Playing the leftover game

What to do with the leftovers is the question of the day for everyone who has hosted a large gathering, so we are here with the compulsory answers to this perennial issue. We might have a few go-to favorites, but sometimes it’s nice to venture outside of our comfort zone. That’s what the experts at The Guardian offer with their interesting takes including a turkey risotto and ideas for ravioli made with leftovers.

Photo of Turkey curry featuring turkey leftovers from Waitrose Weekend by Chetna Makan

Another article from the same source offers advice on how to properly store all of the remains of the big meal so you can avoid any risk of food poisoning. Getting sick from improperly stored leftovers would not be a great way to start the new year!

Some of us were only guests so we won’t have the luxury (or challenge, depending on how you look at it) of finding creative ways to use up that extra turkey, ham, potatoes, or pudding. That’s the part I miss the most about having the gathering at my house, although not having to do all of the housecleaning that a big dinner entails almost makes up for it!

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