Semifreddo hits all the right notes

It can be a challenge to write a blog that is read by people all over the world. When it’s blistering hot in one hemisphere, the other is dreading the next winter storm. There are a few foods that transcend the seasons, such as ice cream. Unless you own an ice cream maker – an indulgence if you do not have a lot of storage space, either in your freezer for the frozen-bowl types or in your cupboards in general – making homemade ice cream can be difficult. Lucky for us that there is another cold sweet that can satisfy your cravings: semifreddo, an Italian frozen dessert. Stella Parks (aka BraveTart) explains the ins and outs of this easy yet impressive treat


First things first: you do not need any special equipment for making semifreddo (which translates from Italian as “half-cold,” or “half-frozen”). Nor do you need fancy ingredients. The luxurious texture (which Parks describes as “a cross between ice cream and mousse”) stems from its richness. You can make it with whole eggs, yolks only, or whites only, although Parks makes a case for using whole eggs. 

After reading the thorough explanation of the steps required for the perfect semifreddo, you’ll want to jump right in. There’s a great recipe linked to the article,  Honey semifreddo (frozen Italian dessert) (pictured), and of course the EYB Library is teeming with more options, including these Member favorites: 

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