What’s on food writers and chefs holiday wish lists?

I gave up on making a holiday wish list years ago, as it became evident that my husband and family members all preferred to do their own thing with regard to gift buying. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see what others would put on their wish lists – especially chefs and food writers. What kinds of goodies or equipment would they want wrapped up in a bow? The Guardian asked this question of several culinary stars, and the results may make you want to add items to your own lists.

Jamie Oliver is keeping things simple with bread, cheese, and wine gin. The chef says he’s moved away from beer and wine and instead likes to follow a meal with a “classy little spirit.” Oliver thinks that Tinkture rose gin is a “thing of joy” and he enjoys the spirit in a long glass with ice, tonic, and a sprig of mint. Olia Hercules also wants cheese, honing in on one in particular: vacherin. Vacherin is a soft-washed-rind cow’s milk cheese that you bake until it’s melting, similar to brie or camembert. She thinks the flavor is best right around Christmas.

While most people polled for this article mentioned some kind of food or drink, a few went with equipment instead. Chef Anna Tobias of London’s Cafe Deco says she wants a pressure cooker. She inherited one from her grandmother, but it’s “starting not to have a perfect feel” so Tobias is “lusting after one that’s basically the same but probably a bit bigger.” What’s on your holiday wish list?

Photo of Baked vacherin Mont d’Or from Delicious Magazine (UK)

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  • Jane  on  November 20, 2020

    There is very little I actually need in the kitchen after many years collecting but this topic made me realize I really need a cake rotating stand. I don’t often do fancy cakes but I made the 10 layer honey cake recently (see Jenny’s post about Baking at the 20th Century Cafe) and pressing the crumbs on the sides was a pain. So I have now ordered a stand as a gift to myself.
    In terms of food gifts, good chocolate is always most welcome with me.

  • Rinshin  on  November 20, 2020

    I already received one a week ago and my husband is converting an old and non-functioning gas bbq roll table for outdoor Ooni pizza oven roll-table for me. Still waiting for a perforated pizza peel.

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