All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Art by Molly Stevens

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    • Categories: Main course; American
    • Ingredients: caraway seeds; mustard seeds; beef top round; peanut oil
    • Accompaniments: Horseradish cream sauce
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    • Categories: Main course; Cooking ahead; Entertaining & parties
    • Ingredients: rosemary; fennel seeds; black peppercorns; beef tenderloin
    • Accompaniments: Creamy mustard sauce
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    • Categories: Main course; Entertaining & parties; Valentine's Day / romantic
    • Ingredients: beef tenderloin; peanut oil
    • Accompaniments: Béarnaise sauce
    • Categories: Sauces, general; Entertaining & parties; Valentine's Day / romantic; French; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: shallots; dry white wine; Champagne vinegar; black peppercorns; tarragon; butter; egg yolks
    • Accompaniments: Sear-roasted Chateaubriand
  • Standing rib roast (prime rib)
    • Categories: Main course; Christmas; Entertaining & parties; Cooking for a crowd
    • Ingredients: beef standing rib roast; dry mustard; rosemary
    • Accompaniments: Yorkshire pudding
  • Yorkshire pudding
    • Categories: Bread & rolls, savory; Side dish; Christmas; Entertaining & parties; Cooking for a crowd; British
    • Ingredients: milk; all-purpose flour; beef drippings
    • Accompaniments: Standing rib roast (prime rib)
    • Categories: Quick / easy; Snacks
    • Ingredients: beef standing rib roast; Dijon mustard
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    • Categories: Main course; Spanish
    • Ingredients: beef flank steaks; dry white wine; beef broth; crème fraîche; poblano chiles; red peppers; white onions; dried oregano; cumin seeds; paprika; Monterey Jack cheese; cilantro
    • Categories: Stuffing; Cooking ahead; Spanish; Vegetarian
    • Ingredients: poblano chiles; red peppers; white onions; dried oregano; cumin seeds; paprika; Monterey Jack cheese; cilantro
    • Categories: Stuffing; Cooking ahead
    • Ingredients: assorted mushrooms; shallots; thyme; chicken broth; Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; parsley
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    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Main course
    • Ingredients: ground beef chuck; Worcestershire sauce; hamburger buns
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Main course
    • Ingredients: button mushrooms; parsley; cheddar cheese; ground beef chuck; Worcestershire sauce; hamburger buns
    • Categories: Sandwiches & burgers; Main course
    • Ingredients: ground beef chuck; Worcestershire sauce; hamburger buns; sharp cheddar cheese; pimientos; scallions; mayonnaise; hot sauce

Notes about this book

  • Gio on December 05, 2013

    Basic Roasted Sausages, Pg. 248. I used spicy chicken with broccoli rabe sausages instead of plain pork. The sausages were well cooked yet still juicy and quite tasty. We liked the slightly caramelized onions w the sausages.

  • Kenw on March 22, 2012

    This is an awesome book! We have made a number of recipes - lamb, loin roast, chicken thighs, prime rib. It has been a great instructional book.

  • kath on February 17, 2012

    I just got this book and made the Steakhouse-Style Sear-Roasted Strip Steak last night - outstanding!! My husband had always preferred grilled steaks to steaks cooked in a cast iron pan, but he loved Molly's method!

  • lizwinn on October 29, 2011

    The Roasted Lemon Chutney is divine!

Notes about Recipes in this book

  • Peppered tri-tip roast

    • stockholm28 on November 01, 2015

      This recipe is more about technique than it is a recipe. It is just a tri-tip coated in cracked peppercorns and roasted in the oven. Her instructions are meticulous and the tri-tip came out perfectly cooked.

  • Horseradish cream sauce

    • smtucker on January 02, 2015

      I thought this was awful. Dinner guests didn't agree. Don't bother making again. Horseradish on its own would be more enjoyable.

  • High-heat-roasted whole beef tenderloin

    • Beebopalulu on June 22, 2020

      Method works quite well, but I prefer a low and slow approach, followed by final blast, as it makes for a more even cook and the timing allows for a lot of last minute flexibility

  • Quick deviled rib bones

    • Skamper on December 31, 2022

      A tasty treat from leftover prime rib bones. After the stated time I put them under the broiler for about 2 minutes per side. Next time I think I'd broil them the whole time.

