The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

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  • Blueberry buckle
    • Categories: Crumbles, cobblers, crisps & bettys; Dessert; American
    • Ingredients: superfine sugar; blueberries; sour cream; cake flour; egg yolks
    • Categories: Crumbles, cobblers, crisps & bettys; Dessert; American
    • Ingredients: superfine sugar; blueberries; sour cream; cake flour; egg yolks; blackberries
  • Cran-raspberry upside-down cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; American
    • Ingredients: cranberries; sour cream; all-purpose flour; superfine sugar; butter; raspberry preserves
    • Accompaniments: Raspberry Italian meringue
    • Categories: Sauces for desserts; Italian
    • Ingredients: egg whites; superfine sugar; seedless raspberry preserves
    • Accompaniments: Cran-raspberry upside-down cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Sauces for desserts; Dessert; Italian
    • Ingredients: rhubarb; light muscovado sugar; strawberry jam; sour cream; all-purpose flour; superfine sugar; butter
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert
    • Ingredients: egg yolks; sour cream; cake flour; superfine sugar; cream cheese; butter
    • Accompaniments: Light lemon curd buttercream
  • Light lemon curd buttercream
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Breakfast / brunch; Afternoon tea; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd; Summer
    • Ingredients: walnuts; light muscovado sugar; ground cinnamon; sour cream; all-purpose flour; superfine sugar; butter; blueberries
  • English dried fruit cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd; English
    • Ingredients: pecans; mixed dried fruits; apples; butter; superfine sugar; oranges; eggs; ground cinnamon
  • Honey cake for a sweet new year
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd; Other Jewish holidays
    • Ingredients: eggs; canola oil; coffee; oranges; whiskey; vanilla extract; superfine sugar; light muscovado sugar; all-purpose flour; cocoa powder; ground cinnamon; ground ginger; ground cloves; honey
  • White Christmas peppermint cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Christmas; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: peppermint extract; milk; cake flour; superfine sugar; butter; white chocolate; eggs; vanilla extract; egg whites; peppermint sticks
  • The red velvet rose
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: egg whites; red food coloring; cake flour; cocoa powder; superfine sugar; buttermilk
    • Accompaniments: Raspberry sauce
    • Categories: Sauces for desserts; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Vegan
    • Ingredients: frozen raspberries
    • Accompaniments: The red velvet rose
  • Pink pearl lady cake
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: egg yolks; vanilla extract; red food coloring; cake flour; superfine sugar; butter; white chocolate; corn syrup; powdered sugar; gelatin; glucose; glycerine; luster dust; strawberry preserves
  • Marble in reverse with custom Rose blend ganache glaze
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: dark chocolate; egg yolks; sour cream; vanilla extract; cake flour; superfine sugar; butter; white chocolate; heavy cream
  • The chocolate FloRo elegance with caramel buttercream
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: unsweetened chocolate; cocoa powder; coffee; cake flour; butter; superfine sugar; sugar; corn syrup; heavy cream; vanilla extract; white chocolate; eggs
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: white chocolate; cocoa powder; vanilla extract; cake flour; superfine sugar; butter; corn syrup; unsweetened chocolate; heavy cream; ground cayenne pepper
  • Double damage oblivion
    • Categories: Cakes, large; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking ahead; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: dark chocolate; butter; cocoa powder; cake flour; superfine sugar; eggs; heavy cream
  • White chocolate cupcakes with raspberry mousseline
    • Categories: Frostings & fillings; Cakes, small; Dessert; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: white chocolate; vanilla extract; cake flour; superfine sugar; frozen raspberries; butter; egg whites
  • Coconut cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Frostings & fillings; Dessert; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: egg whites; coconut milk; coconut extract; cake flour; superfine sugar; butter; coconut flakes; white chocolate; dark chocolate; heavy cream
    • Categories: Frostings & fillings; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: egg yolks; coconut milk; coconut extract; superfine sugar; butter
  • Coffee crumb cake muffins
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: walnuts; light muscovado sugar; ground cinnamon; tart apples; sour cream; cake flour; superfine sugar; butter; egg yolks
  • Molasses crumb cakelets
    • Categories: Cakes, small; Afternoon tea; Breakfast / brunch; Cooking ahead; Vegan
    • Ingredients: all-purpose flour; sugar; molasses; store-cupboard ingredients
  • The Renée Fleming  golden chiffon
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Notes about this book

  • ashallen on September 17, 2022

    The author has a wonderful website where she keeps updated lists of corrections and enhancements for each of her books. The website for this book's list is

  • bgbmus on December 27, 2015

    I made the Apple Pie, my first encounter with Beranbaum's recipes. It is painstaking, extremely detailed, and labor intensive. When my friends arrived, I told them that if they'd describe the pie as anything other than absolutely exceptional, we'd burn the book. We all agreed, it was absolutely exceptional. It's was, of course, the best apple pie I have ever tasted.

