Is there a downside to Cookbooktober?

Cookbook lovers look forward to the end of year, when the bulk of quality cookbooks hit the shelves in anticipation of the holiday seasons. October is the month with the most releases. In fact, there are two days in October that each have more cookbooks being released than the entire month of April, according to Matt Sartwell of NYC’s Kitchen Arts & Letter. Sartwell explains the downside of the fall deluge of books

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While it’s wonderful to have so many options to choose from, the chances rise that you will pass up a lovely book because it is competing with so many others. The authors that will suffer are not the Ottolenghis and Gartens of the publishing industry, says Sartwell. Instead, he says the crush of releases can obscure “books whose charms are subtle, whose insights are not supported by television platforms and heavy advertising budgets. They are often the books that people will still be using long after hit TV shows have been cancelled or a restaurant empire has crumbled.”

Sartwell notes that brick-and-mortar bookstores can’t afford to carry each and every new release, which results in a dilemma. Should these booksellers buy the heavily promoted items that people will ask for, or should they choose to carry lesser-known or potentially higher quality volumes? Sartwell says he has selected several volumes to highlight in the hopes that they will become breakout successes. 

We are thankful that Jenny has taken the time to dive into the deep waters of Cookbooktober so that EYB Members are well-prepared for the onslaught of new volumes. You can read her in-depth analysis of October’s releases, so you won’t miss out on a fantastic book just because Ottolenghi is stealing the thunder with his latest bestseller (of course, you should get that one too). 

In addition to providing great reviews, we try to stagger our cookbook giveaways so we don’t overwhelm you in the fall and leave you high and dry come February. Make a note that we plan to have giveaways for releases from Cookbooktober that extend well beyond that whirlwind month. 

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  • Mrs. L  on  July 20, 2018

    The downside to Cookbooktober, is I can’t afford to buy them all.

  • angrygreycat  on  July 21, 2018

    I like that they come out in time to start shopping for Christmas gifts. I have three people that I always buy at least one cookbook for each year.

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