  • Steakhouse-style sear-roasted strip steak

    • kath on February 17, 2012

      This is a fantastic method for cooking a steak indoors! It does generate smoke, so turn your air vent on high.

    • jenmacgregor18 on March 03, 2015

      nice seared crust. good flavor & easy. but Kath is right--air vent and maybe some candles burning to combat smoke.

  • Roasted hamburgers

    • spharo00 on July 23, 2012

      These were basic burgers and they turned out good. They were moist, unlike some of the skillet burgers I've made before. I'll make these again, most likely with a few extra seasonings added.

  • Roasted rack of lamb with spiced honey glaze

    • anniemac on April 24, 2016

      I used the honey sauce for a very small leg of lamb I bought at my farmer's market, and then roasted the leg, basting with sauce and using it over the lamb slices. I thought the flavor of the sauce was terrific with the lamb--not too sweet because of the spices. I would definitely use the sauce again with lamb chops, and potentially with pork.

  • Basic roasted thick-cut lamb loin chops

    • JoanN on December 02, 2012

      Three stars for the recipe (since it's not really a recipe), but five stars for the method. You roast the chops at high heat on a rack over a quarter-inch bed of salt to eliminate smoking. And it works! Amazing!

  • Roast leg of lamb with anchovy, rosemary, garlic, and piment d'Espelette

    • smtucker on January 02, 2015

      NYEve 2014: This was terrific! Omitted the anchovies, subbing a bit more salt. Boneless roast so created a paste to rub inside, rolled and tied, rubbed rest of the paste on the outside. Used Vermouth for white wine. Pan droppings made into a light gravy. Excellent.

  • Orange- and thyme-rubbed sear-roasted pork tenderloin

    • amraub on January 29, 2012

      Pork was juicy, but flavor was more subtle than I was expecting.

  • Miso-sesame sear-roasted pork tenderloin

    • amraub on April 10, 2012

      Quick, easy, and an excellent combination of sweet and salty.

  • Spice-crusted roast pork tenderloin

    • JoanN on January 07, 2021

      Used 1 tbs black peppercorns, 1½ tbs coriander seeds, 1½ tbs ground ginger, 2 tbs smoked paprika, 3 tbs cumin seeds. Great leftover to have on hand for sandwiches, banh mi.

    • Skamper on March 14, 2023

      Made a half batch. liked the flavor from the toasted spices but not sure the panko added much. I also think I prefer the flavor of a tenderloin that has been seared. next time I'd skip the breadcrumbs, sear in a pan and finish in the oven.

  • Prosciutto-wrapped boneless pork loin with rhubarb and sage

    • bching on May 17, 2014

      sauce is too sweet and sour; excellent roasting technique, however. Took longer than recipe said.

    • amraub on January 19, 2012

      Rhubarb sauce is delicious and goes very nicely with the juicy pork and crispy prosciutto.

  • Sausage- and prune-stuffed roast pork loin with brandy cream sauce

    • MollyB on July 21, 2020

      Very good, especially the sauce, which I could happily have eaten with a spoon. I liked the technique the recipe uses for butterflying the loin, with extra cuts to let you get more stuffing in.

  • Maple-brined boneless pork loin roast with apples, onions, and mustard bread crumbs

    • meggan on April 09, 2013

      This is amazing. I over-cooked it and it was still great. Don't skimp on the mustard bread crumbs - they really make it.

    • stockholm28 on January 20, 2014

      I've never been a big fan of pork loin; I've often found it rather dry and bland. This dish wasn't like that. It was very moist and had good flavor. The pork is brined for 24 hours. It is seared and the roast is placed in a roasting pan atop apples, onions, and rosemary tossed with butter, olive oil, and S&P and apple cider. You also make a glaze by boiling apple cider until it is reduced. That is mixed with maple syrup and Dijon mustard and is used to glaze the pork. You also make some toasted bread crumbs mixed with butter, mustard, and rosemary. The pork is served with the bread crumbs on top and some apple onion mixture on the side. This was good, although surprisingly, I really didn't notice the maple flavor. Don't skip the bread crumbs. They really added something.

