Tis’ the Season to be Baking … Flour Everywhere La la la la

The holiday season is hectic enough and what do we do – we add to that madness by making impossible demands upon ourselves. One year I made over twenty varieties of cookies for my cookie trays to give to neighbors. At that time my son was a toddler and I was hosting Christmas dinner at my house for our family. Yes, I was so much younger then. 

I am now kinder to myself in my expectations. My list this year meets somewhere in the middle of totally doable and reasonably ridiculous. Italian rainbow cookies, orange cardamom cookies, eggnog shortbread, a variety of brownies, bourbon pecan blondies, a selection of fudge, chocolate chip cookies, candied nuts, peanut butter kisses and cut-out sugar cookies. I plan to start baking on Monday and cross your fingers I don’t just break out the eggnog too early.

The various newspaper annual holiday cookie contests are one of my addictions along with these cookie books which can be downloaded at no cost that my friend, Tina sends me every year. She who dies with the most cookie recipes wins.

Our Online Recipe function delivers almost 8,500 cookie recipes alone! My post today is a compilation of links to cookie recipe collections, newspaper contests and more. If you have a link to share, please comment here and I’ll update the post.

The Washington Post cookie generator allows you to type in a few ingredients and then provides you with a cookie recipe. That sounds familiar. 

Stella Parks’ fantastic article at Serious Eats and recipe for the best rolled sugar cookie will have you ditching your tried and true version and trying hers (and her pie crust piece is great, too!) Trust me, you order her book.

Washington Post cookie article 

Los Angeles Times cookie contest

Palm Beach Post cookie contest

Columbus Dispatch cookie collection 

Journal Sentinel cookie contest

Baltimore Sun cookie contest 

Dallas News cookie contest

Post Crescent cookie contest

St. Cloud Times cookie contest

Chicago Tribune cookie contest and their Holiday Cookie book is killer good.

The Coloradoan cookie contest

Dayton Daily News cookie contest

Finger Lake Times cookie contest

C and G Newspapers cookie contest

Jacksonville cookie contest

The Denver Post cookie favorites

Bob’s Red Mill United States of Cookies

StarTribune (Minneapolis)

Happy Baking! Photo of the platter of cookies is mine from about a year ago.

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  • BethNH  on  December 18, 2016

    What I've learned over the years is that while I love a variety of cookies, I simply do not like them all mixed together on a tray. All the cookies taste the same when they're in close proximity. I also can pick out a previously frozen cookie every single time and I do not like them.

  • Jenny  on  December 20, 2016

    Beth – I agree – that's why I don't put mine together until moments before I serve them and I try to put the in little paper dividers. And I can tell a frozen cookie too – I will not freeze mine – or eat others that are frozen.

  • eileen2015  on  November 19, 2017

    I freeze the dough for some cookie recipes already shaped into the cookie. Bake fresh as needed.

  • MADAMXTRA  on  August 5, 2018

    Oh my goodness – looking a those cookies brought tears to my eyes. Growing up in Chicago, I had a German neighbor who baked the best Christmas Cookies I’d ever tasted. Your photo looks like her kitchen…SMILE!!!

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