The new ‘food fights’

I love the Eat Your Books Cookbook Club plus several other food groups on Facebook. The ones I frequent have a spirit of collegiality, a warm and welcoming vibe, and plenty of insightful commentary. Apparently not all Facebook food groups follow this pattern, however, as Eater’s Amy McCarthy explains as she documents recipe groups where drama rules the day.

McCarthy notes that groups dedicated to special diets are among the most frequent ones where fights break out. “If the group focuses on healthy eating, woe be unto you if you suggest using any kind of processed ingredient…which couldn’t possibly suit a particularly crunchy cook’s definition of ‘healthy'” she notes. Another topic that can cause heated arguments is politics (McCarthy says that in one group, controversy erupted over whether or not a particular sausage was actually Ukrainian or whether calling it that was ‘virtue signaling’).

As to why so many fights break out over something as seemingly innocuous as whether or not bouillon is an acceptable substitute for chicken stock, McCarthy’s theory is that the reason “these conversations so frequently devolve into ad hominem attacks and petty squabbles is because there are few things people care more about than food.” Either that, or it’s just human nature to fight.

Thanks to the generally good-natured folks in the EYBCC (along with clear rules about appropriate behavior), it has remained virtually drama free. Our Member forum is likewise civilized and welcoming. We appreciate that our members come together to discuss recipes passionately but courteously.

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  • lean1  on  April 5, 2022

    Completely silly!

  • Rinshin  on  April 6, 2022

    Too much time on their hands instead of actual food.

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