  • Oven-roasted porchetta

    • senzler on October 30, 2022

      This is amazing. I had the butcher wrap it in a porkbelly

  • Arista rub for boneless pork blade roast

    • DKennedy on September 25, 2015

      P. 222 Marinate this in the dry rub 24 hours. (Buried within the notes is the recommendation to put the dry rub on 24 hours before cooking). Put in a dry Le Cruset pan (open) in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour. Turned it over, 1 more hour. Added 1/3 cup white wine, continued to turn to brown sides for a total of 3 hours 45 minutes. Covered, turned off oven, and left in oven 2 more hours. Put in fridge over night. Incredible flavor. (4 cloves garlic, 1 1/4 t. salt, 2 t. each rosemary and sage, 1 t. each rosemary and lemon zest).

  • Cuban-style marinated slow-roasted pork picnic shoulder (Pernil al horno)

    • meggan on April 13, 2020

      Used the marinade but not the method as we didn't have that kind of time for roasting. It probably needs all the slow roasting to really pick up the flavor of the marinade more but it was good enough for us.

    • hillsboroks on January 05, 2016

      Great technique for roasting a marinaded pork shoulder roast. I used the marinade recipe from Lechon Asado from the Kitchn but followed Molly's roasting instructions to a T. I ended up with a pork should roast that looked just like the one in her photo, crispy on the outside and moist and tender inside. This is a long process (2 days marinading) and 8-9 hours slow cooking so plan ahead. But it was the perfect recipe for a New Year's Eve dinner where I had put it in the marinade a couple of days ahead of time and then let it slow roast all day while I cleaned house and made the rest of the dinner. I had all the sides ready well before the guests arrived and it ended up being one of the more relaxing company dinners I have ever done.

  • Basic roasted sausages

    • vbbaker on May 31, 2020

      Made a delicious variation with turkey Italian sausage and added one sliced red bell pepper and a handful of new potatoes to the skillet. Great, easy meal.

  • Green salad with a vinaigrette made from pan drippings

    • TrishaCP on November 08, 2014

      This made a fine last-minute side to a roast chicken dinner.

  • Sunday supper roast chicken with bacon and root vegetables

    • eselque on February 26, 2012

      Served on arugula.

  • Thai-style roast chicken pieces with lemongrass, red peppers, and shiitakes

    • amraub on June 01, 2012

      The roasting takes a bit of time, but the dish comes together with very little effort. I only used chicken thighs and they came out moist, juicy, and flavourful. Despite the bright green paste, the cilantro isn't overwhelming. The pepper and mushroom side are especially delicious from soaking up all of the chicken juices while roasting. Served with a simple side salad.

  • Roast chicken pieces Dijonnaise

    • TrishaCP on October 14, 2014

      This was a wonderful dish- very easy to prepare but so delicious. The mustard and crème fraîche make a luxurious sauce so be sure to serve this with something to mop it up- we used rice.

  • Roasted chicken pieces with apricots, olives, and oranges

    • TrishaCP on March 22, 2014

      Chicken must marinate 6-24 hours before roasting.

    • TrishaCP on March 23, 2014

      I liked this quite a bit. I had whole chicken legs (drumsticks and thighs) from my meat CSA, so I had to increase my roasting time (about an hour and fifteen minutes), but my chicken came out perfectly cooked with beautiful skin. I had to thaw my chicken, so was only able to marinate it for 2 of the 6 suggested hours. I would not do that again- the flavors need more time to penetrate the chicken, especially the orange. (I think the overnight marinade is the way to go.) The apricots are the best part of the sauce, and I would cut them at least in half to better disperse them in the future. (I would throw in some garlic or shallot next time too.)

  • Basic roast chicken thighs

    • MollyB on February 21, 2019

      Very good, basic recipe for roast chicken thighs (as the recipe title suggests). Easy and quick enough for a weeknight dinner. They are better if you salt them ahead of time, but still good if you just salt them right before cooking. I've made this several times, and they have always been done ahead of the low end of the cooking time, so start checking early. And be prepared for splatter in your oven.

  • Spice-rubbed roast chicken thighs with cilantro-lime vinaigrette

    • Avocet on September 11, 2013

      This was very good and easy. I used more cumin and coriander than called for, and added some olive oil to the chicken while marinating with the spices. I also upped the lime juice. It went well with a side of corn on the cob.

    • Astrid5555 on September 16, 2013

      Very quick and easy. Should have read other note about this recipe first. Will definitely add some olive oil next time.