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Chocolate cuddle cake

    • Jane on February 08, 2015

      This looked good but not really my kind of cake. The sponge is very light and airy - I prefer mine denser and fudgier. The Kahlua flavored ganache around the sides was good. The caramel cream topping was also nice. I just didn't really feel the results were worth the amount of effort. Also the top of my cake shrunk in (though I followed the very detailed instructions to the letter) so it was more of a mound than a straight-sided cake.

  • Molasses crumb cakelets

    • gastronom on January 16, 2015

      Excellent flavor, a little too sweet. Did not have the required size pans. This may have contributed to the cakelets falling apart and much longer baking time.

  • 100% whole wheat walnut loaf

    • gastronom on January 16, 2015

      Very good flavor. Dense. Probably would be better baked in cast iron dutch oven, which would enhance crust.

  • Sour cherry pie

    • TrishaCP on December 26, 2015

      I didn't make the crust in this recipe, or have the concentrated cherry juice, but this was still the best sour cherry pie I've ever made. I too used a basic top crust and it worked just fine.

    • bching on November 15, 2014

      The concentrated cherry juice is a good addition. Lovely filling. I skipped the lattice in favor of a basic top crust.

  • Bluerhu pie

    • hirsheys on December 14, 2020

      I didn't have success with this pie. I found the crust fiddly and annoying, and the filling wasn't great - though I think my rhubarb was the problem.

    • anya_sf on May 29, 2018

      Having made this cream cheese pie crust several times before, I knew it took some faith to believe that loose crumbs would form an actual rollable crust. This time it seemed to take a bit more kneading but worked out fine in the end. The crust was flaky, tender, and delicious, and also nicely browned on the bottom. The blueberry-rhubarb filling was just lovely, with the perfect sweetness - not too tart on its own, but not too sweet to pair with vanilla ice cream. The only thing I'd change next time would be to increase the filling by 50%, as this is a shallow pie, and that filling was so delicious.

  • White chocolate Club Med bread

    • chawkins on March 29, 2015

      The loaf turned out beautifully, the dough was quite easy to work with. But I guess I'm just not a fan of white chocolate, I'm not enamored with this loaf, will not make again.

    • Zosia on April 10, 2015

      For white chocolate lovers. As chawkins noted, the dough is quite easy to work with and bakes up nicely. I loved the technique of wrapping the chocolate-filled loaf in a "sheet" of plain dough to prevent exposed pieces of chocolate from over-browning. I'm tempted to try this on fruit-filled loaves where the exposed dried fruit often burns as the loaf bakes. The cinnamon raisin bread for the rum raisin French toast (page 440) uses the same dough recipe - not very sweet but butter-rich with a very soft crumb.

  • Pizza rustica

    • PiaOC on April 10, 2015

      Great addition to an antipasto platter. Easy recipe to follow. I was surprised that passing the ricotta through a sieve made it so much smoother. Loved the combination of sweet pastry and savoury filling. It was also good with a salad a couple of days later.

  • Perfect flaky and tender cream cheese pie crust

    • stockholm28 on October 24, 2019

      I’d made RLB’s cream cheese pie crust from The Pie and Pastry Bible years ago and had trouble with it; it always seemed to be a crumbly mess for me. I decided to try this recipe and it was very easy to handle. I went back to compare this recipe with the one in ” The Pie and Pastry Bible” and this one uses cream rather than ice water. Don’t know if it was the cream that made it easier to handle or if I’ve just got better at making pie crust over the last 20 years.

    • stef on October 26, 2019

      Made in food processor. Came together nicely and very easy to roll out

  • Luscious apple pie

    • stockholm28 on October 24, 2019

      This recipe uses a similar technique to a couple of the apple pies in ”The Pie and Pastry Bible”, but it adds some cider thickened with cornstarch. The pie sets up beautifully and has a wonderful apple flavor. I used about 6 different types of apples. This pie was excellent, but I still prefer her ”Apple Crumb Pie” in ”The Pie and Pastry Bible” which has a streusel topping. It is fantastic.

