The best way to organize your life (well, at least your recipes)


Eat Your Books has already saved members from spending countless hours scouring the internet for recipes. Thanks to the carefully curated selection of online recipes in the EYB Library, which is unlike any other online recipe resource, you don’t have to flounder around in a sea of dodgy websites hoping for the best. Now the great services offered with free EYB memberships have been expanded to help members organize all of their online recipes–no matter the source.   

If you’ve watched any late-night cable television, you’ve probably heard the phrase “But wait, there’s more!” Upon hearing this, you likely groan and flip to another channel. In the case of EYB, however, there really is more, and you don’t have to “just pay shipping and handling” to get it. Now anyone with a free membership can add an unlimited number of online recipes to his or her EYB Bookshelf. That includes the nearly 140,000 online recipes currently indexed on EYB from the best blogs, chefs, and cookbook authors. Of that 140,000 there are over 20,000 links to recipes from cookbooks (equivalent to 100 cookbooks) and to over 45,000 magazine recipes (equivalent to 780 issues of magazines).

Not only that, people with free memberships can now index their own Personal Recipes, and can add any other online recipe from any website (not just the ones already indexed on EYB), by using the BookmarkletOnce a member adds a recipe via the Bookmarklet, the recipe is added to the EYB Library, further expanding the resources for all members (approximately 10% of online recipes are added by members). So tell your friends, because the more people who use the site and add recipes, the more great recipe choices you will have! As if that weren’t enough, if you own a cookbook that isn’t already indexed on EYB, and if you volunteer to index that book, you can add it to your EYB Bookshelf even if you already have reached the five cookbook limit for free memberships.   

And yes, that is the catch: free memberships are limited to five currently indexed cookbooks or magazines in the EYB Library. If you want to include all of the cookbooks in your collection, or if you don’t want to view the advertisements that appear with a free membership, you can upgrade to a Premium membership. Naturally, all of the great services described above are available to Premium members, along with an unlimited number of indexed cookbooks and magazines for your EYB Bookshelf. The other great features you love, including adding Notes and Bookmarks to keep track of what you’ve made, what you want to make, or pitfalls to avoid, are still available to all members. Now you can use the time you save to organize those kitchen cupboards!

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