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  • Roast celery soup

    • lorloff on August 15, 2021

      This was a great recipe. I had a lot of celery to use up and roasting it with onions garlic (which I doubled) and onions worked beautifully. Served as a first course for company with chopped parsley, lovage and celery leaves and it was a hit with our vegetarian friends, less so with my husband who is not a fan of creamed soups.

  • Chinese-style bashed cucumber

    • Astrid5555 on August 15, 2015

      Really liked this salad. The dressing was delicious!

    • Ro_ on October 22, 2020

      I made the full quantity of dressing then discovered I only had half a cucumber, so I also added some carrot to the salad. It was delicious, and my partner especially liked the dressing.

  • Green salad with Thai dressing

    • Astrid5555 on May 20, 2015

      Good but with a predictable taste because of the toasted sesame oil/soy sauce/fish sauce/mirin/rice vinegar/honey combo dressing. Ok to use up leftover avocados, which is what I did.

    • Ro_ on July 31, 2020

      Very nice, if somewhat predictable-tasting as noted by another commenter. I served this as part of a trio of cold Asian dishes for dinner, in which context I think it worked well. I wouldn't necessarily rush to make it again, but I wouldn't rule it out.

  • Storecupboard fishcakes

    • Astrid5555 on August 15, 2015

      We enjoyed the fishcakes a lot, and the best part is how quick and easy they are to prepare. Based on another review I added some herbs to the batter and served it with the "Chinese-style bashed cucumber" from the same book. The dressing from the salad complements the fishcakes perfectly. Even my normally picky kids had some.

    • FJT on February 05, 2020

      Easy to prepare and very tasty with extra capers and some dill.

    • cgal on July 31, 2015

      Needed some extra spicing. I suggest adding some fish spices and herbs to the mixture or topping the baked cakes with a dash of soy sauce.

  • Creamy roasted tomato soup

    • eliza on February 27, 2021

      Excellent soup! Made from frozen roasted garden tomatoes from last fall and my own chicken stock, this was very quick to make and tasted great. I used some sunflower butter instead of the cashews, and added the optional pinch of sugar. Tastes like a blast of summer.

    • Ro_ on November 06, 2019

      I loved the simplicity of this recipe: very easy to make, and it's intriguing that all the creaminess comes from the cashews. The flavour was great, and I'd definitely make it again. One note: it says it serves four, but if you're serving as a main course (which I was) it serves either two big bowls or three medium ones. My other favourite tomato soup recipe is a Jamie Oliver one, I'll have to make a batch of both sometime to compare them directly.

  • Socca

    • eliza on May 08, 2015

      This is a different take on socca. There is more water in the batter and it is cooked on the stove top. I cooked these in my crepe pan and found them difficult to handle. I added a little more oil to the batter, and got them to work better. Overall, the taste was good, however I probably won't make these again since I prefer my traditional recipe which is baked in the oven and never sticks.

  • Spiced beef with bashed beans

    • FJT on May 17, 2017

      This was delicious and will become a regular meal for us. I always have some cooked Rancho Gordo beans in the freezer and for this I used some Santa Maria Pinquitos which smashed down really nicely. The beef was crispy and tasty and went so well with the beans. This is a very quick and easy weeknight supper.

  • Smoked mackerel tartare

    • FJT on July 14, 2017

      My husband loved this; I'm on the fence. I couldn't taste the cornichons and dill at all - I would have upped the quantities of both, but I'd run out. For me it might just as well have been smoked mackerel and some mayo.

  • Chicken with lentils and rosemary

    • sharifah on February 12, 2021

      Love this dish; have made it a few times. Quick, easy one pan dish, great for a cold night.

    • joneshayley on September 02, 2019

      Delicious hearty and healthy. And incredibly easy to make. The lentils particularly are lovely- they absorb all of the juices from the cooking chicken as well as the rosemary and garlic , which leaves them full of flavour and aromatic.

