. I added sugar to taste, substantially less than the recipe call for, and served it with the strawberry buttermilk cake.

  • Matcha-almond muffins with black sesame streusel

    • Zosia on April 10, 2018

      These had great flavour and texture. The matcha was noticeable but not overpowering and they stayed moist for days. I used white whole wheat flour, and made 12 in a regular muffin pan. . A half recipe for the streusel was the right amount for this smaller size of muffin.

  • Basic pull-apart bread dough

    • Zosia on January 25, 2018

      An egg, butter and milk enriched dough that's quite soft but very easy to handle, well suited to intricate shaping. It has a rich, slightly sweet flavour and a soft crumb. It's the basis for several recipes in this book, both sweet and savoury; I was inspired by the Pesto sun-dried tomato rolls but filled them with store-bought sun-dried tomato-pesto tapenade. Delicious!

  • Blackberry jam star

    • Zosia on April 03, 2018

      The book's basic pull-apart dough is used in this recipe. It's an enriched dough that's both easy to make and easy to shape. I doubled the recipe and filled one star with raspberry jam and one with nutella. Both were delicious.

  • Bourbon caramel

    • Zosia on February 18, 2019

      erratum: cook until caramel registers 240°F on a candy thermometer

  • Turtle bars

    • lkgrover on June 19, 2019

      Excellent brownies! Decadent chocolate & homemade caramel with nuts.

  • Strawberry jam crumble bars

    • lkgrover on May 08, 2019

      Delicious strawberry & oat bars; great for spring/summer when strawberries are in season. I only used 1 tsp salt. (Also posted on the Bake from Scratch magazine version, Summer 2016.)

  • Pecan crumble coffee cake

    • lkgrover on August 19, 2017

      I made this in a regular 8x8 baking pan, and brought it to a Saturday brunch. Everyone loved it! The cream cheese makes it very moist, and I liked the cinnamon spice. (Also posted on the Special issue: Cake (2016) magazine and the Winter 2016 magazine version.)

  • Pumpkin cake with browned butter streusel

    • lkgrover on November 20, 2017

      Excellent pumpkin cake; love the pumpkin seed streusel. I brought it to work. My coworker (who dislikes the texture of pumpkin pie) loved this pumpkin cake, and asked for the recipe. (Also posted on the Bake from Scratch magazine (Fall 2016) and the 2019 Special issue: Fall baking.

  • Citrus cake

    • raybun on September 17, 2017

      A great cake, best made over two days if you have the time. I made the sponge cakes and candied citrus the first day, then frosted and decorated the next. I adapted this slightly by only making 1/3rd of the frosting, and filling the cake with citrus curd as we are not overly fond of thick layers of frosting. (Photo)

  • Cinnamon sugar doughnut bundt cake

    • raybun on September 17, 2017

      The title says it all, it tastes like a giant delicious apple doughnut coated in cinnamon sugar! The reduced apple cider (non alcoholic) and diced apple give a great flavour, and the texture/ crumb is perfect.

  • New York-style cheesecake

    • raybun on October 01, 2017

      This was incredible. Light & mousse textured, yet rich and creamy. The lemon zest is really necessary (I doubled the quantity with no regrets). I had a glut of apples and was craving tarte tatin so I caramelized some apples in salted butter & sugar and added them to the top to make this even more decadent. (Photo)

  • Strawberry-balsamic muffins

    • raybun on September 17, 2017

      A great recipe that I messed up slightly. My error was trying to adapt this recipe for jumbo muffins to regular sized ones, and getting the cooking time and texture wrong hence the darker hue. The flavour of the strawberry & balsamic though was spot on, so I will be making these again and following the recipe! (Photo)

  • Gingerbread pear loaves

    • raybun on September 05, 2017

      I poached the pears the previous day using a very spicy ginger beer. The gingerbread spice cake complements the pear flavour very nicely and it looked beautiful when sliced. Definitely on the 'to make again' list.(Photo)

  • Georgia peach pie

    • raybun on September 05, 2017

      This was amazing! A bit time consuming, but fabulous nonetheless. The pecan streusel topping really makes this dish. I used gelatin instead of pectin as that's what I had, and reduced the sugar by half.

  • Apple pie with browned butter-oat streusel

    • raybun on September 27, 2017

      This is an excellent apple pie. The pastry is crispy and the browned butter oat streusel is delicious on the cinnamon apples. Definitely a repeat recipe. (Photo)

  • Apple and browned butter hand pies

    • raybun on September 30, 2017

      These are great at this time of year when you find yourself with lots of apples. The pastry is light and flaky, the browned butter filling is delicious! I did have to put the filling in the freezer to firm up as it was very runny but it was an exceptionally hot day. (Photo)

  • Chocolate hand pies

    • raybun on October 01, 2017

      My nearly 10 yr old picked these and made them by herself, I was just the oven assistant. The pastry is crispy and encases a molten chocolate hazelnut filling. 10/10! (Photo)

  • Pear chai spiced scone with spiced pear glaze

    • raybun on September 17, 2017

      These contain my favourite baking spices so I knew they would be delicious. Great light texture. Endorsed by this Brit who grew up eating scones in Devon. (Photo)

    • hbakke on September 30, 2019

      I was excited to use all the spices. These turned out great although I might cut the pear into smaller pieces next time.

  • Blueberry-cornmeal muffins with thyme glaze

    • raybun on September 17, 2017

      These are fabulous! I used 'local' wild blueberries from Lac St Jean, Québec and rosemary instead of thyme, as I discovered halfway through the recipe the pesky squirrels had eaten my thyme plant. (Photo)

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  • ISBN 10 1940772362
  • ISBN 13 9781940772363
  • Published Mar 15 2017
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 300
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher Hoffman Media

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This collection of recipes from the first year of Bake from Scratch magazine (2015-2016) features endless inspiration for home bakers. From the essential brioche and rye bread to a classic 1-2-3-4 cake with seasonal flavor variations and easy French gâteaux, this hard-cover, high-quality cookbook will be the go-to resource for those looking to bake artisan goods at home.

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