Mark Bittman is starting a new food magazine

After Mark Bittman left The New York Times to work for a vegan meal-kit start-up, we did not hear a lot from him. That’s about to change, however: Bittman announced yesterday that he is launching a new online food magazine at Medium. The magazine off to a bit of a rocky start, as the original name Bittman chose for the publication (Salty) was already in use.

Mark Bittman

After Bittman was called out for plagiarizing the name (and possibly also the logo), he quickly apologized and said a new name would be forthcoming. Whatever the magazine is ultimately called, it will feature recipes, stories related to food and more. “There’s a large part of me that wants people to be interested in food agriculture, or policy, or kids, or immigrants, or race,” Bittman told the NYT. Some common types of food writing won’t be found in the new venture, such as restaurant or chef profiles. 

Several food industry professionals will be joining Bittman at the new venture, including Melissa McCart, a critic for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Daniel Meyer, a former restaurant critic for Time Out New York; and Kate Bittman, Bittman’s daughter and a PR consultant. The magazine’s parent company, Medium, does not have advertising on its site, which of course means that the site is not free. Subscribers to Medium pay $5 a month or $50 a year for the content.

Don’t forget we have a complete recipe index of every recipe Mark Bittman has published – 28,000+ recipes! There is some duplication due to reworkings of books such as How to Cook Everything but it is still a hugely impressive number. You can also easily add recipes from Bittman’s blog and his NYT columns to your Bookshelf.

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