Food & Wine’s new feature highlights how pros cook at home

America has a fascination with celebrities, and we love to see how they act when the camera is not rolling. One of the most popular features in a supermarket tabloid that shall remain nameless is one called “Celebrities – they’re just like us!” It features photos of Hollywood stars shopping at grocery stores, buying bed linens, or walking their dog – scenes from their everyday lives. It makes them more relatable and connects us to them. 

Andrea Nguyen, Amy Thielen, Justin Chapple

In a similar vein, but much more in tune with what EYB Members enjoy, Food & Wine has developed a new feature they are calling FWCooks. The intro to the new section of their website describes a “network of food pros delivering the most cookable recipes and delicious ideas online…as award-winning contributors welcome us into their home kitchens, show us how they cook, and how an increasingly diverse and food-obsessed America eats in every region in the country.” 

Even better than mere tabloid voyeurism, F&W’s new space gives us recipes and ideas that we can use in our every day cooking. You’ll recognize the names linked to the stories and recipes as you head into the home kitchens of food writers, chefs, and food personalities including Gail Simmons, Andrea Nguyen, Amy Thielen, Paula Disbrowe, Ruth Reichl, Ben Mims, and Justin Chapple. I can’t wait to dig in to this new resource. 

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