Some features you may be missing

In developing the new website, there were some features that we didn’t have time to incorporate.  They are however on our to-do list so you should see them improved and back on EYB soon.

Friends – we are developing a much-improved social networking feature for EYB and Friends will be part of that.  We have retained your Friends data so when we reinstate the feature we will reconnect you.  In the meantime you can still see your Friends’ profiles and bookshelves by clicking their name in any Bookshelves list for a book they own.

Shopping Lists – we plan a complete overhaul of Shopping lists as part of our development of a mobile interface for EYB.  Not an app, as we want all cell phones/mobiles to work with the site.  So the Shopping list we have now is rather basic – you can’t add Menus to it, only add each Recipe individually from the Recipe details page.  But the new Shopping List will be easier to edit and have lots of new features.

Indexing – as part of the new website we are developing a web interface for our indexers.  Initially this will just be the paid indexers but once we are sure it is working properly, we will be opening it up to member volunteers.  You will then be able to index your own cookbooks and also your personal recipes.  In the meantime, while the interface is being built we cannot import data using the old formats so there will be a period of a few weeks while no new books will be indexed.  We added a lot just before the new site launch and we will be indexing furiously when we can get back to it.

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