Upcoming improvements on EYB

Thank you for all your feedback, we’re so grateful to all those who take the time to write to us. We are still a beta website and there are areas of improvement to be made before we remove the beta from the logo. So keep it coming, we love getting it and it will help us improve our service to you and build a better website. I will write regularly on the blog about changes we’ve made and what our future plans are.

This week we are doing an upgrade that will improve the look and feel of the site and improve general performance and page load times. Our improved code creates a better platform to make more functional changes.

We are listening to what our members want and trying to prioritize accordingly. These are a few of the changes you’ll see in the next few months:

  • Ability to add your cookbooks that aren’t already in the EYB Library
  • Bulk import of book data from spreadsheets and CSV files
  • Indexing your own personal recipes to create your own ‘cookbook’
  • Changes to the way emails to EYB work, particularly Index Requests (don’t worry if you don’t currently see an email, we do get a request every time you click on an RI icon)

We want to thank you for being one of the early members and putting up with some of the frustrations of the site. To compensate for being inaugural members and part of a beta site we have offered a Lifetime membership, which we’re delighted to see most people have taken out.

We believe in a two-way relationship with our members so we will endeavor to keep you up to date with our plans and look forward to hearing more from you. We appreciate your input and tolerance of any glitches you may experience along the way.

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