New Feature: EYBD Preview indexes

In March 2018, EYB launched our EYBDigital Preview and EYBDigital Recipe feature. An EYBD Preview is where a selection of full pages are available with many including a sampling of recipes. Please see this article for a full explanation of EYBD Previews and Recipes.

To date we have 1,445 EYBD Previews in our Library. Of those Previews 890 are attached to indexed books (with those Preview recipes indexed as a part of the book) and 35 additional books are “Indexing Now”. This meant that many recipes from unindexed books were not able to be added to our members’ Bookshelves or appear in the Library Online Recipes search.

We have now launched a new feature where we will index any available recipes in EYBD Previews whose books are not indexed at this time. In the past few days, we have indexed 190 Previews resulting in a total of 4,547 EYBDigital Recipes being available to our members. We will be indexing all other Preview Recipes in the next couple of weeks.

Example: Italian Cooking Like Nonna: Authentic Family Recipes with Extraordinary Flavor and Endless Variations by Caroline De Luca’s Preview recipes were indexed. Now you can add these recipes to your Bookshelf and have them searchable. These recipes are now part of the Online Recipes search in the Library. So many of our Previews share beautiful recipes and this new feature makes those recipes available to you until the book is indexed.

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