Cookery writer Margaret Fulton dies at 94

We have sad news to announce. Margaret Fulton, Australia’s best known and most loved cookery writer, has died at the age of 94. Through her magazine columns, cookbooks, and later, television appearances, Fulton exerted an extraordinary influence over Australia’s culinary landscape. She introduced the nation to the “exotic” flavors of Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, and Chinese cuisine.

Margaret Fulton Cookbook

Beginning with her 1968 debut, The Margaret Fulton Cookbook, the author penned several cookbooks in her long and multifaceted career. In addition to writing about food, Fulton was a teacher, an editor, a cook, and even a pressure-cooker salesperson. She was once described as “Australia’s original domestic goddess”. 

Fulton was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 1983 for her services to journalism and cookery. She even had a musical made of her life, 2006’s ‘Queen of The Dessert’, which highlighted her lesser-known bohemian life away from the cameras. In an interview, Fulton once said “The best thing in life is working and writing recipes, and chopping and stirring and all of those things.” 

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