New Jersey legislature approves the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail

Shortly after Anthony Bourdain’s tragic death in 2018, New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty proposed that an official Anthony Bourdain Food Trail should be set up to honor the New Jersey native. “Even after international fame, he [Bourdain] never forgot his Jersey roots,” Moriarty said. Now that proposal is becoming a reality

Anthony Bourdain

Last month, in a unanimous vote, the legislature approved creation of the trail. It includes all of the restaurants that Bourdain visited during the season five New Jersey episode of “Parts Unknown.” While several of the stops are within a couple of hours of each other along the Jersey coast, if you want to hit all of them you should plan for a multi-day trip. In addition to the coastal eateries like Dock’s Oyster House, you’ll have to go north to Fort Lee and south to Camden to visit every location. 

Although the legislature has approved the trail, implementing it will take some time. No deadline has been established for its installation or even how it will be marked. You’ll probably want to wait for warmer weather before heading to New Jersey to check them out anyway. In case you are already there, all of the eateries that will be featured on the trail are listed in the linked article. 

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  • averythingcooks  on  February 23, 2019

    I recently bought Bourdain's 2016 cookbook "Appetites". As I was away from home at the time of purchase I did not have the chance to start cookin right away – instead i sat down to read it cover to cover. So many "note to self" recipes to try when I got home , smiles as I read about his reflections on becoming a "later in life parent" and serious laugh loud moments ( i.e. The hone fries recipe and the dessert "chapter" are both classics!) And then…..a serious pause to try and reconcile the "voice" in this book with his decision to end his life in 2018… very sad.

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