Friday Flashback – The Food Stylist’s Handbook and Food Styling Workshops

Today's flashback is a look at The Food Stylist's Handbook: Hundreds of Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for Chefs, Artists, Bloggers, and Food Lovers by Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan. Denise and her team are the stylists to the stars and this book is an updated paperback version of her 2010 classic. Denise also was a busy caterer in Los Angeles… read more

Friday Flashback – Plenty – Diana Henry

The majority of Diana Henry's work can be classified as good, uncomplicated food with subtle nuances of sophistication and beauty. In Plenty: Good, Uncomplicated Food, the subject of today's Friday Flashback, the beloved author, shares more than 300 recipes with the caveat that none of them are extravagant. I, however, feel that there is more to extravagance than cost factor. Henry's dishes are… read more

Friday Flashback – Feasting Karen Martini

Hello, my name is Jenny and I have a problem - when I find a cookbook author I enjoy, I must have all the books they have written. My obsession with Karen Martini made that feat quite expensive - those darn Australian books! I blame all of this on Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamini. Yes, that is correct, those two superstar… read more

Friday Flashback – Southern Italian Family Cooking Carmela Hayes Sereno

Last month, I had the pleasure of reviewing and cooking from Carmela Sophia Sereno's cookbook, A Passion for Pasta which is truly a keeper - beautiful, inspiring and approachable. Check out my review and enter our promotion to win a copy along with some wonderful pasta making tools. Today's Friday Flashback focuses on Carmela's her first title, Southern Italian Family Cooking:… read more

Friday Flashback – A Well Seasoned Kitchen

A Well-Seasoned Kitchen: Classic Recipes for Contemporary Living by Sally Clayton and Lee Clayton Roper was written because Lee wanted to find a way to preserve her mother Sally's recipes. The cookbook kicked off with Sally's participation but sadly, Sally passed away before the book was finished. Lee finished this beautiful tribute to her mother's memory on her own but… read more

Friday Flashback – Zahav and Michael Solomonov’s Cookbook Collection

Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking by Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook brings the highly coveted dishes of the Philadephia hot spot Zahav into our kitchens. Zahav is Hebrew for gold. Chef Mike was born in Israel but grew up mostly in Pittsburgh, where tahini was always on the table, a marker of his Israeli heritage. "Israelis love tehina like… read more

Friday Flashback – The New Midwestern Table – Cookbook Stackup

I am a Midwestern girl in my heart. I grew up in a small steel town in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri.  Even though I long to return to New York, having lived there for fifteen years, the grounding stability of the Midwest is in my blood. The MIdwest has a reputation for meat, potatoes and bread - yet… read more

Friday Flashback – Extra Virgin

When I saw the previews for the cooking show Extra Virgin I thought, I admit it,  "For Julia Child's sake, another celebrity cooking show?" - I was judgy and I was wrong. I fell in love with this show and watched it with my son who would sing the opening credits with me - even my husband loved watching the… read more

Friday Flashback – Vegetarian Dinner Parties

Confession is good for the soul and I have shared a number of them here over the last year. I am admitting today that it was only recently that I've started to enjoy vegetarian books. Most of that enlightment came to me when I first reviewed Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough's Vegetarian Dinner Parties: 150 Meatless Meals Good Enough to Serve to… read more

Friday Flashback – Nanban – Tim Anderson

Nanban: Japanese Soul Food by Tim Anderson is a wonderful book that I covered here at Eat Your Books back in June of 2016. My full review covered Tim's background, the book's content and also shared two recipes that I had tested. I remember making those dishes and also recall how much we enjoyed them.   This is how good… read more

Friday Flashback – Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour

I remember cracking open the pages of Sirocco: Fabulous Flavours from the East last year and reading these words "Sirocco: a hot, dry wind blowing from east to west-sometimes described as warm, spicy and sultry" - I was spellbound. The vivid description of the word sirocco made me long to know more. Sabrina Ghayour's first book - Persiana: Recipes from the Middle… read more

Friday Flashback – Pok Pok

Any lover of Thai food more than likely has Pok Pok: Food and Stories from the Streets, Homes, and Roadside Restaurants of Thailand on their bookshelf. Even those who don't own the book, have heard of Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings or as I call them one of the best wings in the world. Andy Ricker, James Beard Best Chef of the… read more

Friday Flashback – Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry

Mrs. Wheelbarrow's Practical Pantry: Recipes and Techniques for Year-Round Preserving by Cathy Barrow is my bible for canning and food preservation. When Cathy first announced she was writing a book, I was thrilled. I had been envious of her gardening posts and was anxious to learn more about canning.  Cathy's book is gorgeous with plenty of photographs and extensive attention… read more

Friday Flashback – Brown Eggs and Jam Jars

Brown Eggs and Jam Jars: Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites by Aimée Wimbush-Bourque is the subject of today's Friday Flashback.  Aimée's book came to mind while updating the library in anticipation of her October release (more about that later) - it appears this will be a Flashback and Flashforward piece! Brown Eggs and Jam Jars contains over one hundred… read more

Friday Flashback – Spuntino

Recently, I was reminded about how much I love the cookbook Spuntino: Comfort Food (New York Style) by Russell Norman when it showed up on my recently indexed book list. Norman is also the author of Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (of Sorts) and a restaurateur. Over the last two decades he has worked in many of London's landmark restaurants in every capacity from… read more
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