Le Creuset supercollectors – and Gen Z loves LC too

Jenny and I have written about our fondness for Le Creuset and its ever expanding range of gorgeous colors, designs, and shapes. Both of us have collected many pieces over the years, and while Jenny’s collection puts mine to shame, both of us look like rank amateurs when compared to the Le Creuset “supercollectors” profiled in a recent article in The Guardian.

While I do not have enough room in my kitchen to house all of my pots, I haven’t (yet) had to convert an entire room into a storage spot like Valeria Rodriguez. She set up seven bookshelves in her spare bedroom to house her growing array of Le Creuset products. The amazing thing about Rodriguez’s collection is that she only started collecting three years ago. That’s quite an investment!

Some collectors focus on a single color, while others like to have different shades to change with the seasons. I’ve stuck with a single hue, Sea Salt, for my Le Creuset pans, which coordinates well with my matte black Staub Dutch ovens. A lone red pot adds a nice pop of color to the Old Dutch storage stand in my dining room where several of these pieces are displayed. I am not against adding another color to the mix, but so far none have spoken to me the same way Sea Salt has.

That might change after I go to the Factory to Table sale in two weeks. I’m curious to see what unusual pieces or limited edition items might be on offer, and I want to see some of the colors in person that I have so far only looked at online. I am trying to steel myself not to go overboard, although I did clear out some shelf space just in case I encounter any must-have items or significant savings on something I know will be put to good use.

One interesting characteristic of the Le Creuset supercollectors in the article is that they are not just gathering items to display, they intend to cook with them.  “In the end, these are tools, and every one of them has to pull its weight,” said Lia Imhoff, who has 112 pieces including a rare constellation pan. I agree, although I have yet to find a good use for the four mini-cocottes in my cupboard. Any suggestions?

While the women profiled in the Guardian article appeared to mainly be Gen X or Boomers, Le Creuset is also popular with Millennials and even Gen Z, says Salon’s Joy Saha. She says that the online “cottagecore” trend is partly responsible for this, as videos with the hashtag #LeCreuslay garners tens of millions of views. Le Creuset is eminently photogenic, after all, so this should not be a surprise. Looks aside, it seems that Gen Z loves the brand for the same reasons everyone else does: it looks good, it performs well, and it is durable.

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  • thegluttery  on  September 10, 2023

    Assuming your mini-cocottes are eight ounces, rather than fourteen: Gruyere and spring onion soufflé.

  • Indio32  on  September 10, 2023

    Interesting…. going back to when I was setting up my first home kitchen Le Creuset was literally everywhere. Now, outside of Le Creuset’s web site I’d be hard pressed to find any retail stockists. Harrods has a small section. Selfridges has massively downsized its stock. John Lewis has a smallish Le Creuset concession. Divertimenti does a bit but mainly just pans. I know of a couple of Le Creuset’s own boutique shops but it hardly seems to be a brand on the up. I bought a Le Creuset 28cm round casserole in 2016 to use with Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast it cost a not particularly cheap £145 full price…. today Le Creuset want an eye popping £345. I suspect the explosion in Le Creuset’s fondness for ‘premium’ priced stoneware…. dog bowl anyone? made in Thailand is helping prop things up. Seriously though, I used to know people who aspired to get a few items of Le Creuset cast iron – now they just laugh.

  • Jenny  on  September 10, 2023

    I am ashamed to admit: I have more than the super collector (pots only not counting ramekins etc). It’s my retirement plan. And I love the stand I have two of them – and they are lifesavers. I also came across a LeCreuset stand on market place for $40.00 and it’s beautiful.

  • sayeater  on  September 20, 2023

    Le Creuset and cookbooks, never enough room for these 2 loves…

    Are your minis stoneware or cast iron? I primarily collect cast iron (although have some stoneware that was gift with purchase, etc) . I use my mini cast irons (.33qt) to roast whole garlic bulbs, for individual servings of hot/baked dips or veg sides or even for storing-then-serving cold dips (cast iron works great for keeping things chilled too!). I don’t bake much but individual cobblers/crisps are fun.

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