Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey

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Notes about this book

  • Masabemama on January 07, 2015

    Crisp-Soft Noodles with a Broccoli, Mushroom and Zucchini Topping This one was a favorite of my children. Simple to make and beautifully complex flavors! (Pages 252-253)

  • rodillagra on January 05, 2010

    Cooked Courgette Meatballs for CookBookAWeek - delicious.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Vegetable pakoris

    • annieski on May 22, 2012

      Listed in index as: vegetable fritters (pakoris)

    • annieski on May 22, 2012

      Deep fried

  • Mrs. Roxas' bitter melon with eggs

    • Avocet on August 29, 2011

      Very good, makes a nice dish for lunch, along with a sauteed banana along side. I don't bother with salting the melon and don't find it too bitter. If I am using nice fresh tomatoes, I add them a minute or so before the eggs. If using canned tomatoes, add them earlier as called for. Use less oil.

  • Very spicy, delicious chickpeas

    • Vanessa on March 30, 2013

      I made this with cooked red kidney beans, and it was a winner.

    • michalow on January 04, 2013

      Really excellent. Deep, balanced flavors. Make a big pot and save some for the freezer.

    • Wlow on November 17, 2020

      This was a very good “Chana masala” type dish, better than Deb Perelman’s. Used Kashmiri pepper in place of paprika, since Jaffrey wrote that she substituted paprika for it and it provided color but no heat. But we found dish too spicy (except for spice-loving son), even without cayenne and hot green chile. Less next time and will try a little fresh chile!

    • Bwolfe2 on February 12, 2017

      I made this with rehydrated chickpeas because I like the texture better. I halved the recipe and it made almost 8C. I did not add the chili because I want to share it with a friend who's not into extreme spice and I did not add the amchoor because it is not available in my town. I found the dish more flavorful-spicy than eye-watering-spicy. It is delicious and will become a do-over-and-over.

  • Fresh fava beans with thyme

    • Foodfann on September 05, 2011

      Can use fresh or frozen lima beans instead of fava beans.

  • Chana dal with cucumber

    • Foodfann on September 05, 2011

      Or make with snake squash (aka doodhi ) instead of cucumber.

  • Potato salad

    • michalow on January 04, 2013

      Aloo achar -- a Nepalese potato salad. Recipe calls for cilantro (Chinese parsley), not parsley.

  • Filipino tomato salad

    • michalow on January 04, 2013

      Mango should be green. Alternative is lime juice.

  • Spiced rice with cashews

    • michalow on January 04, 2013

      The mushrooms, carrots, scallions, lettuce, soy sauce, and sesame oil are ingredients for a vegetable stock. Made with water instead of stock, this rice is still very good.

  • Asha's mushrooms with onion, garlic, and ginger

    • meggan on October 06, 2021

      Good but basic. I am not sure why water is added to the garlic and ginger - it seems unnecessary .

    • Meags on April 07, 2021

      A little less liquid might be better.

  • Mustard greens or broccoli rabe, cooked in the punjabi style

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      Five stars for flavor, three for method. Boil the greens and then puree in batches? No. Use her seasonings (yum) but just sautee the greens. As always with this book, start with a lot less salt and oil/butter than she calls for. And double the ginger in this case--I can't imagine any recipe I'd use just a half-inch piece of ginger in.

  • Potatoes with whole spices and sesame seeds

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      You have to start early on these potatoes (precook and cool for several hours), but the last minute part is very quick and they are utterly worth it. The seeds make a delicious, crunchy "crust" around the potatoes. Ignore the two teaspoons of salt she calls for and just salt like a sane person. I also cut way down on the hot peppers because I really want to taste the whole spices.

  • Shredded cabbage with mustard seeds and fresh coconut

    • LauraG on December 13, 2012

      She says it's very delicately flavored and she's right--I couldn't taste any seasonings.

  • Cauliflower in a cashew and sesame seed sauce

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      Good but ugly. Not for company.

  • Red kidney bean salad with a walnut dressing

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      Makes enough dressing for two recipes' worth of beans.

  • Frozen lima beans braised with swiss chard and dill

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      Quick and easy, with an intense green flavor. She calls for 5 T butter, I used 3, even less would work fine.

  • "Dry" mung dal

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      Delicious and quick (after the dal is soaked). Won't stand up to reheating.

  • Rice with fresh herbs and baby lima beans

    • LauraG on December 12, 2012

      This is a production (the rice has to soak overnight), but the result is tender, fragrant--sublime. A knock-em-dead company dish. She uses equal amounts of all the herbs, but I find the flavor a little unfocused that way, so I double the dill. When I've had this in Persian restaurants, the dill was always predominant. No reason to fuss with half-tablespoons of salt and half-quarts of water. I round up and it's just fine.

  • Rice and dal, cooked in one pot

    • Nancith on April 13, 2020

      A nice homey sort of meal, not flashy or fancy, but with subtle, warming flavors of India, very filling and tasty with a nice melding of flavors. The first time I made this (a decade ago), it didn't work so well because the toovar dal did not cook thoroughly & was unpleasantly underdone (possibly I didn't pre-soak long enough). This time, success! This could work as a main or side easily.

    • Wlow on December 21, 2013

      Delicious 12/97 but as the recipe note states: "There are several stages to making this dish. The dal, rice, and potatoes have to be partially cooked first. They are then layered and baked."

  • Chinese-style noodle soup

    • Wlow on December 24, 2021

      Very good with plain homemade stock but should try with one of recommended Asian stocks. Added shiitake soaking liquid. Served with sauces and black vinegar at table.

  • Beet and tomato soup

    • rmardel on December 20, 2014

      Excellent soup. Use 1 bunch of medium to large beets, and I increase the tomatoes to one 28 ounce can. I also use slightly more spices and often leave off the cream. It is good with or without

  • My cream of tomato soup

    • rmardel on December 20, 2014

      The recipe in my book does not call for currants.

  • Bean curd with a deliciously spicy sauce

    • rmardel on December 20, 2014

      The recipe in my book does not call for carrots, lettuce, or shiitake mushrooms and so I don't use them. I do make this recipe and it is excellent, although I use an entire bunch of scallions instead of 3.

  • Korean rice with egg and vegetable topping

    • MWFhome on March 12, 2014

      After having this in a Korean restaurant, I tried this 'one-dish meal' at home with great results. Added freshly sprouted sunflower seeds to the other bean sprouts. Oshitashi and Cucumber Salad are both regularly added. Zucchini is optional. Arranged all the ingredients artistically in a bowl, to be mixed by breaking the egg and adding Asian chili sauce. Non vegetarian, add some sauted ground meat in the center under the egg and instead of the zucchini. We make a smaller quantity to serve 2 or 4.

  • Cauliflower pickled with dill

    • cilantrolime on October 07, 2021

      Far too sour. Need to cut vinegar to 1/3 and use more salt and water.

  • Sweet tomato chutney

    • lajaxon on June 28, 2015

      this was a delicious blend of tart and sweet; I used a bit less sugar than called for; nice and thick; almost jam like at the end; great chutney!

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From her own India, from Bali, Japan, China, from Far Eastern and Middle Eastern countries, Madhur Jaffrey brings us tantalizing new dishes, new flavors and new aromas. 400 recipes using nutritious ingredients.

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