De Snelle Bakplaat: 75 Makkelijke Recepten uit de Oven by Rukmini Iyer

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  • Quick cook cauliflower curry with peas & spinach

    • Jane on April 21, 2021

      This wasn't what I would think of as a curry but it was very tasty. It was well spiced and the coconut milk adds a welcome richness to all those vegetables. I didn't have cherry tomatoes which I will add next time for a pop of color and some balance of sweet acidity. I generally have these ingredients in stock so this is going on my stand-by dinners list.

  • Quick chicken, leek & chorizo pie

    • lilham on April 13, 2020

      This was in my regular rotation in the winter just passed. Very easy to put together and the children loved it.

  • Crispy baked cod with herby broccoli, peas & beans

    • lilham on October 08, 2020

      This is quick and easy. The cod tastes good if you like pesto on fish. The veg is bland. If you add the butter bean at the start, they are over cooked when the fish is ready. But if you add it at the end, they are too cold to my taste. (The recipe suggest adding at the start or end only). All in all, this isn’t great, but an acceptable low effort dinner.

  • Spiced lamb meatballs with sumac roasted cauliflower & pomegranate

    • joneshayley on February 03, 2020

      Very nice and so easy to prepare. Exactly the kind of meal you want after a hard day's work - delicious, unexpected and fast. I served with vegetable cous cous.

    • JJ2018 on August 09, 2021

      This took a little longer than book suggested as our pan was overcrowded. Generally it tasted quite pleasant but it wasn’t a particularly attractive dish to look at and wouldn’t rush to repeat

  • One pot peanut chilli chicken with tomato rice

    • joneshayley on January 07, 2020

      This is brilliant! The rice cooked perfectly, with a good crust at the bottom, the chicken was tender and juicy. I added extra veg (leeks- but could use broccoli/peas/shallot/ peppers) and halved the amount of meat . Perfectly served four and was one of the easiest meals I’ve made.

    • ahampson on December 17, 2020

      Really enjoyed this one! The tomato rice is delish. The only thing i would add is that is it not the most attractive looking as the peanut butter crust does not colour with the lid on tightly to cook the rice. Maybe could do with a blitz under the grill just before serving

  • Lightly roasted chickpea, halloumi & red onion salad with coriander & giant cous cous

    • Lepa on May 29, 2020

      This is easy to put together and pretty good but not super exciting. I added a fair amount of lemon juice and salt at the end and that helped.

    • MADCH82 on September 17, 2020

      Easy, good lunchbox idea, something different. Smokiness of piment finishes it off. Also added more lemon and salt.

  • Breakfast pancake with berries & lemon butter

    • Lepa on May 17, 2020

      This is nice and easy. It's basically a ricotta cake that isn't very sweet. I was tempted to serve it with maple syrup but used the lemon butter in the recipe instead and that was a good call. I thought it was odd the recipe didn't have any salt and I would add a bit next time- maybe a teaspoon? Also, adding lemon zest to the pancake would be nice. Overall, this is an interesting formula that I anticipate returning to often for a nice, easy breakfast to several a crowd.

  • Tandoori-style salmon with spiced roasted sweet potatoes, tomatoes & red onion

    • Lepa on May 13, 2020

      This was just okay. It's a odd mixture of ingredients but I had read a good review of this recipe and decided to try it. The timing all worked out perfectly but I didn't love the taste. This is the first recipe I tried from this book so it was a bummer that I didn't like it more.

    • MADCH82 on August 29, 2020

      Brilliant - great flavours. Spicy. Sweet. Easy. Healthy. On a more general note with this book... Having difficulty making sure everything is cooked right in oven - salmon was done - potatoes weren’t. But probably more due to my oven than anything else.

  • Kerala prawn curry

    • MADCH82 on October 06, 2020

      very yummy, slightly too spicey for our liking

  • Saffron fish stew with fennel & leeks

    • MADCH82 on October 06, 2020

      yummy, but not a lot of flavour. fish stock important.

  • Baked eggs with asparagus soldiers

    • MADCH82 on August 29, 2020

      Not the season for asparagus. But egg was brilliant - especially with good sourdough bread!

  • Cinnamon-spiced aubergines with feta cheese, olives & herbed bulgur wheat

    • JJ2018 on March 23, 2021

      This was really quick and simple and made a nice lunch. Used giant couscous instead of bulgur wheat but kept timings the same and it turned out perfect

  • Giant cous cous with chorizo, artichokes, spinach & lemon

    • JJ2018 on March 31, 2021

      This was really nice. Subbed artichokes for courgette which I roasted in the main dish and added some olives and feta.

  • Baked orzo with courgette, chilli & lemon (Orzo giardiniera)

    • JJ2018 on March 31, 2021

      Really quick and easy and tasty. Added feta and cherry tomatoes as suggested. Will definitely make again

  • Sticky soy & honey roasted salmon with asparagus & sugar snap peas

    • emma_clare on November 03, 2020

      Nice flavours and super easy method, but the result was a bit dry. I think I would try making extra dressing next time.

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