    • stef on October 26, 2019

      A few steps to follow. I couldn't find unpasteurized apple cider so used unsweetened pasteurized it worked well. Appreciate that recipe is in grams especially the quantity of apples

    • lkgrover on November 26, 2021

      This is my new favorite recipe for traditional apple pie with a double crust. The balance of apples, cinnamon, and cider is perfect, and the crust is flaky. However, it is rather complicated, and requires multiple periods of chilling in the refrigerator. Start early!

  • Flaky cream cheese scones

    • Zosia on April 17, 2015

      The dough required quite a bit of handling to come together and was quite stiff when it finally did; rolling it out was easier than pressing it into shape. Surprisingly, it baked up into moist, tender and flaky scones as promised, but they were a bit too rich and sweet for me.

    • ashallen on April 05, 2022

      This ranks among my favorite scone recipes I've made to date. Rich and moist. I wouldn't have guessed they contain cream cheese from the way they taste, but their flavor is more interesting/multi-faceted than other scones I've made. I substituted chopped dark raisins for the dried blueberries - worked great and I'd do it again. To create a 9-inch dough circle, I had to pat the dough a bit thinner than the 3/4-inch thickness called for in the recipe and, like Zosia, had to work it a bit. They didn't rise a ton during baking (maybe to a scant 1 inch?) even though I "sealed" the edges as suggested in the recipe, but perhaps my baking powder had lost some of its oomph since it was from the bottom of the container.

  • Pomegranate winter chiffon meringue pie

    • Zosia on July 30, 2018

      This turned into an all-day project because of the various cooling/chilling times of the 4 components. Family and guests raved about it. I thought it was good but I'm not quite convinced that it was worth the effort. (I prefer RLB's raspberry chiffon pie from the Pie and Pastry bible). I made the variation with the lemon cookie crust and baked it in a tart pan.

  • Lemon cookie crust

    • Zosia on July 29, 2018

      Note that dough requires minimum 8 hours refrigeration, in stages, before baking.

  • Coconut crisps

    • Zosia on August 30, 2017

      Very nice cookies that weren't too sweet, had a pleasant crisp texture and tasted of coconut. They were also easy to make using a food processor. Some chilling time is required before baking and here I deviated from the instructions by rolling the dough out before refrigerating. I cut some larger (3") for ice cream sandwiches made with RLB's pure passion ice cream from the pie and pastry bible.

  • Banana split chiffon cake

    • Zosia on November 02, 2014

      This cake is as ethereal as the author promises - so tender it's actually a bit wobbly! Though I used the recommended pan size, my batter was very close to the top before baking and the cake rose and developed a mushroom top during baking; removal from the pan was quite the challenge. The suggested accoutrements sound like a fun way to serve it, but I loved it plain.

    • ashallen on June 16, 2022

      Great chiffon cake! Crumb is velvety and tender, banana flavor is solid, and the lemon juice adds a really nice edge to the banana flavor. I agree with Zosia that this is great plain. It's also good with whipped cream and the Chocolate Drizzle Glaze. Ice cream would've been great if we'd had some. Using half bleached cake flour and half unbleached cake flour worked fine. I needed an extra egg to get the specified mass of egg yolks. I accidentally underwhipped the egg whites a bit and the batter was therefore a little less voluminous that specified, but the cake still baked up very light and fluffy and did not overtop the pan. The other banana chiffon recipe I've made is from the Joy of Cooking (1997) but I now prefer this one.

  • Blueberry buckle

    • Zosia on August 13, 2015

      I made a rookie mistake and left the sugar out of the cake. The sugar!! Amazingly, this dessert was still pretty good. The "cake" was more like a biscuit in texture which was not a bad thing served with delicious lemony roasted blueberries. I said nothing, dusted the top of each serving liberally with powdered sugar, and watched as everyone devoured it. I can only imagine how fantastic this would be if made correctly.

    • Lepa on March 28, 2019

      This was really nice. It had a lovely, almost herbal blueberry taste. We ate leftovers with yogurt for breakfast.

    • anya_sf on July 15, 2018

      I was serving it for breakfast, so I used white whole wheat flour and lowfat yogurt. Next time I'd also reduce the sugar in the blueberries. It took over 45 minutes for the topping to be completely cooked. We really enjoyed it.

