A special treat for an Olympic medalist

 David Chang and Chloe Kim

A few days ago we reported on what it’s like to eat in the Olympic Village. We’ve learned a bit more since that post, especially some interesting details about one Olympic athlete’s eating preferences, through an article from The Washington Post and an Instagram post from chef David Chang. 

Chang posted a photo of the special creation he made for gold medal winner Chloe Kim: a churro ice cream sandwich. Chang assembled the concoction after learning that Kim was a fan of churros, ice cream, and sandwiches. Chang’s Instagram post, pictured above, was captioned ”Surprised  @chloekimsnow after her big win yesterday with churro ice cream sandwiches. Made in basically five minutes with pizza dough we found in the cafeteria because she loves churros, sandwiches, and ice cream. Proud of team [USA].”

The 17-year-old Kim definitely prefers junk food to fine dining, judging from her social media posts, chronicled by The Washington Post. Kim has posted photos of her driving with her father to grab an In-and-Out burger, enjoys Flamin’ Hot Cheetos so much that she had some shipped to New Zealand while training there, and has claimed that churros are a good antidote to nervousness. 

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  • sir_ken_g  on  February 16, 2018

    Well if you are a cute Olympic gold medalist you may eat junk food.
    Not so good for the rest of us.

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