Troubleshooting your Instant Pot

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a new kitchen appliance and putting it through its paces. On the flip side, there are few things as frustrating as having said appliance stop working properly or quit in the middle of a critical task. One of the most popular appliances on the market, the Instant Pot, has garnered legions of fans worldwide who are experience the satisfying. But what would you do if your wonderful new appliance suddenly began acting up? CNEt has solutions for five of the most common problems that crop up with Instant Pots (hat tip to EYB Member Sir_ken_g for bringing this to our attention). 

Instant Pot

If you see the codes “Ovht” or “C5” appear on the display and the IP stops working, don’t panic. These codes indicate an overheating situation, likely due to insufficient liquid. Carefully release the pressure and remove the inner pot. Be sure to pay attention to the liquid amount the next time you use the appliance. 

Another code that can send chills down your spine is “noPr”. This code means that pressure isn’t building up appropriately inside the vessel. The most likely culprit is an improperly positioned steam release handle or a leaky gasket. For the latter, check to make sure the gasket is fully seated, that it isn’t twisted, and that it is clean. A small piece of grit underneath the gasket can keep it from sealing well enough to build pressure. 

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