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Celebrity chef Guy Grossi helms Garum at the Westin Hotel Perth, and his Christmas lunches are among the most sought-after on the day. So what does he eat when he gets home? The revered chef shares some of his family traditions with The Sydney Morning Herald (registration or subscription required), saying “It’s all about the celebration and the feast.”

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It’s that time of year again – Jenny has assembled her annual holiday gift guide, and we are all making our lists and checking them twice. Gifts for foodies often include hampers with cookbooks, baking ingredients, or cookware. Ordering food items online has become de rigueur, although for some reason buying cheese online is not as popular as many other items. Over at Epicurious, Emily Farris explains why we should rethink ordering cheese through the mail.  

Although EYB includes as many preview or published recipes for new books as we can, we are limited in how many recipes we can index per book. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t share links with you to articles that have excerpts from the hottest releases. To that end, Good Food (Aus) has three recipes from Ottolenghi Test Kitchen Extra Good Things, plus two recipes from ‘croissant queen’ Kate Reid’s latest cookbook, Lune.

The Los Angeles restaurant scene brings news that popular chef Ludo Lefebvre has bought out his partners and he and his wife Krissy now own the Petit Trois bistros, as part of a new venture with L’Espérance Hospitality. In addition, the chef announced two new L.A. restaurants coming in 2023. Not content with those ambitious plans, Lefebvre wants to expand Petit Trois throughout California and eventually into other states.

Parody pop star Weird Al Yankovic recently release a (parody) biopic of his life, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Whether you are a fan of his music, there is no denying that food has played an important role in some of his biggest hits, from “Fat” to “Eat It” to “I Love Rocky Road” and beyond. Eater tackles this subject, ranking the top 14 Weird Al songs that revolve around food.

Are you excited for National Pickle Day on November 14? Do you like candles? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, consider visiting Candier by Ryan Porter tomorrow for your chance to snag a candle that is a dead ringer for a jar of Vlasic original dills. Brett Castle, Vlasic’s brand director, told Food and Wine that the company is “thrilled” about bringing to life “the first ever candle that looks and smells just like a jar of pickles.”

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