New blog index: Green Kitchen Stories

We have today added a new blog index, Green Kitchen Stories by David Frankiel & Luise Vindahl. Their recipes are for healthy and simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruit and vegetables. David and Luise live in Stockholm with their adorable family.

In addition to the wonderful recipes, gorgeously photographed by David, there are posts about babies & children and traveling (and traveling with children).

Check out the 374 recipes indexed from the blog. And because we have also indexed all of Luise and David’s cookbooks plus their recipes in magazines, we have all 1,114 of their recipes indexed. They are now added to our list of complete author indexes – if you haven’t noticed that feature, look at the right column in Library Recipes and click Complete Author Indexes at the bottom (not available on phones).

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  • vickster  on  July 18, 2022

    Where is “Library Recipes”? Which screen?

    • Jane  on  July 18, 2022

      At the top you see the Library tab. The menu under that has Recipes at the top. That is Library Recipes which lists every indexed recipe – more than 2.2 million of them.

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