Upgrade of Bookmarks feature

One of the most common requests from members has been to allow the addition of bookmarks to multiple recipes at once. I’m pleased to announce that feature has today gone live. At the top of your Bookshelf Recipes page you will see a new link Add multiple bookmarks. When you click that a check/tick box appears next to each recipe on the page. You now have the option to select individual recipes or you can add the entire page of 25 recipes. Once you have made your selection, click Add and the bookmarks menu pops up and you can select which bookmarks you want to add to every selected recipe.

If you already have a bookmark added to any of the selected recipes, that will appear as blue on the menu and cannot be added to all recipes. You will need to unselect the recipe that already has that bookmark in order to add it to the rest of your selection.

Another new enhancement that we had many requests for is that you can now select multiple bookmarks when filtering your recipe results. When you click on the bookmarks filter you get check/tick selection boxes against each bookmark. You can select as many as you wish. Be aware this is an AND selection not OR – i.e. if you select “Christmas cookies” and “dairy-free” from your bookmarks you only see results for cookies with both bookmarks, not with either of them.

And finally, you can now exclude bookmarks. For example you may have a bookmark “Never make again” or you may want to exclude recipes you have already made. You can now exclude all recipes with those bookmarks by selecting Exclude Bookmark above the filters then selecting the bookmarks you want to exclude.

We have more bookmarks enhancements we will be working on in coming months. Please Note: Apologies, there is a glitch on bookmarks on some phones following this new upload and the new features are not working properly. We will get it resolved ASAP.

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  • lkgrover  on  February 21, 2024

    Thank you! This makes the bookmarks feature much more usable. I anticipate adding several personal bookmarks to my collection to fully utilize the search & combination features.

  • SheilaS  on  February 21, 2024

    Great enhancements – thank you! When I get a new cookbook, I like to sit down and go through it with my iPad by my side to bookmark the recipes I want to try. The multiple bookmarks feature will be a help for sure!

  • tgirlza  on  February 21, 2024

    Absolutely LOVE your work – responsive, smart and always practical.

  • lene  on  February 22, 2024

    Thank you

  • averythingcooks  on  February 22, 2024

    Great addition!!

  • sayeater  on  February 22, 2024

    Love this! Thank you for continuing to make a great site even better!

  • kezbabybabe  on  February 22, 2024

    Thank you so much for this fabulous feature!
    I’m currently bookmarking all recipes that I have an ingredient for. It’s been taking ages to click on each recipe to bookmark it; this is much quicker.

  • Thrasymachus  on  February 22, 2024

    Thank you for the improvements that you continue to make to this site. Your hard work is greatly appreciated by all of us

  • ckbk  on  February 25, 2024

    I think the new Multiple Bookmarks feature is going to encourage me to make better use of Bookmarks to sort recipes. However I have difficulty in accessing the categories and their boxes lower down the page. I have to click on the box just above the Add New space in order for the scroll bar to appear on the right hand side. In my case the Bookmark category is chicken. Once I can access the lower 14 boxes I’ve added in the past I have to deselect Chicken. This seems a cumbersome way to add new recipes to existing categories. Is there some way I can see a longer list of headings with a scroll bar already visible, please?

    • Jane  on  February 25, 2024

      ckbk – can you please let us know what device, browser and operating system you are having this issue on? We can then try to replicate it and resolve the issue.

  • maryhodgeisme  on  February 25, 2024

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • ckbk  on  February 26, 2024

    Thanks Jane. Before replying to you that i use Google Chrome browser on a MacBook Air and an iPad I ran my problem with the scrollbar or lack of it past my computer- competent husband. He gave me a lesson in using 2 fingers on the touchpad instead of one. Something so simple to solve my dilemma !

  • EdM  on  February 26, 2024

    Terrific, thanks Jane! After years of using and hoping, glad to finally have a bookmarks-AND feature to more quickly and creatively find recipes, in a similar way we’ve been using multiple ingredient filters. Looking forward to more bookmark capabilities in coming months.

  • SheilaS  on  February 27, 2024

    I’d love the option to search for recipes using BOTH a book bookmark and a recipe bookmark. For example, I’ve got an EYB Cookbook Club bookmark for books chosen for that group. I’d love to be able to search for recipes that I’ve marked “I want to cook this” from the EYB selections.
    Is there any chance of that or does the architecture of the database make it impossible?

    • Jane  on  February 27, 2024

      That is one of the enhancements we are currently working on.

  • SheilaS  on  February 27, 2024

    Thanks, Jane! That’s wonderful news!

  • Foodfann  on  March 26, 2024

    Hi. Just tried this feature and it is great. But please add it to your help page search. I had to do a search on the web to find this article. Thanks.

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