  • White fish with quick cucumber pickle

    • eeeve on July 26, 2020

      Made only the cucumber pickle from this recipe, which I really enjoyed. I probably wasn't thorough enough in rinsing off all the salt, but I didn't mind the salty tang. Also only used 3 tsp of sugar (not 4) in the dressing and found it plenty sweet. Loved the coriander seeds in there. Will make again.

  • Kiwi and banana smoothie

    • eeeve on December 04, 2015

      A very sharp and refreshing smoothie; might try and make it a bit creamier with the addition of an avocado, and maybe some seeds/oats for a bit of bulk.

  • Roasted aubergine and tomato soup

    • VineTomato on April 02, 2019

      This is ridiculously easy to make and that alone is worth 2 stars! The flavour end result is okay, nothing spectacular. It could do with some more spices and a hint of chilli.

    • Ro_ on October 05, 2019

      I really love the flavour of this soup: rich and delicious, great balance of tomato and aubergine. Very easy to make.

  • Cucurbit salad

    • VineTomato on April 03, 2019

      Very quick and simple salad to throw together. Was enjoyable but not for a packed lunch in the office with the onions! The melon was a delicious addition.

  • Swede and smoky bacon soup

    • joneshayley on September 03, 2017

      Delicious and hearty soup- perfect autumnal fayre. I was dubious about the omition of salt- but the recipe is correct, and the bacon offers enough saltiness. This could work with sweet potato or squash as well as swede. Next time i will add thyme

    • e_ballad on October 01, 2020

      I EYB’d this one to use up some lurking root veg, so expectations weren’t particularly high. As further testament to the power of EYB, my son has declared this his favourite soup. I never would have even glanced at this recipe.

  • Beetroot burgers

    • joneshayley on January 22, 2019

      These are my favourite veggie burgers- the whole family love them. The texture and taste is perfect, and , unlike many veggie burgers I’ve tried, is not dry and doesn’t fall apart (as long as you don’t try to flip them too soon of course) Served with garlic mayo and salad as suggested

    • Hannaha100 on May 06, 2017

      My husband was so unimpressed when I said we were having beetroot burgers but these are definitely the best veggie burgers I've ever made (the bar wasn't very high). Meaty texture, subtle flavour, beautiful colour. Toddler refused to even try them - you win some, you lose some. Would be great for company. Made with blueberry salsa as suggested.

    • Sukta on May 09, 2017


  • Pigeon with cabbage and star anise

    • ruth115 on October 22, 2020

      Super recipe and so easy.

  • Lamb with green beans and mint

    • ruth115 on April 19, 2017

      delicious. really important not to overcook the lamb 1.5 mins a side, a little extra to melt edge fat is all it takes

    • Ro_ on February 15, 2021

      This was nice, but I found it a little dull overall. Nothing I'd rush to repeat.

  • Brown rice salad

    • Kirstin_the_Kiwi on April 11, 2015

      lovely dressing

    • Ro_ on October 05, 2019

      A really lovely and unusual rice salad, perfect for taking to a BBQ or similar. Delicious Asian flavours.

  • St Clements polenta cake with blueberries

    • KIGirl on December 13, 2015

      Great gluten free cake. Nice variation on the boiled orange standard, though did take 30 mins longer in my oven.

  • Spinach, avocado and strawberry salad

    • Hannaha100 on July 29, 2019

      Absolutely loved it. A* recipe. Made for packed lunch but transported avocado whole and sliced fresh. Needed a touch more lemon to balance agave that I used instead of honey. DH enjoyed too. Will repeat.

  • New potato, pea and herb broth

    • Hannaha100 on May 01, 2018

      This was quick to make and tasted lovely, and fresh. Whole family enjoyed including fussy toddler. We added optional poached egg. Don't add extra seasoning with shop bought stock - quite salty already. Will make again.

  • Pepper grapefruit

    • Hannaha100 on May 01, 2018

      Nice but not life changing.

  • Roast carrot salad with plums

    • Hannaha100 on November 16, 2016

      We enjoyed this (except baby but she's having a fussy stage). Makes an unusual side dish. Christmassy flavours (with cinnamon).

