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Tales of kitchen disasters never fail to entertain me, perhaps because I have had so many of them in my own kitchen. From charcoal caramel to accidentally pouring out long-simmering stock, messes and mix-ups are part of everyone’s culinary journey. For your amusement, here’s a small gallery of kitchen disasters to make you feel better about your own mishaps.

Le Creuset has done it again – they’ve just dropped a sumptuous new color called Agave. A promotional blurb on the Le Creuset website describes it as “A dazzling jewel tone so rich it took two color families to create – a first for Le Creuset. Agave, where the lushest green organically blossoms into a striking blue.”

If you are participating in Veganuary but are running out of ideas, Guardian Food has your back. They have assembled a list of 17 delicious recipes that feature one of the most popular vegan protein options: tofu.

Have you ever picked up a vintage cookbook at a thrift shop? I expect many of you will say ‘yes’ to that question. Most of the time the books are just a few decades old and it rare to spy a truly ancient tome, but that is exactly what happened to Lucinda Ganderton, who managed to snag an 1830s manuscript cookbook. Ganderton took the cookbook to Paul Couchman, a food historian and chef who offers historical dinners and cooking classes out of a restored mansion in Brighton, England. Couchman has taken the book – likely belonging to the lady of an upper class household – and set about recreating many of the book’s dishes. He is also in the process of preserving the delicate manual itself, which offers a rare historical perspective.

The steaks are high in Australia for 2021. No, that is not a typo: beef prices have soared over the past year due to a combination of factors which include drought and pressures wrought by the pandemic. These events have pushed Australian beef prices to record territory. The linked article includes suggestions on how to use lower-priced cuts so you can enjoy beef without breaking the bank.

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  • averythingcooks  on  January 12, 2021

    Well….apparently I can’t stop coming back to this post and staring at that new Le Creuset colour.

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