  • Rhubarb upside-down cake with strawberry meringue

    • Zosia on January 25, 2015

      Nice balance of vanilla cake and tart topping. I loved the idea of the meringue instead of whipped cream but it was a little sweet....perhaps unsweetened fruit puree instead of preserves/jam would be better. Also, the rhubarb yielded very little liquid while it macerated but lots while it baked; the cake was almost self-syruping as it absorbed the pool of liquid that came out of the pan with it and was very moist as a result. This looked pretty the day it was made but the rhubarb could have used some sort of glaze on day 2 to brighten it up.

    • ashallen on May 23, 2021

      Note from author's website: Brush the bottom and the sides with butter.

  • Cream cheese butter cake

    • Zosia on October 29, 2014

      Easy to make and delicious with the most velvety crumb I've ever produced. Definitely a keeper. Edited to add: this works well with whole eggs and 1% yogurt in place of sour cream.

  • Light lemon curd buttercream

    • Zosia on October 29, 2014

      Made by beating butter into a batch of lemon curd, it retains the tart, lemony goodness of the curd but acquires the creaminess of a more conventional buttercream. A half batch covered the cream cheese butter cake perfectly.

  • White Christmas peppermint cake

    • Zosia on December 21, 2014

      If you're a fan of white chocolate peppermint bark, you'll love this peppermint flavoured white cake with white chocolate buttercream that relies on crushed candy canes for much of its visual impact and flavour. The cake is finely crumbed and moist, and the buttercream rich and creamy but a little spongy so I couldn't achieve a perfectly smooth finish even with a warmed bench scraper. The layers of chopped candy partially melted into the buttercream make for a very pretty slice.

  • The red velvet rose

    • Zosia on November 19, 2014

      The photo on the back of the book led me to dig up my much underused rose-shaped bundt pan to make this cake. Not normally a fan of red velvet, I've discovered that a little extra cocoa powder in the cake and a raspberry glaze give it new life. You do want to glaze the cake several hours before serving since it takes that long for the raspberry sauce, which looks like far too much when it's first applied, to absorb into the cake.

  • Marble in reverse with custom Rose blend ganache glaze

    • Zosia on August 10, 2015

      I didn't quite see the point of this cake. It looked like a marble cake but tasted like a good chocolate cake with a delicious ganache glaze. The vanilla portion was completely overwhelmed by all the chocolate.

    • stef on October 21, 2019

      I revisted this recipe using proper Bundt pan. Yes it does taste like a chocolate cake but was impressive when cut. The ganache is simple but good.

  • The chocolate FloRo elegance with caramel buttercream

    • Zosia on January 04, 2015

      A chocolate-caramel confection that's worth every minute (and a lot of them are required!) of making it. The chocolate cake is incredibly light and tender and is complemented perfectly by the white chocolate-caramel buttercream. It wasn't quite as intensely chocolatey as I expected based on the description but the chocolate glaze helped. Be warned, with the multi-component buttercream and glaze, making the parts, cooling them to the correct temperature, and assembling the cake was almost an all-day affair.

  • Rum raisin French toast royale

    • Zosia on April 10, 2015

      The delicious loaf of cinnamon swirl raisin bread needed to complete the recipe didn't last long enough to generate any stale slices for French toast so the review is for the bread alone. I'm not certain the beaten egg was needed to prevent the cinnamon sugar and dough from separating during baking - I've made other recipes that didn't include it that turned out well; I used the leftover to glaze the loaf. This dough recipe is also used in the white chocolate club med bread (page 447) so I doubled it and made a loaf of each.

  • Almond coffee crisps

    • stef on December 23, 2019

      I used toasted skin on almonds instead of blanched sliver almonds. The cookie spreads into a nice crisp one. Still crisp after two days. Baked in 8 minutes. Has just the right amount of espresso taste. Fast to make and will make again.

  • Honey cake for a sweet new year

    • stef on December 31, 2019

      This honey cake came out beautifully. Baked in an aluminium pan that is over 65 years old and released beautifully.. My baking time on convection oven was 1 1/2 hours not 45 minutes.

  • Crumpets

    • stef on February 15, 2020

      These just didn't work for me. Mushy with aftertaste of baking soda.

    • anya_sf on February 22, 2020

      Cooked on a nonstick griddle at 350 (rather than 375 - my griddle seems to run hot), they were light golden brown. I didn't pay attention to the instructions and turned them when I'd turn a pancake, i.e., when there was a little uncooked batter still on top, so the tops weren't completely covered in holes. Still, they toasted up nicely. The texture was just perfect - crispy and holey.