  • Garlicky roast chicken thighs with lemon and herbs

    • twoyolks on March 01, 2021

      A solid, roasted chicken thigh recipe. The garlic, lemon, herbs, and Aleppo pepper are subtle but I think I'd miss them if they weren't there.

    • hillsboroks on January 26, 2021

      This recipe is easy enough for a weeknight but delicious enough to serve guests. I used Aleppo pepper and it was perfect.

  • Roasted Buffalo wings

    • bching on December 06, 2015

      Great technique, especially for the hot sauce. It's important to use meaty wings.

  • Basic roasted Cornish game hens

    • tarae1204 on April 12, 2022

      Solid recipe for basic roasted Cornish game hen.

  • Roasted Cornish game hens with Provençal stuffing

    • Skamper on September 22, 2020

      Delicious. Roasted one hen and made a half batch of the stuffing. Wished the skin got a bit crispier, but would definitely make again.

  • Classic herbed bread dressing

    • Skamper on November 26, 2022

      I didn't follow the recipe to a T but used it as a guide for proportions. Baked the KAF stuffing loaf instead of white bread and used leeks instead of onions. In place of the spices, I used 1-2 tsp Bell's poultry seasoning (didn't measure). Used 1.5 cups broth made from the neck and giblets. Added approximately .75 tsp kosher salt and used a bit less than 4 T to dot the top. It was delicious and I would make it this way again, but it was barely enough for 6 people rather than the 10-12 stated.

  • Slow-roasted herbed turkey breast

    • Bloominanglophile on December 08, 2013

      Since there was just our small nuclear family to eat the Thanksgiving meal, this recipe caught my eye. It was more reasonable than hassling with a big turkey for just 3 people. I purchased a frozen whole turkey breast (about 4 1/2 pounds) from Whole Foods, and divided it in 2 and proceeded with the recipe, doubling the ingredients for the herb paste. Everything pretty much went according to plan, and I used my thermometer to check the temp. I did cook this to 170 F instead of 165, since I ALWAYS undercook meat, despite my best calculations and temperature measurements. Well, it was a bit dry. I did have enough drippings to make a jus to moisten the meat. So, either it was the quality of turkey breast I bought, a faulty thermometer, or my error of cooking it 5 degrees more. On the whole this recipe was fine, and a nice way to go if you have fewer people to feed for a holiday meal.

    • hillsboroks on November 29, 2020

      I used this recipe successfully to roast two turkey thighs for our 2020 Thanksgiving for two and it was perfect. I put the rub on the day before and simply browned them in my LeCreuset braising pan before popping the pan into the oven. I wasn't sure of the cooking time so I watched them carefully. It only took about 35 minutes in the oven to reach temperature. There were enough drippings in the pan to make a lovely turkey gravy while the thighs rested and my other side dishes cooked. The thigh meat was well-flavored and very moist. I would make this again even when it wasn't a holiday.

    • MollyB on December 04, 2015

      I've made this now for 2 Thanksgivings in a row, and it's a really good, simple recipe. I'm normally not a turkey breast fan, but this recipes keeps the turkey moist and tasty. The leftovers are fabulous in sandwiches. We made both simple turkey sandwiches and bahn mi with it, and both were great.

    • TrishaCP on October 14, 2018

      This recipe produced wonderfully succulent turkey breast. Something I didn't think was actually possible! The herb paste wasn't that strong- just added nice background notes of flavor.

  • Whole roast duck with hoisin sauce (aka lazy person's Peking duck)

    • hillsboroks on January 25, 2015

      We made this using a wild mallard my husband got on a hunting expedition this week. The flavor of the spice rub and sauce was excellent but my husband thought it left the duck tougher than he likes using this cooking method, hence the 3 star rating. It would probably be a 5 star rating had we used a domestic duck. To compensate for the smaller and less fatty wild duck I cut the roasting time in half and that brought it exactly to 175 F. I also made half the spice rub but made the full recipe of hoisin sauce. We divided the hoisin sauce and used half for a dipping sauce. Wild ducks are so difficult to roast without drying them out and making them tough so I will look for pan seared recipes for the other 19 ducks in the freezer. That method seems to work the best but this was a fun experiment.

    • chawkins on February 28, 2018

      This was absolutely delicious even though it did not really taste like Peking duck. The duck sat in the refrigerator with the rub for 48 hours. For a four and a half pound duck, it took less than 2 hrs for the thigh to reach 175 F. The 500 F high heat blasts did not dry up the hoisin sauce, so there were still a tasty layer of sauce wherever it was applied. Hands-on time for this recipe is minimal, so I'll definitely make it again.

