Mark Bittman’s new project

After leaving his post at The New York Times, Mark Bittman has tried a couple of new things. The first was working for the food startup Purple Carrot, after which he took over the reins of Heated on Medium. Now the restless Bittman has a new endeavor, simply titled The Bittman Project, a food publication published on Substack.

In a post announcing his new gig, Bittman says he is putting all of his energy into the project as “part of a team that shares a common set of values: specifically, that food should be fair to people and animals, affordable for everyone, nutritious, and produced in a way that respects nature and the environment.” In addition to recipes, The Bittman Project will include “reported pieces, profiles, interviews, and rants about what’s broken in the food world (there’s a lot) and how to change things for the better.”

Bittman says a portion of the recipes will be available free of charge to all readers, with paid members having access to all recipes in addition to community discussion threads and other “bonus material and perks.” The cost of a subscription is $7/USD month or $70/year, but if you join this month, the cost for the first year is just under $50 USD. Keeping in mind that current circumstances are challenging for a significant number of people, Bittman is offering free subscriptions upon request (no explanation required).

We have a complete author index of all Mark’s recipes – 31,652 in total (there is some duplication especially between the HTCE titles).

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