Food Network has a new reality baking show

If you enjoy reality baking programs, this news is for you. Food Network recently announced a new reality baking program, hosted by none other than the doyenne of domesticity Martha Stewart. Called Bakeaway Camp with Martha Stewart, the show puts a new twist on the standard competition format.

The show will feature six amateur bakers vying for the prize, which includes a $25,000 kitchen with high-end appliances. There is also a prize for each challenge; the first round winner will receive a one-on-one mentoring session with Martha Stewart. The show is structured as a “a culinary retreat with outdoor elements,” so you will see a tent similar to GBBO, but in a setting that is more rustic.

Other celebrities making appearances on the program include Carla Hall, Jesse Palmer, and Dan Langan. The Food Network has not announced the names of the competitors yet, and there is no premiere date set either, so stay tuned for further developments.

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