  • Babka

    • lkgrover on August 16, 2015

      Made 8/14/2015 for a Saturday brunch with sixteen people. Babka with almond filling is not too sweet, so perfect for brunch. Received many compliments. I recommend making the biga (starter) and doing the first proofing the night before baking (if you're baking is limited to evenings after work). Doing it all in one night leads to a very late night!

    • anya_sf on May 29, 2018

      I accidentally forgot the butter in the almond filling, but it turned out great anyway. Delicious and not too sweet.

  • Pumpkin pecan pie

    • lkgrover on November 27, 2023

      Wonderful, very rich pie for American Thanksgiving; enjoyed by everyone who had it at my holiday dinner (with 2 requests for the recipe). It is a layer of pecan pie, and then a layer of pumpkin pie on top.

  • Cran-raspberry upside-down cake

    • joanhuguet on February 24, 2015

      Unfortunately, this one did not work for me. I felt that the caramel and the sweet raspberry jam overpowered the bracing acidity that I want in a cranberry dessert. The cake texture was a bit odd and dense, as well. More baking powder needed, I think.

  • Strawberry shortcake Génoise

    • swegener on May 01, 2015

      This was my first genoise cake and it was both harder and easier than I thought. Most of the steps are just fidly, not hard. The hardest part for me was folding the flour in--I mistakenly used a spatula when I should have used a whisk. The whole think turned out quite well--I doubled the strawberries for the top and it was gorgeous with the glaze.

    • anya_sf on July 16, 2018

      I made the mini strawberry shortcakes. I had never used my mini Marianne pan before and think I overbaked the genoise, as it turned out dry, even with the syrup. Otherwise, all the components were delicious, but next time I'll make the large version to get more strawberries in each serving. I didn't have any problems mixing the genoise batter; the instructions were easy to follow. Be sure to read the recipe before starting, as this requires advance preparation.

    • ashallen on May 23, 2021

      Note from author's website: Page 119: Génoise: Due to the lower ratio of yolk to white in most eggs, we are now recommending to add an extra egg yolk (1 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon (17 ml)|0.7 ounce|19 grams) to ensure a fine texture. Also it is important to use a non-GMO cornstarch to achieve a fine texture.

  • Double damage oblivion

    • Smokeydoke on March 05, 2018

      This is the hardest cake I've made to date. It is a flourless chocolate cake sandwiched between a regular chocolate cake and everything is covered in a chocolate ganache. Chocolate mania, it obliterated my chocolate craving for months. Surprisingly, it is not too sweet. Did I like it? Yes, but I did not love it. It's a decadent cake, a feat of baking, but it's not my favorite. It does not beat out the classic American chocolate cake from Ms. Fields.

    • amandabeck on January 21, 2022

      I would not make this again. It was way too much work without much pay off -- between the water bath, cooling times, assembling three pieces, etc. the end result was not even as good as a great simple flourless cake and the "look" and texture wasn't that spectacular either. I took this to a party where there were also brownies and the brownies were gone but this was only half eaten. I do like the structure of the recipes of this book (well-organized with weight measurements etc) but this was a flop.

  • Monkey dunkey bread

    • Smokeydoke on February 25, 2018

      I love Rose but she has completely idiot-proofed this recipe. If you're an experienced baker, it's ok to use your instinct, I did, and I came out with a darn tasty bread. You can probably skip 20% of the steps here. They are unnecessary and time-consuming.

    • Smokeydoke on February 25, 2018

      I love Rose's brioche dough. It is the best brioche dough I've ever made. She tells you every.single.detail. so there's no way you can mess it up. The monkey bread is a gilded version of her bread, it's filled with chocolate, then coated with a delicious brown sugar glaze, and finally topped with caramel. Even with all the adornments, the final product is not overly sweet. It is oh-so-fluffy and delicious. I omitted the final drizzle of caramel. Photo included.

  • Swedish apricot walnut bread

    • anya_sf on February 25, 2023

      I made the biga 2 days ahead. The bread was very flavorful, delicious toasted and buttered. The recipe name is a little deceptive as the apricots just run through the middle, while the dough is full of golden raisins and walnuts.

