NEW FEATURE: ‘No Recipes’ books

We have had the Indexing status ‘No Recipes’ for some time but until now you could not use that as a filter. You now can! ‘No Recipes’ is one of the selections under the Only Show filters on the right (or under the Menu on a phone) when you are in Library Books or My Bookshelf Books.

‘No Recipes’ books are no longer counted as Unindexed books in your Bookshelf stats. If you own any books that should have the ‘No Recipes’ status added, please email us and let us know. Please include the URL for that EYB book in your email.

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  • hibeez  on  July 27, 2022

    Actually, there are about 6 or 7 recipes in “What to Eat with What you Drink” by the same authors as the Flavor Bible. I’ve tagged them, and would be happy to index them. How would I go about that?

  • Jenny  on  July 27, 2022


    You can request to index – I will remove the “No recipe” tag. Click on the book title – click “Request Index” then click “I want to index this book myself”. I’ll let our member indexer mgr. know you will be doing that.

  • nadine.guarrera  on  July 28, 2022

    I’m always excited about new features. They improve the site even if it’s not a feature I use every day.

  • Maxineanna  on  July 28, 2022

    What’s the difference between unindexed and ‘no recipes’?

  • Jenny  on  July 28, 2022

    No recipes means the book contains no recipes. Unindexed means that the book’s recipes haven’t been indexed. (Perhaps the book isn’t on enough bookshelves yet or we have it on the list to be indexed.) Indexing now means EYB or a member is in the process of indexing.

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