This new strain of wheat could be a game-changer

Millions people suffer from celiac disease or have gluten intolerance. For most of them, this means they cannot enjoy delicious things the rest of us take for granted like bread and pasta. While gluten-free recipes have improved drastically in the last few decades, some items just don’t measure up to the real deal. However, that may soon change, as scientists have created a strain of wheat that is safe for those with gluten sensitivities

wheat field

Scientists from Washington State University and Clemson University have just developed this new genotype of wheat, which is  not only safe for celiacs, it also help treat the disease. The difference between this strain and conventional wheat is that it contains “built-in enzymes designed to break down disease-provoking gluten proteins in the body” according to the scientists. 

The enzymes come from barley, another gluten-containing grain. Not only do to enzymes work in this wheat, they help break down enzymes someone might encounter from another source, reducing the potential for cross-contamination issues in facilities that process many types of grain. The new wheat still has to undergo some testing, so it isn’t available to purchase. Let’s hope this clears all the safety hurdles and can be introduced soon. 

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  • sir_ken_g  on  February 23, 2019

    Vaporware at this point.

    "Right now, the enzymes are not heat stable, so the grain's benefits aren't as available when it is cooked, but scientists are now working on a heat-stable variation. This new wheat variety is still undergoing the research process and is not yet available for purchase."

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