Our Favorite Instant Pot Cookbooks

The Instant Pot® has been the subject of many promotional and informational posts here at Eat Your Books including A Beginner's Guide; an In-Depth Look; French Tips and Instant Pot Fever. These articles may be helpful for anyone who have recently purchased this product. Type in a search in our cookbook library with just the words "Instant Pot" you will find 51 cookbook results with… read more

Top Cookbooks of 2017

Every food writer and site puts up some type of best of list. Eat Your Books, as you well know, is dedicated to cookbooks, as am I, naturally our list will be longer. I base this list on all the cookery books published in 2017 from around the globe. I only include books that I have purchased or received for… read more

Best Cookbooks for Home Cooking

Recently, Epicurious published their list of the 100 best home cooks of all time. Now the editors have derived a list of cookbooks recommended for the new collector pulled from that list with The Food Lab being given the coveted position of number one.  In July, I complied a list of books that I recommended to elevate your cooking game based… read more

Indian Cookbooks – A World of Spice

Often in The Cookbook Junkies, members ask "what is your favorite fill-in-the-blank (Indian, Mexican, Thai) cookbook." I've been collecting the responses and will be doing a series of posts sharing the results. Today's post features Indian cookbooks which definitely are favorites in my collection. The warm, earthly spices used in Indian dishes can bring a punch to our menus.  Raghavan… read more
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