  • Cadillac Café milk chocolate bread pudding

    • anya_sf on May 28, 2018

      I used leftover baguette slices which were about 3/8" thick, rather than 1/4", using 5 per pudding. I knew they weren't going to look as pretty, but thought they'd work otherwise. However, I followed the rest of the instructions too precisely and the puddings did not come out evenly textured. What I should have done: soak the bread slices in shallower dishes to get more evenly coated with custard; and make sure the bread softens all the way before baking so that the bread melds with the custard better and doesn't rise up in the ramekins during baking. I used half cream, half milk (slightly less rich), and about 2/3 milk chocolate, 1/3 semi-sweet chocolate. I don't always like milk chocolate, but did enjoy the flavor here, as it was not too sweet.

  • Irish cream scones

    • anya_sf on May 27, 2018

      I made these with white whole wheat flour. I froze the shaped dough overnight and baked them straight from the freezer; they just needed a few extra minutes in the oven. While not as light as white flour scones, the whole wheat version was still quite tender, with a slightly nutty taste. My family enjoyed them. The lemon zest really adds a nice flavor.

    • ashallen on September 26, 2021

      Very nice for this style of scone. I find cream-style scones in general to be damper/gummier and less flaky than scones with butter or cream + butter, but they're easier to mix which is nice. These had a better moisture level than some other cream scones I've tried and the author's tip to let them sit for several hours and then reheat before eating so the moisture can distribute more evenly is a good one. I agree with anya_sf that the lemon zest flavor is really nice and aromatic here. I made these with a mixture of King Arthur organic bread flour and unbleached all purpose flour. Half of them I baked right away and the other half I froze and baked a few days later. The author mentions that the frozen ones will hold their shape better - they did, and they also seemed lighter and less damp, which was great (as well as convenient!).

  • Coconut cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache

    • anya_sf on November 27, 2019

      The cupcakes had good coconut flavor, but turned out rather dry. The tops didn't brown much, so I probably overbaked them, and also should have checked them early. Although I weighed the batter (admittedly, some cupcakes were 50 g rather than 48 g), I only got 15 cupcakes. The milk chocolate ganache was absolutely delicious. I topped some of the cupcakes with pineapple frosting (KAF recipe), which was good with them as well.

    • ashallen on September 18, 2022

      Thanks to anya_sf's note, I used a heavier-gauge muffin tin (USA Pan) and kept a close eye on these in the oven, pulling them once they reached 204-209F. At that point, they had subtle browning on their edges but were generally still pale. Eaten soon after baking without any frosting, the cake's weren't overly dry but did have a texture that was a bit unusual (to me, anyways!) - slightly powdery/sawdusty is the best way I can think of to describe it. This eased after sitting under frosting and wasn't super-noticeable when eaten with frosting. I've had some cupcakes with very moist cake that ended up seeming overly moist once frosting was added, but these were well balanced. Also, the cake had good structure and didn't fall apart when you bit into it which was great! I substituted regular sugar for superfine. I frosted with cream cheese frosting instead of the ganache in the recipe and that was very tasty (though ganache would've been great, too).

  • Black and blueberry pie

    • anya_sf on August 26, 2018

      The pie turned out perfectly, with plenty of berry filling. It sliced fairly neatly. Not too sweet - perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Perfect peach galette

    • anya_sf on July 22, 2018

      The crust dough was rather dry and I had to add another tablespoon of liquid to get the crumbs to hold together. It cracked a lot when rolling, but I just patched it together and it worked. It was super tender and fairly flaky, and the filling tasted divine, with a lovely fresh peach flavor.

  • My chocolate chip cookies

    • anya_sf on August 25, 2018

      I made the dough one day ahead as recommended. I didn't bother dividing it in half (didn't see the point), just put all of it in a storage container from whence I scooped out the cookies. Baked for the minimum time, the cookies were soft and very slightly crispy on the edges - good, but not chewy like my favorite cookie recipe, maybe due to a lower ratio of sugar. The browned butter flavor came through and there are plenty of chocolate chips. I appreciated the smaller yield and small cookie size (so we didn't feel guilty about eating more than one).

    • Dannausc on March 02, 2022

      Fairly easy. I didn’t think the extra step of browning the butter added that much to the cookie. I prefer my cookies bigger and thinner. They were fine, but definitely not my favorite.

  • Chocolate hazelnut mousse tart

    • amandabeck on December 27, 2022

      I did not enjoy this. The flavors were good, but the texture of the tart crust (soft, by the recipe's own instructions) is pretty unappealing for me. Would not make again.

