Mysterious food deliveries stymie L.A. neighborhood

Move over ‘Murders in the Building’ – there’s a new mystery afoot, but it (thankfully) doesn’t involve anyone being killed, just phantom deliveries from Uber Eats. Apparently a neighbor in Los Angeles is being vexed by a series of unwanted food deliveries from McDonald’s and Starbucks – and no one can figure out who is ordering the food.

The small area – a stretch of Range View Avenue in Highland Park – has been receiving the mysterious packages of items ranging from Chicken McNuggets to lattes for a couple of weeks. The L.A. Times contacted Uber Eats, where a spokesperson informed them “that the company has launched an investigation into the source of the unwanted orders and has taken action against a number of accounts using the delivery service” but declined to elaborate further.

Residents are perplexed by this phenomenon. A few people have eaten the food, but most are either throwing it away or donating it to a nearby food box. “I don’t trust it — I’m throwing it out,” said Dean Sao, one of the residents. I’m with Dean – I don’t think I would eat a food delivery that just showed up on my doorstep. I’ve been trying to figure who would be making the deliveries – rich bored teenagers playing a prank? Some type of weird stalker? A wannabe guerrilla artist? What do you think?

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  • Jenny  on  March 16, 2023

    I just saw a news piece – “would-be robbers” are posing as food delivery people – ringing people’s door bells then busting in with their gang and robbing people. I never answer my door ever – even in the daylight – unless it is my UPS or PO person – and if you are a friend and don’t tell me you are coming over – I’m not coming to the door. Jesus could be ringing my bell and I am not answering.

    • Darcie  on  March 17, 2023

      I’m one of those optimistic, friendly Midwesterners who views everyone as a friend so I always answer the door. It’s probably not wise!

  • Ceribells  on  March 17, 2023

    I’ve never been on the receiving end, but my own deliveries have been taken to neighbors’ houses multiple times. I live in a fairly dense area and the drivers aren’t always too careful to make sure they made the right turn or went to the right house. I’m sure it’s even more of a problem in LA. There’s probably somebody a block over wondering where their starbucks order went and calling uber for a refund.

  • EskieF  on  March 19, 2023

    Could be a Google Maps error – or whatever navigation system Uber Eats uses. Meanwhile, the people in the block the junk food deliveries were supposed to go to are getting slimmer and healthier! 🙂

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