What’s it like to audition for Masterchef?


If you have ever watched any competitive reality television cooking show like Masterchef or The Next Food Network Star, at some point you probably think “how did they come up with these people?” or “I know I could do better than that!” Since the competitiors for these programs are chosen from people from all walks of life, in theory you have as good a chance as anyone to be on the show.

So what’s it like to try out for the show? Someone who has been there – she applied for Masterchef – tells Salon what the process is like. Jessie Glenn made it all the way from the initial submission of a video to the on-screen tryouts in Los Angeles. She shares her experience, and after reading her story, you will probably not be rushing to submit your application to any cooking show. 

Shows like Masterchef do not want contestants, or even people who try out to be contestants, to talk about the experience. However, Glenn did not submit the forms that bound her to secrecy, so she’s sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what happens up to the point of getting that coveted apron. 

She describes the obvious attempt to make sure the contestants question themselves and to manipulate their feelings, along with an intense sense of pressure. Glenn’s experience rings true to me – I also tried out for the program several years ago, although I did not make it quite as far as she did.

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