    • lean1 on March 18, 2021

      This is a very interesting salad. It is easy to put together and the seasonings and flavors combine well. I used hazelnuts and carrots instead of parsnips and added cinnamon to the dressing. Combines in a snap! Will make it again all year long

  • Black bean and blueberry salsa

    • Hannaha100 on May 06, 2017

      Had this with beetroot burgers as suggested. Lovely unusual and complex flavour. Will make again.

  • Buckwheat noodles with wakame and ginger

    • Hannaha100 on May 16, 2017

      This was very quick and easy to put together and made a nice change from our usual. My toddler was a huge fan of the soba noodles and dressing but rejected the wakame. My husband, who hates courgette, said this was his favourite preparation of courgette so far (raw!) and would eat again. I was too lazy to spiralize the veg and just used a peeler. Used perilla oil and mixed seeds to avoid sesame.

  • Puy lentils with roast Brussels sprouts

    • Hannaha100 on May 03, 2017

      Made this for my lunch today (portion for 2 as normally a side dish), hands off preparation meant this cooked while I got ready (I cheated and used microwave Puy lentils). Not as good as my favourite ever roasted sprouts dish but I thought it was pretty good! It did get some negative attention from the sprouts haters in our shared office, won't be taking this in again any time soon!

  • New potatoes, asparagus and eggs

    • Hannaha100 on May 03, 2017

      I LOVED this. So simple and so tasty - the whole family liked this. My only quibble would be that it takes longer than I prefer for a weeknight (about an hour total) but it's almost all hands off. Overall a definite keeper. This would make a great brunch dish too.

  • Squash, red onion and butter bean roast

    • Hannaha100 on May 16, 2017

      I must have forgotten to review this one. I actually really liked the roasted butterbeans (I normally find them a bit blah) and this recipe also made me realise that I probably underuse sage. Again, takes an hour or so but hands off. Use frozen squash for a shortcut. Overall this is probably better as a side than a main. Not sure if I'll repeat.

  • Nutty green beans with orange

    • e_ballad on June 03, 2019

      A tasty side dish, requiring minimal effort.

  • Sesame roast carrots

    • e_ballad on July 15, 2017

      Really enjoyed this side dish, though I would strongly support having a generous amount of parsley, almost like a salad leaf. I might also reduce the raisins to 75g in future due to its overall sweetness (just to suit our personal taste).

    • Ro_ on February 02, 2021

      I omitted the raisins as I don't really like them in savoury dishes. Overall I still found this dish a bit too sweet and one note - I think it would have been nicer with some earthy spices eg cumin and turmeric added to the marinade for the carrots.

  • Apple and raisin porridge

    • e_ballad on April 15, 2018

      Everything in this recipe ‘works’ & it does result in an incredibly easy breakfast, but unfortunately this was too sweet first thing in the morning for me. I did use a natural apple juice (unsweetened).

    • Jesmondgirl on January 21, 2020

      Quite sweet, so did not add any topping.

  • Plain seed bars

    • e_ballad on October 06, 2020

      These are excellent. Perfect as a nut-free snack for the kids’ lunchboxes, though they are very sweet & definitely fit into the ‘treat’ category.

  • Smashed roast Jerusalem artichokes

    • e_ballad on July 23, 2018

      We really liked this, though the tahini definitely dominated. I’d keep the garlic whole next time as it ended up fairly frizzled with little yield.

  • Caper and olive pesto

    • EmmaJaneDay on January 05, 2020

      This was very nice. Had it with gnocchi.

  • Chocolate bean cake

    • Jacqi on December 18, 2017

      I have made this a load of times because it is so easy and fast to make. Tastes good too.

  • Oaty, nutty, fruity cookies

    • Jacqi on December 18, 2017

      I usually have all the ingredients for these in the house and they are quick to make so I make them a couple of times a year. Tasty. Who doesn't like a "healthy" peanut butter cookie?

  • Tomatoes with tahini

    • Jacqi on December 18, 2017

      Simple and delicious.

  • Sweet potato rosti

    • Ro_ on May 04, 2020

      This was fiddly (they kept falling apart in the pan when flipped) and overall for the payoff, not that great. They didn't taste that special.