  • Slow-roasted duck breast

    • bching on October 04, 2014

      Very good technique. I did not use a thermometer. The duck was just the way I like it at 45 minutes.

  • One-dish roasted haddock with lemony potatoes

    • MollyB on February 26, 2019

      Not sure I'd make this again, but I think I had some issues with either the pan size or the thickness of the potatoes. I ended up with some burned potatoes and some undercooked ones - make sure you have an even layer and maybe stir them more frequently than directed in the recipe. I agree with blintz's suggestion to double the Aleppo pepper (but I thought the lemon quantity was fine).

    • blintz on January 06, 2019

      Perfect weeknight one pan meal for fresh haddock fillets. Next time I'll double the lemon because it's so good to crunch on those crispy disks between the potatoes. Also double the Aleppo pepper.

  • Panko-crusted roast cod fillets with horseradish and dill

    • sosayi on April 26, 2018

      Very good (and quick!) cod preparation. Recipe list should include dijon mustard and butter, FYI. The lemon, dill, horseradish and mustard flavors really shone through the crispy panko breading. I placed the cod on top of some lemon slices, topped with the breading, and drizzled the melted butter on top. 15 minutes later, fish was cooked perfectly. I had roasted some lemon wedges to serve alongside, but the flavors were so good they weren't needed. Served with some quinoa whole wheat bread and steamed broccoli with parmesan, ricotta, and lemon. Delicious.

  • Roast side of salmon with herbed yogurt sauce

    • Beebopalulu on June 09, 2020

      Salmon was perfectly moist and tender, and the sauce was easy and delicious.

  • Basic whole roasted rainbow trout

    • stockholm28 on December 15, 2013

      A very simple preparation or whole trout with lemon and herbs. I also made the tomato orange relish to accompany.

  • Quick-roasted green beans and shallots with garlic and ginger juice

    • wcassity on November 28, 2019

      Nice Thanksgiving side dish - bright, not fussy or overwhelming good flavors.

  • Roasted corn, tomato, and black bean salad/salsa

    • dc151 on August 13, 2022

      This was a lovely accompaniment to burgers tonight. Fair warning, this makes a lot!

  • Quick-roasted mushrooms with pine nuts and Parmesan

    • sosayi on October 29, 2018

      Really easy to make and very quick, especially if you have everything prepped in advance (toasting pine nuts, cleaning mushrooms, grating cheese). Even without advance prep, it might only take a 1/2 hour or so. Not sure if we'd repeat, as my husband is not a huge mushroom fan, but I loved it.

  • Kalamata vinaigrette

    • sosayi on October 29, 2018

      Absolutely delicious: savory and briny, we couldn't get enough! We served this with the Blasted Broccoli (as suggested), and it was a great combo.

  • Roasted cauliflower "steaks" with crunchy parsley-pine nut bread crumbs

    • ashallen on December 11, 2019

      If you like cauliflower, this seems to be a good recipe for roasting it - there's nice browning on the "steaks" and the bread crumbs add nice flavor and texture. However, both my husband and I have a marginal appreciation for cauliflower flavor. At his request, I tried a few cauliflower-focused recipes so he could see if he'd get into it more. Unfortunately, we weren't turned into cauliflower-lovers by any of them!

  • Butter-roasted cabbage strips with caraway and mustard seeds

    • sosayi on April 12, 2020

      This was good, but not great. I think I’d up the spices next time and finish with a splash of vinegar. Cooking method and temp were spot on, however.

  • Mustard-crusted roast potatoes

    • Skamper on September 22, 2020

      I used sweet potatoes and they were delicious. Made with the provencale game hens so roasted at the same (higher) hear and they were done in about 35 minutes.

  • British roast potatoes

    • Beebopalulu on June 22, 2020

      Potatoes turned out well, but required flipping every 15 minutes or so, and were done in about 45 minutes, not 1 hour.

    • okcook on July 31, 2012

      I made these with duck fat but even without using such a great tasting fat, these potatoes were wonderful. Nice and crunchy and golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I'm making these again.

  • Oven fries

    • spharo00 on July 23, 2012

      These were great. They were perfectly crunchy and tasted like potato chips. It took a little extra work to parboil the potatoes but I think it really made a difference in the end result.