  • Coffee crumb cake muffins

    • angrygreycat on January 26, 2020

      I made this today for book club. Got rave reviews. Nicely tender muffin with a good combination of flavor with the cinnamon, apple, and walnut. I didn't have any sour cream so I subbed thick organic buttermilk instead and it worked fine. It made exactly 6 muffins as the recipe directed.

  • Rugelach

    • on November 17, 2022

      The dough is easy to work with and the cookies are easy to assemble. The longest part of the process is the chilling. Chill the dough and then chill the cookies again before they are baked. I didn't have golden raisins on hand so substituted currants instead. I think any dried fruit would taste good with the apricot preserves. Delicious cookie!

    • ashallen on November 23, 2021

      Delicious. I used apricot lekvar which worked really nicely with the raisin flavor. Lightly crisp on the outside and tender inside. The only sad thing about this recipe is that it makes only 2 dozen cookies which isn't nearly enough :)! I used unbleached flour instead of bleached as called for in the recipe and they still turned out great. Baked an extra 5 minutes since I prefer cookies like this to be more-browned. Some online reviewers noted problems with the dough getting very soft during rolling and/or flattening during baking. I didn't have those troubles but my kitchen was very cool (61F) and I gave the cookies a full overnight rest before baking. Don't let them sit too long on their baking sheets after baking - I waited a couple minutes too long on one batch and they began welding to the foil and had to be scraped free with a sharp spatula.

    • CheesyKranskyLove on October 03, 2022

      Labour intensive as with other Rose Levy Beranbaum recipes. I expected the dough to be harder to work with but it wasn't too much of a nightmare. The folding/filling was fiddly and I had issues with them unfolding during baking.

  • Cran-raspberry rugelach

    • on November 17, 2022

      The dried cranberries, almonds and raspberry preserves are a delicious flavor combination. The cookies are a little time consuming to make, but well worth the effort.

  • ChocolaTea cake

    • ashallen on May 23, 2021

      Note from author's website: p. 145: Tea Ganache: The instant powdered lemon tea weighs 0.3 ounce/8.4 grams.

  • Coconut silk meringue buttercream

    • ashallen on May 23, 2021

      Note from author's website: Crème Anglaise for the Coconut Silk Meringue Buttercream: The weight of 3 egg yolks should be 2 ounces/56 grams.

  • Chocolate drizzle glaze

    • ashallen on June 16, 2022

      It's chocolate and cream so it's delicious (of course!). Very easy to make using the microwave instructions. Also very easy to make in larger or smaller quantities than specified since the recipe uses equal weights of chocolate and cream.

  • Hamantaschen

    • ashallen on September 14, 2019

      Great cookies. Author mentions in recipe intro that she was aiming to create a hamantaschen that was more tender than the typical version - these are indeed more tender and also more slender than typical. I'm actually very fond of the bulkier/tougher versions, however, so I wouldn't necessarily pick this version over those. Poppy seed filling was very good - moderately nubbly texture and good flavor blend that still let the delicate poppy seed flavor shine through. Vitamix dry blender jar did a great job grinding poppy seeds for the filling. The author's recipe for apricot lekvar was also very good as a filling, but I'm such a huge fan of poppy seed that it's hard to compete. Dough was easy to handle - not sticky at all in a cool (65F) kitchen. I rerolled dough scraps more than the 1 time specified in recipe - those cookies were a bit tougher but still very good. When forming the triangles, have the top dough flaps nearly touch in the center - they tend to unfold in the oven.

  • Lemon icebox cake

    • senzler on March 27, 2022

      I made this for Easter and it was a big hit

  • The Ischler

    • TinyCitiKitchen on November 25, 2023

      I always love following Rose’s instructions. It’s like having her in your ear. Made the lekvar first and am thrilled to see how easy it is (now I can have it on hand all the time!). Then did the cookies, and kept them in a tin a couple of days, making the ganache only when ready to assemble. So simple and so impressive. And as delicious as it sounds

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    2015 Piglet Community Pick. I have never considered myself much of a baker, but with my friend Rose’s expert guidance, I am certainly getting better!

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  • revealed itself to be a treasure both for experienced bakers and novices alike. Beranbaum gladly takes the reader by the hand with an introduction that includes “golden rules” for baking...

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    These seven words will have hard-core bakers jumping for joy: Rose Levy Beranbaum has a new book. And when the revered baking authority writes a book, it's an encyclopedic thing of buttery beauty...

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