  • Fish with coconutty curried leeks

    • Ro_ on February 10, 2021

      The coconutty leeks tasted really nice, but weren't liquid/saucy enough to really hydrate the rice and be the star of the dish. I might make the leeks again, but not with fish and rice.

  • Pear and chocolate cobbler

    • Ro_ on February 08, 2021

      I didn't seem to have enough cobbler mix to cover my pears, but could have been the dish size. Overall this was only OK, but could be because I used underripe pears.

  • Ultra choc brownies

    • Ro_ on January 31, 2021

      Since I don't like nuts in my brownies, I subbed the walnuts with white choc chips. I also used normal plain white flour instead of rice flour. Overall these brownies tasted very good, you couldn't taste the coconut oil at all (my first time using this ingredient). I gave them 23 minutes in the oven and I wish I had given them a bit less because they were a bit too firm for my taste.

  • Oven-baked shallot and mushroom risotto

    • etcjm on August 23, 2020

      Perfectly good. Easy, plenty of flavour. I did add the water from some soaked mushrooms as I would with a 'normal' risotto. Would be great when cooking a number of dishes because it's just a stir in the oven every now and again dish. If you are craving a risotto though do it properly. I might have to cook another next week to satisfy mine.

  • Seedy rye soda bread

    • etcjm on July 17, 2018

      Works every time. I don't eat wheat so this is a great go to bread that everyone enjoys using light rye. I buy lunchbox size cartons of apple juice and have them on standby to use for this. Changes if you omit the sunflower seeds and up other seeds.

  • Buckwheat granola

    • etcjm on April 15, 2019

      Requested again by my son to take to uni. Very easy, not too sweet and not so filling you could sink a ship. Adapt to what you like (or need to use up). Apologies for the awful photo!

  • Roasted mushroom soup

    • etcjm on July 16, 2018

      Really really easy, especially when your oven is on cooking dinner. Cooked a half quantity. Very tasty, just be careful with how long you cook the garlic for. I think with my smaller quantity of mushrooms it was very close to being bitter and burnt. Great for my lunch tomorrow!

  • Masala omelette

    • English_Daisy on November 19, 2018

      Used 1tsp ghee as the oil. Used 1/3 jalapeño pepper. Delicious!

  • Parsnip, pear and caper salad

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'Eating more healthily isn't about denial. For example, reducing one's dependence on wheat flour and dairy ingredients, which don't appear at all in this book, turns out to be a delicious voyage of discovery. New grains, new oils, new tastes, new combinations: it all adds up to a new zest for life.' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Ever lack the time or inspiration to cook a nourishing meal after a hectic day? Delicious, health-giving food doesn't have to be time-consuming and complicated. In River Cottage Light & Easy, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall delivers wholesome delights with zero compromise on taste for all occasions - from brilliant breakfasts to goodness on the go, from crunchy salads to simple roasts and hotpots, from nutrient-packed fish dishes to lighter breads, baking and treats (we all need those!). Each recipe is dairy-free and wheat-free, and all are guaranteed to bring a fresh energy and vitality to your everyday cooking and eating.

The 170 flavour-hitting recipes include: easy almond milk, pumpkin seed drop scones, savoury buckwheat galettes, wheat-free spinachy wraps, rye grissini, swede and smoky bacon soup, fragrant Asian broth, raw courgette and fennel salad with peanut dressing, Nordic slaw with rye crumbs, fish-rizo with broad beans, speedy fish and tomato curry, easiest ever storecupboard fishcakes, spiced beef with bashed beans, aromatic nutty chicken, lamb and cashew curry, smashed roast Jerusalem artichokes, beetroot burgers, perky pestos, feisty salsas, rhubarb, apple and ginger pie, peach and orange sorbet, chocolate and avocado mousse, chestnut marmalade muffins and life-loving brownies. With striking photography from Simon Wheeler, this beautiful book provides solutions to creating the most nourishing and healthy of meals as quickly and easily as possible.

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