    • luolili on March 03, 2018

      These oven fries are pretty good! They are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. I am not sure they are worth the effort, but if you have russett potatoes and you want to use them, this recipe is a good one! They just don't quite match fried fries.

  • Herb-roasted roots with hazelnut and sesame spice mix (Dukkah)

    • lorloff on October 20, 2013

      Very good roasted beets celeriac and kohlrabi. Added pistachio oil

  • Maple-roasted butternut squash and apples

    • jhallen on October 31, 2020

      This is really easy and very good. My apples came out mushy but I think that’s because I used some apples that were past their prime.

    • ashallen on December 11, 2019

      I'm a big butternut squash fan and have made this recipe several times. The combination of apple and squash is very good and the suggested fresh marjoram works very well with their flavors. Dish is strongly affected by quality of the squash and apples - my most recent squash wasn't very sweet or flavorful and it came through in the final dish. I ended up pureeing that batch with some extra water and seasonings to save it! Overall, this is pretty sweet - I've actually eaten leftovers for breakfast. To make it more savory, I add 1/2-1 cup finely chopped shallots or yellow/red onion and sometimes toss everything with rendered fat from a roasted chicken instead of olive oil/butter. I also like to roast it longer than specified in the recipe and/or use convection mode part of the time to further intensify the flavors. Making a half-batch on a single half sheet pan works well. I skip the parchment paper and haven't found clean-up to be troublesome.

  • Slow-roasted grapes

    • anniemac on March 18, 2012

      I recently made these (using olive oil, rather than butter), and served them as part of a cheese plate with a local, Camembert-style cheese and some roasted almonds. The slightly tart and raisin-y grapes paired really nicely with the creamy cheese.

  • Brown sugar-roasted pineapple

    • ashallen on September 25, 2019

      This was the perfect way to rescue a sad pineapple that wasn't sweet and flavorful enough to eat raw - it'd probably be even more delicious with a great pineapple! Pineapple got a meaty texture during roasting and formed a nice syrup. Flavors were complex and acidity levels dropped. Since some of the pineapple pieces were chewy, it was helpful to chop them up further before serving with cake etc. - might have been the particular pineapple I used, though. Leftovers kept very well. Butter in the syrup solidifies once cool - definitely serve warm - though cold leftovers worked great as a smoothie addition.

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Reviews about this book

  • Oregonian

    Whether you're looking for a simple roast chicken recipe for Sunday dinner or you're,,, looking for ways to perfect roasted potatoes, her instructions make even adventurous dishes seem attainable.

    Full review
  • Pen and Fork

    Most cooks think roasting is the easiest of cooking methods, and sometimes they are right. Who hasn’t slathered olive oil on veggies, tossed with salt and pepper and popped them into a oven?

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  • Boston Globe by T. Susan Chang

    Stevens’s book clearly shows that with just a little ingenuity and a handful of ingredients, you can end up with vegetables that are even better, dishes that routinely steal the show.

    Full review
  • ISBN 10 039306526X
  • ISBN 13 9780393065268
  • Published Nov 15 2011
  • Format Hardcover
  • Page Count 592
  • Language English
  • Countries United States
  • Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
  • Imprint WW Norton & Co

Publishers Text

A master teacher provides delicious recipes and explains the principles behind the essential technique of roasting.

Successful restaurateurs have always known that adding "roasted" to a dish guarantees immediate appeal. Molly Stevens brings her trademark thoroughness and eye for detail to the technique of roasting. She breaks down when to use high heat, moderate heat, or low heat to produce juicy, well-seared meats, caramelized drippings, and concentrated flavors. Her 150 recipes feature the full range of dishes from beef, lamb, pork, and poultry to seafood and vegetables. Showstoppers include porchetta ingeniously made with a loin of pork, a roast goose with potato-sage stuffing, and a one-hour beef rib roast-dishes we've dreamed of making, and that Molly makes possible with her precise and encouraging instructions. Other recipes such as a Sunday supper roast chicken, herb-roasted shrimp, and blasted broccoli make this an indispensable book for home cooks and chefs. All About Roasting is like having the best teacher in America in the kitchen with you. 150 full-color illustrations

Read Adam Robert's report on his blog Amateur Gourmet of a dinner Molly cooked from the book.

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